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"I cannot understand why you are allowed to be operating"
Feb. 12, 2007

Subject: WWW Form Submission
From: Ishbel
Date: Mon, February 12, 2007
To: Editor


I am somewhat confused as to how and why the information on this website has been allowed for everyone to view on the web. Surely if the world is as you observe it to be, you would be shut down? I cannot understand why you are allowed to be operating. I see too.

Love Ishbel xxx


Hi Ishbel,

I haven't originated any of this info. It's been available in many books for many years. I'm paraphrasing and retelling the story, as have many others. You happen to have stumbled upon it at my web site, so it appears to you that I'm a leading voice in this regard, but I'm not; just a repeating station and nothing more. Those who did the pioneering work in this arena often suffered many arrows and more than a few lost their lives. Some continue to lose their life even today. Gary Webb is a good example, but hardly the only one.

You also assume that the Dark Side is all-powerful and there's no one to assist the Light Side. It doesn't work that way. There is ALWAYS an equal and opposite reaction for everything. There are positive spirits who work behind the scenes to protect little repeating stations like mine.

You shouldn't give so much credit to the other side. While they have a bottomless appetite for evil conduct, they still tend to trip over their feet time and time again. Can I offer any better example of that than the Bush Team? The Law of Attraction is always at work. They generate chaos, but they also attract it to themselves. If you project love and service, you will get back protection and help. It's really quite simple.

Best Regards, Ken

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