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"Armageddon", Tony's Letter from Down Under
August 25, 2010

"Armageddon", Tony's Letter from Down Under (Aug. 25, 2010)

Subject: Armageddon
Date: Tue, August 24, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Ken Adachi, I quote:

"At least 80 percent of Americans claim to be "CHRISTIANS."

Well (heh-heh) we shall someday SEE just how "CHRISTIAN" these people who profess to be, REALLY ARE, as martial law is declared, the GUILLOTINES ARE PUBLICLY DISPLAYED, and supposed "Christians" (NWO resisters, etc) are arrested and lined up and the guillotine operators are crying out.."NEXT...!!!"

Hmmm...talking about a future separation of THE SHEEP from the GOATS. Persecution somehow always seems to do this. The good news is, READ REVELATION 20:4. WE CHRISTIAN NWO RESISTERS WIN. SO bring on your guillotines, boyz!"


Hateful words Ken, don't you think? Relishing the fate of others merely because of a judgment you have made about their veracity of their religious claims. You Ken are part of the N W O plan to "divide and separate". The monotheistic religions are merely part of their plan, just tools to control the masses. You appear to have a rather inflated opinion of yourself, so many requirements to be fulfilled before you'll deem the email worthy of your perusal. You are part of the problem. Your insane belief in Armageddon is bad enough but to hope for it and look forward to it is nothing short of Satanic.

You're a mean spirited and hateful person.

Tony Burke

PS, I almost forgot. FUCK YOU!


Dear Tony Burke,

Wow, to say you're "confused" is an understatement of Herculean proportions. Your brains are clearly located between your legs, rather than your ears. Do you scratch your butt whenever you're trying to solve a difficult problem (like which end of the fork to put into your mouth)?

I never said or wrote any of the things you put quotations marks around and claim that I authored. The first thing you need to do is provide the url to the things you quote so I can look at the source and see what you're referring to. Just quoting words without a reference source is meaningless-and dumb.

Your dumbness is even more obvious when you accuse me of "hateful" words which I never wrote and embracing the Armageddon scenario when I've been a debunk-er and critic of Armageddon, British Israel promotion.

What an embarrassment you are to Australian readers; a total wanker who can't discern up from down.

Please. Annoy someone else with your rank stupidity.

Sayonara, Ken

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