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Amy Goodman and The Rockefeller Foundation
September 6, 2005

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From: DMB
Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2005 7:45 AM
Subject: Amy Goodman


Regarding Amy Goodman and Democracy Now, it seems that she reports only facts. I understand the 650=2000, however, perhaps she feels that her audience may be 'lost' if DM! attempts to invoke debates such as this. I feel that she does need to speak on 911 as well as other vital information such as Chemtrails. The content on your website has always rang true to me.

I only question the validity of DM! funding by the Rockefeller Foundation. If so, it is indeed scary. Do you feel she is controlled by this? Her passion tells otherwise.

Attached, is a PDF file of her IRS form 990 for the year 2003. I thought it may be of interest to you. is the website in which you can acquire a free membership to view form 990's from most charities.

Another note, Red Cross information- revenues, etc. may be of your interest, as well.

I look forward to hearing your response on Amy Goodman and DM! Keep up the great work.

Best Regards,


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From: Educate-Yourself
Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2005 9:53 AM
Subject: Re: Amy Goodman

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the tax info about Democracy Now.

I'm not emotionally attached to Amy Goodman. She puts out a lot of good material and interviews and I listen to portions of her program fairly often. I also hear her BS and the spin she puts on subjects like global warming or peak oil, etc. It doesn't throw me, and it shouldn't throw you.

I can take the Good, the Bad and the Ugly with second or third tier spinners like Amy Goodman or Michael Ruppert and still benefit from their 'solid' information. I listen to NPR a lot because I know NPR is putting out the spin that the NWO wants "sophisticated" listeners to believe, so you know what's coming down the pike by the tenor of what NPR concentrates on. When I hear a blitz of stories about West Nile Virus or Bird Flu spreading across the land and lots of talk of preventative vaccinations, I then know that they are planning to release a new batch of infected mosquitoes and they are building their justification for spraying (what we are told is ) malathion, etc.

The Rockefeller funding of Democracy Now was revealed inadvertently one night some months ago by Eban Ray over KPFK radio (90.7 FM, Los Angeles). She has a program on Wednesday night from 2-4 AM, as a subsection of Roy Tuckman's show, Something's Happening. I think it was during a fund drive effort. Eban was speaking and reading off the cuff from a paper that showed how much funding comes from listerners and how much comes from other sponsors. Eban was going through the various shows that run on KPFK and was surprised to see that one of the corporate funders of Democracy Now was the Rockefell Foundation. She seemed a little embarrased and flustered after realizing what she had just read, since she concentrates on NWO topics on her show. She sort of reacted with an "Hmmmmm, I wonder what that's all about?" type of giggle reaction and then dropped the subject. It all occured within a matter of seconds. I may or may not have it on tape. I record most of her material, but I don't usually record fund raiser shows. However, I remember clearly what she said that night.

The guidestar website is very useful, thanks.

Regards, Ken

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