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Astral Traveler Reveals Earth-like Simulation Constructs, Astral Emotion/Voice Harvesting Machines,
& Alien/Human Matrix Operators

[Editor's Note: I've received a number of remarkable e-mails over the past few years from Ashley, a young woman who is adept at astral travel. I posted one of her letters from April 15, 2010 in which she confirmed that chemtail spray planes are actually computer operated drones which possess "jumpgate" UFO technology (as earlier stated by the Etheric Resistance in their report on the nature of chemtrail spraying operations in March 2009 and May 2009).This letter from Ashley is the second one she has sent to me recenty in response to the recent articles posted by Franz Eredl. This letter refers to the observations noted in Franz's latest article on The Matrix and Its Master (April 19, 2012). I'll also post Ashley's earlier e-mail sent to me about one week ago. There's fascinating information revealed here. I urge you to read it carefully..Ken]

April 22, 2012

Astral Traveler Reveals Earth-like Simulation Constructs, Astral Emotion/Voice Harvesting Machines, & Alien/Human Matrix Operators (April 25, 2012)

Subject: The Matrix and Its Master: Insights
From: Ashley
Date: Sun, April 22, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Mr. Adachi,

I just finished reading the recent article by Franz Erdl regarding the matrix. It was interesting because the method of the matrix that he described and the data keeping activities has been something I've come across throughout my entire spiritual journey, but I haven’t spoken to anyone about it before now since no one else brought it up. I will disclose what I know from my perceptions and what I have experienced; many of which will corroborate with the current information. And I will try to give what ideas I have come up with over the past few years regarding this system.

When I began unconsciously traveling to the astral realms, I was attacked a lot because I was small and I didn't know what I was doing. However, with much assistance and training from my guides, I became master of my intent on the Other Side. I fought a lot and won a lot and even stopped a few rituals from taking place in the lower realms, and in so doing, saved souls that were held against their will. There were times that I would show up in an astral construct that is something like a simulation of our current reality.

In one simulation, the NWO had finally achieved martial law and they were launching an attack on the masses in a city. I was in this place and my guide was with me. I got the information that what I was seeing WAS NOT REAL, but that it is a copying of the energy that is radiated by human emotions during sleep and in their thoughts and dreams (but mostly sleep) and that this is harvested. This thought energy is processed through some sort of technology and then regurgitated back out into the ether, but in the structure of the desires of whoever is behind the harvesting (i.e. the black magicians, the negative ET's, etc.).

As I stood in the city, I was disgusted by what I saw. At the center of this energetic simulation there was a large white telescopic machine and it was spinning around and recording NOT the simulations reactions, but the VIBRATIONS of their reactions. In essence, this machine stores the vibrations of such an event which is then probably used to assault the natural energetic patterns of various realms. It’s like trying to FORCE manifestation of their goals.

I knew that to be caught in the line of such technology would be dangerous for me, but because I was not there by accident and because I had been given a guide, I was told how to shield myself. AWARENESS is key in this ENERGY HARVESTING-MANIPULATION SPY MACHINE. It works off of a lack of awareness. That’s why it uses a COPY of the emotional signatures of many humans.

Another thing to mention is that you can tell it is a simulation by the way that people within that construct react to you. I came across a line of cops that were shooting everyone in sight. However, when they looked at me, it was as if they were staring at a wall or a ghost. I was REAL and not a simple copy of vibrations, therefore I could not be seen by them. I believe this is only one machine of many; this one, however, is used for emotion harvesting.

The next one I'll describe uses the vibrations of your voice and I have come across this only twice in a span of many years. The first time was when I was being shown a sacred geometry that would be the archetype for the galactic alignment and new energies. After this, a speaker-like device flew into my space and just hovered around. Again, the key here is AWARENESS. I had a disgusted feeling again and so instead of brushing it away, I looked into the thing and yelled “YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY INFORMATION FROM ME.” And I said this with full awareness and intent and it left.

This machine harvests the vibration of sound in the astral so that it can identify you anywhere in the astral, maybe even in the physical, and keep tabs on you and tries to interfere with your spiritual development. However, once more, if you have FULL awareness at the time, the harvest is null and void because you have not given your permission.

I have been to various stages of these simulations and I can tell you they are not pretty. The vibration is completely restrictive. You might also find ET's flying around, but in recent years I have seen no people there, and only a poor attempt at building taking place. The fact is they can’t get their simulation strong enough to stand up and imprint on the REAL vibrations of Earth reality. They don’t have enough pawns anymore, but they still spy on people who happen to show up on whatever kind of astral scanner they have and try to take samples.

