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Defending Amitakh Stanford Against CIA Disinformation
July 21, 2008

Defending Amitakh Stanford Against CIA Disinformation (July 23, 2008)

Subject: Amitakh
Date: Mon, July 21, 2008 3:23 am
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

I refer to the following posting at:

In regards to Amitakh Stanford, I would like to say that the accusations directed at her and her writings as being that of a Mind-Control victim to be totally untrue, and absurd at the very least. Amitakh Stanford has written several very scholarly works on Gnosticism and Spirituality that have no equivalent in content or originality.

All the postings on this link sound so typical of CIA Disinformation propaganda etc... Much of what is posted on this link appears to have been written by a Renton Power also known as (Endtime23) amongst many other pseudonyms.

This is a severe mis-representation of Amitakh Stanford's writings and works.

Best Regards,

Justinn D McFadyen


Hello Justinn,

The comments expressed in the posting e-mails to which you refer were both my own and those who sent me e-mails regarding Dr Chiappalone and Amitakh. I have no idea who Renton Power is or why you would bring that name up, as no reference was made to him.

You are welcome to your opinion of Amitakh's "scholarly" writings, of course, but it comes as no surprise to me that Amitakh Stanford's web master would hold such a lofty opinion of her work.

While I wouldn't hold it against Amitakh's friends, colleagues, fans, or collaborators to come to her defense, it would have been a little more 'cricket' of you to have mentioned that minor detail up front so that both I and others would have a clearer perspective about who you are and why you might hold such a high opinion of Amitakh.

The remark about Amitakh being programmed is my OPINION based on her "work" which I do not hold in the same regard as you. Her "work" follows a pattern of programmed individuals who wish to present themselves to the Internet world as extraordinarily knowledgeable gurus with access to extraordinary information about extraordinary aliens and extraordinary alien agendas, however, they never quite account for how or why they have become endowed with so much extraordinary knowledge.

Amitakh, like Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, never explains to her readers how it is that she has come upon her repository of dire and doom-laden information. She just "knows" and apparently the reader is expected to accept her anxiety-provoking 'gifts' of Delphi Oracle insights with gratitude and non-questioning.

Unfortunately, for Amitakh and you, I don't quite go along with that sort of cult-like acceptance of omniscient knowing and expect people like her to justify her positions and explain her sources, so that we, the reader, can come to our own conclusions about the merits of her statements and her doom & gloom predictions.

I could agree with you that Amitakh's writings on Gnosticism and Spirituality "have no equivalent in content or originality", but from an entirely different perspective. I find her attempts to promote Gnosticism, a thoroughly destructive, vile, dark, and perverted view of Creation to be contemptible and her writing on "Spirituality" an abomination -- unless you consider despair, anxiety, hopelessness, death, gloom, and doom to be "spirituality."

Best Regards,

Ken Adachi
Costa Mesa, California, USA

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