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A Conversation with "Eric Jon Phelps II" ~ Brian David Andersen
(Former title: "The American Monetary Act of 2008")
September 1, 2008

A Conversation with "Eric Jon Phelps II" ~ Brian David Andersen (Sept. 1, 2008)
(Former title: "The American Monetary Act of 2008")

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From: Brian <brian@trivortex.>
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, September 01, 2008
Subject: Take Action Now


For the past several months I have been sending out e-mails and mailing printed booklets regarding my latest work titled:

Check Out The Facts & Evidence

Reclaiming Our Rights, Freedoms & Liberties In The United States Constitutional Republic

Regardless if you agree or disagree with the premise of the booklet, there is now a positive and peaceful action you and all Americans can take to put the USA back on a track of sanity, growth and fiscal responsibility.

The American Monetary Institute has drafted a U.S. Congressional Bill titled The American Monetary Act of 2008 that nullifies the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and transfers the printing of money from the privately owned bank known as the Federal Reserve to the U.S. Treasury Department with no interest payments.

To read the bill go to

Please evaluate this legislation by the merits included in the text rather than judge this action by the personalities associated with the bill. The text of the bill is bipartisan with no emphasis on any political, religious or special interest groups. The text also does not contain any back or trap doors for outside interests to control the United States money supply by hidden or covert means. When The American Monetary Act of 2008 becomes law, private bank interests and their controllers will be required to draft and pass legislation similar to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 to recapture their stranglehold on the United States monetary system.

The booklet Check Out The Facts & Evidence has also been updated with this new information and much more and can be downloaded at or go to and type in my name Brian David Andersen to create a printed version.

Please post this latest updated PDF version of the booklet on your websites or forward the PDF or the link to the PDF to as many persons as possible. See pages 7, 10, 61 & 62 in the updated PDF regarding The American Monetary Act of 2008. The bullet points of Check Out The Facts & Evidence are:

- Why The American Monetary Act of 2008 is the most important legislation in the history of modern man

- 9:11 was foretold in the 1996 released movie Independence Day

- Why the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi refused to impeach George Bush

- How Christopher Columbus and Conquistador Cortez were indirectly involved in key elements of the New World Order (NWO)

- How Nikola Tesla’s Death Beam was the foundation for the destructions of Hiroshima & Nagasaki

- Why the Titanic really sank like a diving torpedo into the abyss

- Why a blue flag with two white inverted triangles was one of only two flags flown in Nazi Germany

- Why the biography of Edmund Walsh emphatically reveals the true controllers of the NWO

- Who and what Abraham Lincoln blamed for instigating and causing the American Civil War

- How and why the planet Saturn could be important to all inhabitants of Earth

- The hypes for 2012, Planet X and global warming caused by carbon emission are hoaxes & frauds

I feel certain that the John Fitzgerald Kennedy who entered and exited Elm Street on November 22, 1963 would enthusiastically support The American Monetary Act of 2008 and he would desire every American citizen and patriot to do the same.

Go to the AMI website at and take action as soon as possible. Listen and watch the introduction video by AMI director Stephen Zarlenga. Now is the time for all of us to put aside our differences or distances and come to together for the common cause of saving the United States Constitutional Republic by reforming how our country prints, distributes and issues the supply of money.

Printed version available for review upon request.

Sincerely, Brian David Andersen


Hi Brian,

I'll post your note and look forward to reading your material.

I might suggest something, however. It's misleading to refer to the draft proposal as "legislation" or a congressional Bill, or an "Act" if the document hasn't been introduced into congress by a House member or Senate member. It's a private document that could be called a proposed piece of legislation or a framework for a bill, but it's not a bill and shouldn't be identified that way. You're just creating unnecessary confusion for the average reader who will easily jump to the conclusion that this is a bona fide bill already introduced in congress.

Regards, Ken


----- Original Message -----
From: Brian <brian@trivortex.>
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2008
Subject: RE: Take Action Now


You can read the booklet as a PDF but I will send a printed copy if you desire. Please send your mailing address if you want a printed booklet for your library. An interview of me by Regina Meredith is posted at See my picture on right side of webpage.



Hi Brian,

I took a fast look at your booklet. I'm disappointed to see that you've bought into Eric Jon Phelps and his Catholic bashing/ "coadjutor " crap with all the discernment of a 13 year old boy. I didn't even know what a "coadjutor" was until he accused me of being one because I called him on his unremitting Catholic bashing -- which just might have something to do with the fact that he's a Calvinist zealot of the first rank.

...I just now took the time to scan each page of your booklet. Holy Cow. Why don't you just call yourself "Eric Jon Phelps II" and get it over with?

You are a complete lackey and toady to Eric Jon Phelps' INSANE attributions of Jesuit direction & involvement in EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY who has ever committed ANY act of evil since the beginning of time. How dare you contact me to try and to use me, of all people, to promote that lunatic's ravings.

And how dare you use the name of a genuine and honest researchers like Dr Judy Wood to lend an air of credibility to a booklet filled with Eric Jon Phelps' distorted -"the Jesuits are responsible for everything evil" -view of history and its players. To whatever extent the Jesuits, or the Vatican, or the Pope, or corrupt Cardinals have been involved with protecting Nazis or working with the New World Order, they don't come even SLIGHTLY close to the completely OVERSTATED and grossly EXAGGERATED claims of Eric Jon Phelps. The man is seething with hatred for Catholics and it shows in every distorted sentence he writes about the Catholic church.

