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Alternative Medicine & the Wisdom of Dr. Hulda Clark

From Ken Adachi, Editor
Jan. 7, 2011

Alternative Medicine & the Wisdom of Dr. Hulda Clark (Jan. 7, 2011)

Subject: Alternative Medicines
From: Ray (Texas)
Date: Fri, January 7, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

I have read enough about conspiracies over the years concerning not only medicines and popular theories to know when I have been misinformed by the established medical society. I know you are speaking the truth.

If I had one wish , it would be to see the downfall and restructuring of the so-called AMA, along with all the pharmaceutical and drug industries monopolies.

I wish to obtain and learn as much about these hidden therapies as I can get from you and others that are enlightened. I wish you would pass my name on to other educated persons that are trying to get the truth out.

Any info would be appreciated,

Thank You very much.

Sincerely, Ray U


Hello Ray,

Thanks for your note.

You can read a lot about natural, Nature-based medicine from articles that I've alredy posted to my web site. Start with the Introduction link and then read the Story on Drugs. From there, go to the Forbidden Cures page, Bioelectrification, and then read my Cancer page. All of these links are found among the rows of red links seen at the top of every page on my web site.

Letters to the Editor contain hundreds of letters devoted to alternative medicine subjects going back many years.

The best resource of information to learn how to restore or maintain your health, regardless of what disease conditions may befall you, are the books of Dr. Hulda Clark. Here's a link fo all of her books and videos:

Study Hulda's books carefully and you will never again need the services of orthodox medicine. There are so many people in this country who are going into Panic Mode because they are losing their medical insurance coverage or they are going broke trying to pay their monthly insurance premiums.

If they ONLY knew that YOU DON'T NEED THE ORTHODOX MEDICAL SYSTEM FOR TREATMENT OR PREVENTION. What people need is INFORMATION on how to fix their own health problems at home -for next to nothing in cost. That information can be found in the books of Dr. Hulda Clark.

I plan to get going on my Newsletter soon. I'm arranging with a company that specializes in large scale e-mail distribution. Using my server, I would be sending out 400 e-mails an hour for a solid week before I could send the Newsletter out to every subscriber.

Sincerely, Ken

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