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AOL and Big Brother Monitoring: What to do?
August 18, 2004

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From: DM Boggs <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2004 11:29 PM
Subject: America Online (AOL)

Hello Ken,

Recently, I downloaded and installed the newest version of America Online, 9.0. I run windows XP/Professional on my computer and I have always ensured to review system logs, errors, performance, etc. While looking through my installed programs I noticed the program AOL Connectivity Service, AOL Dialer, AOL Icon Tray Manager, as well as the actual AOL 9.0 Program. I did uninstall all AOL related programs with the exception of the actual AOL 9.0 program and AOL will not operate without the "connectivity programs" installed on my computer. I am sure that these programs are simply AOL/Big Brothers means of gathering information on my computer.

My question is to anyone that can offer tech advise on how to keep my computer "private" or at least as private as possible. This could encompass any email programs that I should/should not use, purchasing any additional software or any other suggestions one may have for me. I am open for any ideas. Thank you.

God's Light and Love,






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