By the way, I notice that you are incapable of uttering a single thought or an area of expose that ORIGINATED with YOU. While Deagle may praise you as a "forerunner of the truth", I seem to see a man who's mostly a FOLLOWER and regurgitator of the words and original journalistic work pioneered by OTHERS-including myself (Planet X, Global Warming, 2012) .

But perhaps I judge you too harshly. If the ideas about the "real" Tesla escaping death in January 1943 and being replaced by a "double" who died on his behalf (which you "prove" by those ridiculous and ASININE photo comparisons) and the brilliant assertion that the Titanic didn't sink due to hitting an iceberg but rather had something to do with excessive heat generated in the boilers by specially contaminated coal (Jesuit skullduggery no doubt) or some cockamamie variation on that, then I owe you an apology indeed. If those were YOUR theories, then you deserve an equal place of honor, right along with Phelps, in the Internet Hall of Loony Tunes and part time Pixie Fairies.

By the way, I find it extremely interesting that your booklet ends with page "66". Just a coincidence I'm sure.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


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From: "Robert Newman" <>
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2008
Subject: E J Phelps

Hello Ken, I have consistently seen your responses to shallow comments as well stated and eloquent. Now I see a string of name-calling instead of your usual concise responses. I'm familiar with Eric Phelps' history lessons re the Vatican and the Jesuits, but no one (inc you) has picked out any deliberate lies created by Phelps. How sloppy to use the term "Catholic Basher" to respond to the exposing of this ancient organization. It really makes you appear to be connected to them in some way.

Robert Newman


Hi Robert,

You can think as you wish.

Tim White, who was resentful that he could not re-establish his relationship with me after throwing it away, was anxious to exact some revenge so he took a relatively mild statement I made about Phelps' excessive and unreasonable Catholic bashing from my introductory remarks of a two year old article and sent it to Phelps in the hopes of stirring a response from him-which indeed he did. Then White-posing as another man- sent that response to me with his own stream of invective slurs added.

Phelps showed me just how wild eyed and reckless he can be by accusing me of being some sort of secret propaganda agent for the Jesuits- a "coadjutor" - when I didn't even know what the word meant, let alone had ever heard of it before. If he was prepared to make something up out of thin air concerning me, then what else is he making up out of thin air?

It's rather fashionable these days to heap all sort of dark motives upon Catholics, the Catholic religion, and those of its priests and leadership. I'm perfectly aware of the Vatican's role in assisting Nazis to get out of Europe following World War II, and Svali's experience involving a Cardinal (or bishop) in Rome at a satanic ritual , and what Brice Taylor told me personally about her meetings with the previous Pope who was mind controlled to the hilt, as is likely the current Pope, but that doesn't mean the every priest, monastic order, nun, bishop, archbishop, prelate, brother, or cardinal in the Catholic religion is part of a huge satanic network of diabolic schemers -headed up by the Jesuits- to plot man's destruction and enslavement by working hand in glove with the NWO. But if you were to read Phelps novels, that's precisely the impression you come away with.

Anyone involved in alternative medicine or the Natural therapies movement knows the name of Stephen Barrett. He's the de-licenced psychiatrist who's been bashing the alternatively health movement for 20 years or more using a web site called Quack Watchers. Virtually EVERY alternative therapy in existence, EVERY natural supplement in existence, and EVERY individual or author involved in alternative or Nature-based medicine is a quack and a fraud according to Barrett: EVERY single therapy or person, or supplement, with no exceptions. Just go to his web site if you don't believe me. Barrett is a ZEALOT. A man so dedicated to his unbridled zealotry that he's willing to go out on any limb and utter the most preposterous propositions to meet his "inner vision." I could say the same of Eric Jon Phelps.

Calvinist Phelps blames the Jesuits and the Vatican for EVERYTHING in human history that involves skullduggery, destruction, and death. It's simply mind boggling what this man will assert as FACT and yet, people like you, actually take him seriously.

Whatever TRUE role that the Jesuits may or may not be playing in dark and deadly schemes ( or had played in the past) remains open for debate and exploration, but I'm not going to accept as indisputable FACT whatever accusation that Calvinist Phelps hurls at the Jesuits or the Pope or the Vatican just because Phelps SAYS it's so.

Phelps is serving the goals of the Illuminati to destroy the Catholic Church and more importantly, the spiritual, or "mystical" body of the Catholic congregation. Despite Illuminati propaganda to the contrary, the Catholic church is still the largest Christian organization on the planet and the Illuminati is absolutely dedicated to destroying it, as they already have the fundamentalists and charismatics like Robertson, Hinn, Hagee, Graham, or Schuller (Masons, one and all) in their back pocket.

The goal is the creation of a One World SATANIC government. Destroying the moral fabric of society, the cohesiveness and love bonding of the intact nuclear family, and the spiritual strength and guidance gained from attending church-especially the Catholic church- is high on their list of priorities.

You can't see the forest from the trees when it comes to Catholic-hate instigators like Phelps or other Illuminati propaganda minions like atheist, Acharya S.

There is a Tavistock coordinated campaign in the mainstream news media for the past few years to play up Catholic priests as child molesters. While no one questions that a few priest did indeed molest children and should have been defrocked and indicted at the time of their crime, I'm equally confidant that a similar number of Rabbis, and certainly Christian fundamentalist preachers have also been guilty of molesting children, but we don't hear one word about them in the Media Frenzy Factory; we only hear about CATHOLIC priests. And as the hysteria becomes more widespread, you are left with the subliminal message that EVERY Catholic priest would molest a child if given the chance. That's how the Illuminati Propaganda Machine works. It's a steady pounding away at a lie until the unthinking masses absorb it as "fact"; the kind of "facts' you get from Eric Jon Phelps- and his mimics.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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