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Arizona Law & Observations on a Children's Fable
May 20, 2010

Arizona Law & Observations on a Children's Fable (May 20, 2010)

Subject: Arizonas law
From: Oscar
Date: Thu, May 20, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Hi .

My name is Oscar, and I have my opinion just like other comments that you posted your website about Arizonas law on illegal immigrants. I look at it this way when the goverment got rid of slavery they came up with modern slavery to do the dirty work for cheap. That's when the US borders were not secure enough and it was on purpose and now that most of the construction is done and they have enough illegal immigrants, a controlled population of illegal immigrants they want to enforce the laws. And the US wants to pass the law where illegal immigrants newborn would not become citizens. It's part of the illuminati agenda.



Hello Oscar,

You have to distinguish between the desires (and constitutional rights) of the legitimate citizens of this country, whether native born or naturalized, and the skullduggery of corrupt elected officials and wealthy corporate interests who fund those corrupt politicians into office, who are undermining the sovereign protections entitled to all Americans by their birthright.

The US government is NOT representative of the will of the American people, and hasn't been for a long time. They are representing the SUBVERSIVE interests of an elite, corporate oligarchy with names like Rockefeller, Dupont, Harriman, Rothchild, Collins, Freeman, Bundy, Astor, Russell, Disney, MacDonald, Kennedy, and Bush to name a few.

That subversion is attempting to destroy the economic, military, social, and familial strength of this nation in order to clear the decks for a One World government. The strategy is to ROT the country from within and so deteriorate the infrastructure upon which any nation depends in order to operate its economy, institutions, and services in a successful manner.

The flooding of illegals into this country and the balkanization of the southwest and encouragement of radicals to foment for a new Atizlan "re-conquista" of the American southwest, for example, is part of that dissolution strategy.

It's a convenient excuse used by illegal aliens, their apologists, and even Illuminati puppets masquerading as President of the United States, but it's NOT TRUE that Americans don't want to do agricultural field work, landscaping work, construction work, house painting, maid work, or any form of manual labor that illegals usually perform. This mantra has been repeated over and over again by traitors like Bush to justify their (wink, wink) open border policies. Any business that hires illegals is obviously doing so to increase their profit margin--at the expense of the collective financial strength of the American people. These businesses, often MAJORITY OWNED by non-Americans, gets away with it because they grease the palms of the people in Washington who could otherwise stop them from hiring illegals. The United States has the capacity to prevent even an ANT from crossing into US territory from anywhere along its border with Mexico-IF the government had the WILL to do so.

The flow of illegal drugs into this country is DIRECTED and CONTROLLED by the very oligarch groups I mentioned above. The CIA, Bush, Clintons, etc, etc. DEPEND of the drug trade to fund their subversive agendas. How do you think all of those secret underground bases in America were funded into existence? While a certain percentage was stolen from the America taxpayer, the largest bulk of Black ops funding comes from drug money -which the CIA controls world wide. They work in LEAGUE with Mafia groups and drug cartels to sell and distribute drugs-including the Mexican drug cartels. .

I'm totally in favor of ending the fraud of anchor babies. It's an outrage that infuriates every American. There is no other country that allows a new born baby of a non-citizen to become a citizen of that country simply because he or she was physically born in that country-except the United States. When immigrants came to this country on ships and they were intent on making America their PERMANENT home- and not their SECONDARY HOME-it was OK to allow citizenship based on being born here, but today the situation is completely different. The flood of illegals through the Mexican border and the intentional illegal crossing into America in order to have a baby at American taxpayers expense and then gain a foothold to citizenship for the parents and other siblings in Mexico MUST END. We must stop REWARDING cheating and illicit behavior. People from other parts of the world have to wait in line for years to get approval for a visa, while Mexican and Central American illegals ljust stoll in like it's  an open country. .

The Illuminati wants to destroy America, while Americans who are opposed to illegal trespassers and anchor babies are trying to save this republic from dissolution. You don't see the big picture. You only see the little slice that you care about, illegal aliens; but if and when America is dissovled, you and every other unthinking Marxist who is stumping for the "rights" of illegals is going to find yourself without work because there will no longer be an American economy in which to work. When you kill the Goose that lays the Golden Egg, my friend, eventually you will starve too

Regards, Ken

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