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"See the Truth, Freedom is Taken from the Oppressor"
October 10, 2007

Subject: our freedom
Date: Wed, October 10, 2007
To: Editor

Re: Staying Out of Big Brother's Net When in the Medical or Dental Office (Oct. 8, 2007)


I enjoy your site, i read the artical on not complying with big brother, in reguards to medical records, Gandi's non violent led to the biggest bloodbath seen in India in this century, see the truth, freedom is taken from the opressor, The blackes freedom was given to them, If they were able they would have taken it, and been respected, read Patric Henry at Fall Church. there is no such thing as non-violence, not yet our owners will give us nothing, the ussr never crumbled

Fred Wahlstrom


Hi Fred,

Apparently, you've never seen the movie. Your Indian history is not correct. Gandhi's conduct did not precipitate a bloodbath; quite the opposite. He ended the rioting between muslims and Hindus by going on a hunger strike in Calcutta. He also gained India's freedom from Britain. Something that would not have happened had he advocated armed conflict.

Judging from the tenor of your comments, you obviously favor taking back the country Rambo style; so let's talk about that.

Testosterone talk is easy. It may feel good, but you can't win the day unless the circumstances and the logistics are in your favor. During the American Revolution, we had more than an even chance of winning because we could produce as many muskets and fighters as the British could, yet we had the advantage of home turf, concealment, guerilla tactics, a supportive population and no supply problems. Britain had to ship everything in, stood out real nice in those bright red coats and marched into gunfire in nice even rows. How convenient for us!

Now let's fast forward to America in 2007. Do you have ANY concept of how many underground bases and above ground military bases there are in this country? Do you have any REAL knowledge of how many trained foreign troops are currently billeted in America? Do you realize how many 'WILDERNESS AREAS' have been put off limits to the public and what might be taking place both above and below ground in those 'off limit' areas?

Do you suppose the US Army, Marines and their Partnership for Peace comrades from Russia, China, Germany, Pakistan, or Turkey, have been running all of those mock urban warfare maneuvers in American cities starting around 1997 because they anticipate a country-wide uprising of moslem dissidents?

Let's talk about the growth in Police forces across this land. I just heard on the news last night that the Los Angeles police department is training a new class of 780 new cops. That's SEVEN HUNDRED AND EIGHTY new cops in a single training class. Do you have any idea how many cops were on the LA police force in 1970 say, and how many are on the LA police force today? Check the cop count for any big city between 1970 and today and tell me what you see.

The reason you see fifty flak jacketed, riot geared cops for every unarmed, unprotected civilian protestor at some political rally, is because they are hiring on more new cops than ever in the history of the country. You would think they were preparing for World War 3 on the streets of America. And that's probably what they are preparing for.

How about weaponry and technology? You think you got a chance with your bolt action .22 or your 9mm, or your pump shotgun? Ever given any thought as to WHY 250,000 battle hardened Iraqi troops surrendered EN MASSE to American forces in the First Gulf War without firing a single shot? They surrendered because they had no other choice. Even though they were deep underground in their desert locations, the US military used secret ELF Tesla Scalar wave technology aboard helicopters which penetrated straight through sand and concrete hundreds of feet deep and put those men in so much excruciating pain that the only thing they could do, to try and escape the pain, was to run out of those bunkers with their hands high in the air. And that's exactly what was reported on the news at the time.

They could use those same helicopters, with the same ELF scalar technology on you, your household, or your entire neighborhood if so desired, and you could do nothing about it except roll around on the floor in pain, screaming like a banshee until they decided to turn off the equipment, assuming you didn't bleed to death from the blood running out of your eyes and ears.

Do you think that the Patriot militias-at least those who are still around- are going to save the day? The movement was growing in the 1980's and they needed to be dismantled, so they loaded up every single militia with infiltrators and spooks and then went to work on the PR to discredit the entire militia movement using the OKC Murray building bombing as the patsy. If it comes to armed conflict or an open revolt, a very small number of militia types will hold out for some period of time and then they will be starved out or shot out or micro waved out, but they won't save the country, nor themselves.

So I'm afraid that armed rebellion is not in the cards Fred. The traitors, both in and out of government, have been using your tax money for the past 50 years preparing for the slaughter and enslavement of the American populace. That's why they've built all of those crematoriums inside those big FEMA "detention" camps across the land. They have plans for you Fred and your heady bravura about taking the country back by force holds about as much concern for them as an ant blowing a fart in the middle of a hurricane.

What I'm suggesting has a CHANCE of unraveling the fabric of tyranny before it's a done deal.

What you're suggesting is ALREADY a done deal, except you don't know it.

Sincerely, Ken

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