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Amazing forces at work! (Sylphs over Michigan)
August 16,. 2008

Amazing forces at work! (Sylphs over Michigan) (August 16, 2008)

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From: Ann
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Sent: Saturday, August 16, 2008
Subject: Amazing forces at work!

Hi Ken:

Today, Aug 16, 2008, I walked outside around 6-6:30 PM and looked up at the sky. Of course the PTB were spraying once again. This has been almost on a daily basis here in Michigan. I grabbed my camera, took a picture and then went back inside.

Around 7:30 PM I decided to go to the store, and when I walked outside and looked up, I was simply amazed. Only an hour to an hour and a half had passed by. Wow! The sky was so much clearer and you can clearly see why.

My first impression was the slyph resembled a dragon, but a few other images came to mind as well. I put the two pictures side by side so people can see what a difference there is between them. Because my email will not allow me to embed the picture, I have uploaded them to a image hosting site. The links are below. The first link is the two pictures together. The other two links are the individual pictures themselves. Feel free to use them on your site if you wish.

Warm Regards,

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Photo 1  (6:00 or 6:30 PM)                                                                                             Photo 2 (7:30 PM)

Chemtrails & Sylphs Michigan August 16, 2008


905 pixel wide enlargement of Photo 2

Sylphs over MIchigan August 16 2008

If you magnify a Sylph image high enough and apply contrast enhancement, you will usually find multiple etheric images embedded within the Sylph cloud form (and chemtrail trasnmuted cloud banks as well). After cropping and enlarging the Sylph on the far right, I applied Auto Level in PhotoShop to bring out greater detail and to emphasize the etheric image outlines.

450 pixel wide enlargement of crop of Sylph on far right                                   "Auto Level" applied

Sylph crop A Michigan Aug 16, 2008 Sylph Crop a Auto Level applied

905 pixel wide enlargement with 3 etheric images circled

Sylph Crop A circled etheric images

With further enlargment, I apply varied contrast enhancement adjustements in PhotoShop to draw out as much detail as possible. If the photo posted by Ann were of a higher pixel content, you would see the etheric images in far greater detail and deeper contrast. I picked three images to enlarge from Sylph A, but as you can see in the above enlargement, there are other images yet in Sylph A

Etheric Image A                                      Etheric Image B                                    Etheric Image C

Etheric Image A crom Crop A Etheric Image B Crop Sylph A Etheric Image C from Crop Sylph A


905 wide pixel enlargement of Sylph B (second Sylph from the right) enlarged with Auto Level applied. Notice how many etheric images pop out whenever Auto Level is applied to a Sylph cloud form.

Sylph B over MIchigan August 16, 2008

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