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Amitakh Stanford and Joseph Chiappolone: More Questions
November 10, 2007

Amitakh Stanford and Joseph Chiappolone: More Questions (Nov. 10, 2007)

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From: Marysia
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hello, Ken Adachi.

I first got onto Joseph Chiappolone's web site in 1999, when he was prophesying that the end of the world would occur in 2000; that is, that the Children of Light ( of whom he considers himself to be one, no doubt) would be lifted out of this world of matter, or some such twaddle. Well, at the end of 2000, I wrote and asked him why it hadn't occurred, seeing that he claimed to be guided by higher intelligences. His reply was brusque, to say the least.

I also asked why he claimed to be "MD", seeing that in Australia, that term is never used by a doctor of medicine. In fact, I grew so suspicious of him that I contacted the AMA in Queensland, and they replied that they'd never heard of him, so the claims that he's practicing in Queensland would seem to be spurious. Either that, or he's practicing under an assumed name.

Personally, I would freak out to be treated by a doctor who appears to believe and teach that most humans are really demons or robots, for which reason I contacted the medical authorities. If he genuinely believes these claims, that indicates a possibility that he is delusional, if not psychotic.

And who is Amitakh? Whence her origins? What's the point of the pictures with those marks on his hands? And what is your interest in these neo-Gnostic weirdos?

Yours, puzzled, Marysia


Hello Marysia,

I was greatly annoyed and perturbed by Joseph Chiappolone's essays posted at Jeff Rense around 1998-2000 or maybe 2001. I know he was interviewed by Jeff on the radio, but I never heard those programs. He titled his essays "The Terminal Madness of the End Time" Part 1, 2, 3, etc.

What perturbed me was the "madness" emanating from Dr Chiappolone's essays. His notions were the reflection of a twisted and demented mind. His nuttiness got so blatant that I wrote to Jeff and asked him WHY on earth was he entertaining this demented individual on his radio program, as if he was someone to be taken seriously and listened to. Jeff wrote back and remarked "you might be right". Obviously, Jeff was having his own doubts at that point.

Amitakh Chiappolone was adding her two cents in with Joseph's web site postings in 1998 and 1999 , but then things went quiet for a year or two or three. Dr. Amitakh "Stanford" then emerges over the internet somewhere in 2003 or 2004 as some sort of Great Oracle of Truth and Light who seemed to know everything about aliens and their agendas. She does not explain how she comes to know all of these great and bewildering mysteries. She just KNOWS. She posted many long essays that I was at first open to reading, but as time went by and I got a chance to read more, I found more and more of the very Gnostic craziness that I was getting from our Dr. Joseph Chiappolone Terminal Madness series. Then someone wrote me and told me that Dr Amitakh Stanford and Amitakh Chiappolone were one and the same person. Now things made more sense.

Apparently, she dumped Joseph and took on a new husband, who I think is listed as an attorney. Her former relationship with Chiappolone as his wife was not mentioned on her web site. Chiappolone also tried to conceal their former husband/wife status when he wrote about her as Amitakh "Stanford" and praised her to the heavens and acted as if he just came upon her writings! Now how crazy is that?

Then there's the nutsiness encountered with One David Booth (possibly the person who is behind the Sorcha Faal Doom & Gloom chestnuts addressed to "her Russian readers") and a person identified as "D.M" who is intent on debunking Booth and that gets into a big jig jag at Rumor Mill News. It looks like "DM" and Amitakh are the same person (

Apparently, she doesn't like it when someone else's moves in on her Doomsday territory and wants to steal some of the apprehension/anxiety thunder that Amitakh is so talented at generating.

And then there's the oddity of Dr Joseph Chiappalone taking over the office of the late "Dr George Bush", reportedly a cousin of President George Bush, BUT never removing the name of Dr George Bush from the directory or the door at his office in Stanthorpe, Queensland! The same reader who informed me of this in February 2007, also told me that she contacted the AMA in Queensland and they told her that they never heard of Dr Joseph Chiappalone. Here's my question: Is Joseph Chiapalone a licnesed medical physician?

My interest in these two "neo-Gnostic weirdos" is to expose DECEPTION. I've posted my concerns about Joseph Chiappalone and his former wife, Amitakh, because I'm not going to sit idly by and allow these two birds to get away with their outrageous "predictions", sucking in gullible and naive readers into believing their nonsense. What I see in both cases are PROGRAMMED individuals who are serving Dark Masters, but masquerading as Oracles of Truth and Destiny. Amitakh has taken over as Doomsday Promoter Numero Uno of the Chiappalone "ANNWN" cult (The Dr. J.S Chiappalone Foundation), while Joseph has receded into the background, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to let either of them off the hook.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


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