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" to learn more about the aliens and what they want to do with the humans"
May 6, 2009

Subject: concerning rife,zapper,ozone injections for flu
From: Valerie B
Date: Tue, May 5, 2009
To: Ken Adachi


I'm trying to find out if you are still in buisness. My name is Valerie B I found your site completely interesting and comprehensive with things I have been looking into in the past several months. I do need healing supplies and plan to make crystal orgone energy very soon. I am really wanting to know what to do to find out more on the aliens situation on the earth. I expect you have more information and would like recommendations on how to learn more about the aliens and what they want to do with the humans.

Thank you,


Hello Valerie,

Yes I'm here but I've never been in business. You should read the top of the Products page.

Alien info is posted at a few differnt places on my web site:

The negative aliens aren't running the show on earth, humans are, so you need to see yourself as the rightful owner of this planet and stop acquiescing to foreign invaders. We're going to kick the NWO and their aliens pals off this planet, if enough people wise up, and not the other way around.

Regards, Ken.

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