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"A couple of questions regarding Anna Hayes and Genesis 2012"
January 1, 2009

"A couple of questions regarding Anna Hayes and Genesis 2012" (Jan. 1, 2009)

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From: Sean Kennedy
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2009
Subject: A couple of questions regarding Anna Hayes and Genesis 2012.

Good morning, Ken. I hope all is well? Happy New Year! Wishing you and yours all the best of good health, happiness, joy, success and prosperity for not only 2009 but for many years to come.

My name is Sean Kennedy and I have enjoyed browsing your website for more than a few years. It has really got me thinking about what is true and what is not. My compliments to you on your website.

My questions are in regards to Anna Hayes and a gentleman by the name of Ishnah (of ) of Genesis 2012.

I started to listen to some of the Earth History audio files downloaded from the Genesis 2012 site. I found them very informative but then started to research the source of the files and found that they were talks given by Anna Hayes.

I "yahoo'ed" her name and found a link to your site. ( )

Perfect - a trusted source. I read your posting but found that the links provided led to the "404: file not found" message.

I am wondering why links do not exist any more? I have heard from some that the organization she belongs to is a cult and that she defrauded several of her "followers" and fled to the UK as a result. Is there any truth to that?

And, in passing, have you heard anything about this Ishnah fellow - "good or bad"?

I thank you very much for your time and assistance with these questions. I look forward to your answers.

Kindest regards,

Sean Kennedy


Hi Sean,

I took down the links to Anna Hayes a few years ago because I was getting too many indications that she was not who she wanted the public to think she was. That is not to say that I dismiss her info out of hand because I think she has exposed many important -and accurate- pieces of information that has allowed us to see the Bigger Picture with greater clarity.

However, according to Al Bielek, Stewart Swerdlow, and others--including herself-- she was apparently subjected to mind control programming at Montauk. That opens up a whole can of worms.

I was contacted by a few people who were closely involved when she still lived in the USA, and the info was not good. So, I couldn't continue to promo her books, etc.

I had not heard of the Ishnah guy you reference, but he has Red Flags all over his bio:

!. Sai Baba (according to S. Swerdlow -- controlled, implanted, and a robot for the other side. Not to be trusted on any level. Possibly a pedophile according to the internet)
2. " I AM Teachings," (please!)
3. "The Course in Miracles," (please #2)
4. "Merkaba meditations of Drunvalo" (please #3)
5. initiate of the " Great White Brotherhood of Light" (please #4-with added emphasis)

The New Age, 2012, you-don't have -to-do-anything "ascension" scenario is highly suspect in my opinion. The whole thing may have been contrived by the Illuminati.

caveat emptor.

Happy New Year, Ken

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