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Letter from Andy on Defeating the NWO
July 22, 2011

Letter from Andy on Defeating the NWO ( July 22, 2011)

Subject: Thanks Ken
From: Andy
Date: Thu, July 21, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

Thanks for the info on such a wide andcwell researched array of topics.

I have been interested in this style of research for many years, but now I have"awakened" to the reality of this realm. The question is what does one do with the knowledge?

I'm Australian, but have been in the UK for 9 years. It disturbs me to see the blindness albeit apathy of my fellow countrymen. The carbon tax has just been imposed and people there are bending over taking it, like good sheep. I shall continue my education.

Many thanks,



Hi Andy,

Outside of the USA, most of my web traffic comes from Australia, despite its relatively small population, so I wouldn't give up too soon on Australians. The more people who are fully aware of the NWO takeover agenda and do NOT cooperate with any aspect of NWO-inspired coercions or "requirements", the more aggregate the mass resistance generated. Eventually, the NWO, by necessity, must collapse.

If you aware of the NWO takeover, you have an obligation to do your part to educate your friends and family and bring them into the fold. Everyone needs to realize that this is the ONLY way the NWO can be defeated. Complaining to the government or officialdom about their corruption and Big Brother enactments is not going to accomplish anything (signing petitions, etc. ~ a total waste of time). Joining with or organizing grassroots organizations which will sue the government for every constitution-busting "mandate' they vote into existence will go a long way in slowing down the takeover, but pushing them out of office entirely and replacing them with your own local anti-NWO candidate is the most effective. This will only happen with ongoing, continuous exposure and education. The average citizen will not participate in his own enslavement or demise if he understands the invisible shackles being placed upon him. Thus awakening others is the key to success.

Regards, Ken

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