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Of the Annunaki, Channeled Reptilians & Distractive Psyops
May 20, 2009

Of the Annunaki, Channeled Reptilians & Distractive Psyops (May 20, 2009)

From: Ben V (Australia)
To: Editor
Subject: confused, with Desteni website, supposed Reptilian channel??
Date: May 20, 2009 2:15 AM

Hi Ken,

I came accross a web-site called

It's about a young girl, possibly two, that are "Channels", one claims to be a reptilian Channel.

I read the FAQ section, as I find that is the quickest way to find out the reasoning behind such a web-site's existence

The interesting thing I read was that the Annunaki created love, fear, guilt etc, but most importantly enlightenment, that it was a way to forever enslave the human race. I also viewed this young female channel on youtube proclaiming nothing to happen in 2012, which is fine, but keeps denying ascension enlightenment etc..

I have yet to come across views such as these by anyone, and I'm wondering if you have come across this site etc, whether is total cr@p etc..

It took me about 35 mins to read through the FAQ section on "What was enlightenment", etc.. Maybe if you have a chance have a look at her on Youtube, it looks a bit suspect to me, but i am ever so confused.

I know you will look at this in time and when it's necessary to, so I wont hassle you too much !

Ben V


Hi Ben,

I took a fast look at the titles on the home page. Saw some red flags right off the bat. "Alice Bailey" (Satanist) "consciousness to awareness, part 1, 2, etc" Right. Terrance McKenna (Deceased Loser Extraordinaire on the Glories of Doing Drugs to 'expand consciousness') Right. .

I was fascinated by this sort of information in the mid 1990s because, being new to all of it, I thought it was on the level. I no longer bother with sites that promo that type of material because I know they are ALL government-sponsored psyops/spin operations. In most cases, these people are likely victims of mind control.

That's not to say that there are no aliens or that the Annunaki were never here, but that these web sites are .keeping you preoccupied with drivel, while the NWO takeover agenda goes forward day after day. Web sites like Zeta Talk, who want to convince you that Planet X will come through in 2012 and completely devastate the earth are running the same sort of distractive psyops --to keep you preoccupied with worry and anxiety over the approach of Dooms Day, while you fail to take action to stop the advancement of the NWO takeover.

Sure, there are plenty of "people" who are human/reptilian hybrids, as we've noted from the photos of Imposter Obama and his reptilian wife. You don't really need someone who channels reptilians, when they are walking all around us, masquerading as human beings.

The idea that the Annunaki, a repressive, war-loving, hierarchy-orientated alien group who simply wallow in the lowest of destructive emotions, were responsible for bestowing upon humans the capacity to "love, fear, guilt etc, but most importantly enlightenment" is ridiculous in the extreme.

Humans are a very spiritually advanced group of souls who have been living on the earth for MILLIONS of years , in often highly advanced civilizations, LONG BEFORE the Annunaki every came here, which, according to Sitchen, was about 450,000 years ago.

The Annunaki did NOT create human beings as their Sumeria propaganda tales relate. Human beings were NOT apes before the Annunaki got here. It's true that the Annunaki, like the current crop of Grays and Reptilians, were genetic manipulators and fashioned their own hybrids to serve their agendas, but they didn't create humans as they claim. That's pure BS.

Humans are spiritually MORE ADVANCED than the Annunaki, if not as technologically advanced. It's probably more accurate to say that the aliens who have manipulated human genes, such as the Annunaki, did more to DEVOLVE humans into a more manageable "worker", from what was once a higher state of consciousness and awareness. In other words, they more likely DUMBED US DOWN, rather than built us up. That's closer to the truth of the matter.

You can spend a lot of time reading those web sites or watching those videos, but it will only accomplish what the programmers intended for it to accomplish-to waste your time and keep you passively fascinated with a mixed bag of real info and drivel.

As I've mentioned in other essays, I'm equally suspicious of the great forward leap that the New Agers espouse will take place in 2012, Mayan calendar and all that. I think it's the same type of psyops, but from the other side of the coin.

There is ONLY the Illuminati and the New World Order and their desire to destroy and enslave the remnants of humanity. Everything else are Side Shows and circus--to KEEP YOU PREOCCUPIED WHILE THEY DESTROY YOU.

Focus on stopping the Illuminati and the NWO if you want to save humanity.

Regards, Ken




Subject: Human history and the Annunaki
Date: Wed, May 20, 2009
To: Editor

Howdy Ken,

You say humans are more spiritually advanced than the dark ones, and that we were doing fine before they arrived. I say 'thank you'. I had forgotten.

Other than the old Japanese texts, I can't say I've read much dealing with that part of our history. Can you suggest any sources, other than memory?

Thanks again.

Jeff M


Subject: Excellent Reply
From: Sean G (New Zealand)
Date: Fri, May 22, 2009
To: Editor

Hi Ken

Your reply to Ben, on Annunaki and Channelled Reptilians was excellent. I have read so much nonsense on how we were created by the Annunaki. Becoming suspicious immediately with this assertion. The disinfo agents are using this tactic, to re-inforce the notion of doubt and , the notion of our so-called weakness.

My personal view on the matter is that we are far superior, spiritually to the"forces" out there. Hence the manipulation,and onslaught since time immemorial on the human mind/spirit.They know that.

All The Best

Sean G


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