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Alternative Medicine
December 1, 2008

Alternative Medicine (Dec. 1, 2008)

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From: Bernard Hardy
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, December 01, 2008
Subject: Alternative medicine

Hello. I just read your piece on alternative medicine. I have heard that the AMA has been accused of using their control of the medical field to limit the number of doctors to keep salaries high and such; but I've never heard of their connection with Rockefeller -- kinda thought he was just an oil man myself. I'll have to look into that one.

I also agree that there's something to holistic medicine, and that western medicine (in their arrogance) don't know everything and have been left to re-invent the wheel because they've discarded so much useful info from cultures they condemned as "primitive" to their own. But there is one thing you asserted that worried me a bit though, and that's your various oxygen treatments for certain ailments.

I must admit that I have a science degree and that I aspire to learn allopathic as well as Eastern-style medicine (there is evidence that acupuncture works, for example, but westerners are baffled how/why); so maybe I've been brainwashed and I have an inherent bias in favor of "the corporate machine" (but greed is something I don't support). However, I've seen oxygen, in its various forms, in action and what you suggest is (QUITE) dangerous.

For instance, suggesting that "singlet" oxygen would only target pathogens and not host cells is....interesting. But it doesn't make any sense. It would react with whatever it touched first (hell, it would react with another singlet oxygen.) Oxygen chambers to cure strokes (to me, that means an increase in oxygen concentration would fix a blown out blood vessel in the brain -- one type of stroke). And peroxide for cancer....well, even if that worked; it wouldn't target a cancer that has metastisized (the "malignant" type that is usually the culprit when someone dies.)

I stopped reading after the oxygen section of "forbidden cures." I would hope that maybe you would disprove the theories of modern (allopathic) medicine before attacking them. Otherwise, it just seems like an emotional response to the system. Well anyway, it's been fun. Take care.



Hello Johnathan,

You've got part of the story. You have one foot in orthodox medicine and your other foot partly in the water of alternative medicine.

You need to remember that I wrote a brief overview on various suppressed forms of healing therapies. I'm just a writer. I didn't pioneer any of these therapies. I acquired my knowledge by reading books and articles on these subjects, as well as seeing and hearing first hand anecdotes from people who got good results with these methods.

You could obtain a deeper understanding of why acupuncture works or why oxygen therapies work if you read books on the subject; written by people who know what they are talking about. Your thinking on singlet oxygen activity in the body is flawed because you haven't studied the literature. You're making assumptions and presumptions based on a mechanistic, laboratory approach. What happens in a test tube and what happens in the body are not the same thing.

If you read Ed McCabe's book, Flood Your Body with Oxygen, you would find out why your assumptions are flawed. That's why I recommended the book, along with three or four others on oxidative therapies.

I don't have the time or room to explain in adequate detail the nitty gritty of how these alternative methods work. That's what the books are for. I wrote an INTRODUCTORY overview for people who are unfamiliar with these suppressed therapies. It wasn't intended to be a text book or an in-depth tutorial. That should have been obvious to you.

I have every right to criticize allopathic medicine because allopathic medicine has PROVEN to be a failure of staggering proportions. For the past one hundred years, millions of people have gone to an early grave UNNECESSARILY because of the arrogance and greed of allopathic medicine, When you couple the additional monstrous crime of the suppression of alternative methods (that's where the Rockefellers come in) and the skullduggery, bribery, political pressure, and threats of imprisonment employed to enforce that suppression, then you have the basis for a criminal indictment that's on par with the Nuremberg tribunal.

If the idea of calling to task a corrupt system that puts profit above the well-being and recovery of sick people from disease conditions an "emotional response", then I'm proud to be an "emotional" muckraker and critic.

And if the day comes that you or a loved one has terminal cancer or AIDS or some other deadly disease that allopathic medicine will tell you that "nothing more can be done", you might very well find yourself singing a different- and less skeptical- tune, but it might be too late at that point.

We all make choices in life. Those choices will either serve us or destroy us when Crunch Time comes around. Your education is not my responsibility; it's yours. It doesn't bother me in the least that you stopped reading after the oxygen section. The consequence of an ostrich hiding its head in the sand is only of concern to the ostrich, not to an observer. .

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


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From: Bernard Hardy
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2008
Subject: RE: Alternative medicine


My actions could be likened to that of an ostrich, huh? Lol! Very well. I'll even find and read this book on McCabe. Although, I must admit, I would do so to investigate the validity of these claims, because the truth is important for its own sake. It would not assist in our having a critical discussion; because I would still have knowledge that you do not (even if my "orthodox" knowledge is flawed, only someone who understands it would be able to comprehend just how and to what degree it is flawed.) And furthermore, I think you are trying too hard to blend the politics with the science, because you must know that only by destroying the methodology can you truly begin to attack those corrupt, money-hungry few that are pulling all the strings (and, obviously, oppressing other methods that would cut into their profits.) Again, you are at a disadvantage, because you understand the politics, but not the science. Sure, you are free to criticize; but without facts, you're just ranting (which you are also free to do.) And I have had family members meet with cancer and die; and I can't say that it shook my foundation like you suggested. I am far more intersested in how things work and the nature of things. I leave the "why did this happen?" to those with a more..."spiritual" inclination. In fact, I do not believe there is any methodology that fixes everything (for instance, western medicine is sought for trauma; eastern medicine for chronic pain/illness.) But maybe I am taking this discussion too far with you. You are right. You are just a writer. Writers report their findings and only stick to those facts that support their positions, entertaining only weak arguments from the opposition to give the illusion of objectivity. Lol! Well, I did enjoy the read. It was a good break from my studies. Maybe we'll cross paths again some day. Take care!!



Hi Johnathan,

I knew I was wasting my time in responding to you because I knew you would come back with arrogance and more presumptions. You didn't dissappoint me in either arena.

You're young and naive and over confident. You think you know it all and you know nothing.

Sayonara, Ken


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From: Sandy
To: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008
Subject: Alternative medicine - heart


Noticed the two more recent posts on alternative medicine. So thought I would add a story.

In 1990, I developed an advanced case of congestive heart failure with advanced cardiomyopathy. My heart had ballooned up to about double normal size and when I collapsed with a pulse of 200 and blood pressure at 250 over 150, I told my wife I was not going to make it. Fortunately one of the best cardiologists in California saved my life in emergency.

And I went on the standard allopathic regime until I got out of the hospital and then started working with vitamins, amino acids, and a few herbs including cayenne. I was told that my only long term hope was a heart transplant.

Three years after my collapse, the cardiologist who saved my life told me that he was extremely happy that I was doing so well, and I told him about my vitamin regimes. He got an amazed look on his face and said, "that is exactly what I am on!"

More recently, a cardiologist reviewed my situation and told me that my heart is now completely normal except for atrial fibrillation and that I have no sign of congestive heart failure.

But he never once told me about vitamin therapy for cardiac recovery. A year later I met a nutrition specialist MD and told him the story, and he said, "Ah, Dr. X is on vitamins. Doesn't surprise me at all. He can't say anything otherwise the AMA would have his license pulled. As for myself, I have been able to stop five heart transplants so far this year. But don't tell anyone else, the AMA and the insurance industry don't like having their plans upset."



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