Another thing that this sound harvester does is use the words you say to look for other meanings. For example, years ago I was looking at the planet through my mind’s eye and waiting in excitement for the ascension and a man in all white came to ask me some questions. They had a weird machine that looked like a decoder and asked me what would happen in 2012. Though I did’t know what was going on at the time, something told me not to speak about it, so I began talking about how much I loved Mother Earth. Needless to say, they packed up their machine and left very angry ;)

This type of technology can even get an energetic symbol of your DNA. I once astral traveled to a hospital and once again, I discovered it was a simulation. The patients were just copied emotions in an astral vehicle. A doctor came in and I could tell instantly that his body was an astral shell and inside of it was some kind of reptile. It then so casually said “I will now take a sample of your DNA” and brought over another spy machine, but this was for physical vibration harvesting. I was aware of this, so I hopped up and looked it directly in the eyes and said “YOU WILL NOT GET SAMPLE OF MY GENETIC STRANDS” and then the reptile angrily departed.

There have been many times through my travels, conscious or otherwise, where this energy harvesting technology has tried to get a sample of my energetic signature: a voice, a speck of info or anything to put a tab on me or to use my energy. But these attempts have always failed because my AWARENESS and INTENT is 100%. I know where I am in the astral, that I am in the astral, and that what is trying to make contact with me is foreign and dangerous.

I think for those who worry if maybe they are spied upon, they should make the mental affirmation that they are fully aware and they have not given permission to anyone or anything to violate their free will. Another thing to discuss is those ships that Franz mentioned. I see them sometimes in these simulations when the spy technology is being used. Once , I even went into a Gray’s work station and there was a white computer panel and a set of electric wires with a mold in the middle that had no shape. I touched the mold and the wires connected to me and I received a shock. The pain was real and It felt like my astral body was being solidified. I actually felt my light body taking a dense form, but there was a problem. Because I have a physical body and therefore do not need another one, I cannot have two matter bodies. Needless to say, I pulled away after short circuiting the machine and the Gray came back to where I was. It was so scared that I found its technology and so angry that I had broken it, it leaped into the air and attempted to jump me. Luckily, by that time, I had been taught by my mentor, a shaman elder, how to protect myself. The Gray didn't get through my shielding and I high tailed it back to reality

The astral realm is the astral realm; the world of matter is the world of matter. What this technology did was essentially try to make the two reverse positions. And I think that is messing with the laws of creation and that’s why the Gray was afraid. Given the few years I’ve had these experiences, I think these various astral harvesting devices are technologies created by the super computer and like spy bots, crawl all over the astral and try to harvest vibrations from humans; without consent so that they can interfere with the natural plane of the Earth.

However, this is a monumental task and therefore, they will need to scrape as much energy as they can collect. The data that may be in those computers is probably harvested from the energetic plane through this special technology and once it is copied successfully and brought to the super computer, it anchors or imprints into the person once the identity is found.

In this way, there is a constant source of energy to bring about the astral kingdom of the NWO and solidify it into the world of matter as well as power the super computer. it’s like Google, but for energy and world domination.

The scientists have one foot in, and one foot out, of the simulations and the astrals. Before I became fully aware, I had an experience where I was somehow taken to a place where only consciousness could exist. I was out of both my physical and astral body, and basically I was an energetic blob with self awareness and memories. When in this state, in only a few minutes, I attained enlightenment and everything that ever existed came to my knowledge; even things from other universes…everything…and I was so happy.

I finally knew who I was. I was all of creation. However, just as I was about to release a wave of new energies into the planet, I was literally jolted from my connection and snatched into the room of a tower. I was sitting in front of a computer panel and two men dressed in all white were sitting there slumped over a screen - which I had thought at the time was a window. They were smoking herbs which allowed them to be in one world and the next. They could not perceive me at that moment and I watched as their astral bodies sat there like shells. I tried to reconnect to that awareness, but I guess they had special technology that perceives individualized consciousness and they shot right back into their astral bodies. Needless to say they were scared stiff when they saw me since what could they do against a spiritually aware human? And they were surprised by the results. I was stunned from being jolted from such a connection, so I just sat there in shock and I thought about attacking, but I would actually hurt them since these were REAL humans and that kind of goes against my code. I was told how good a job I did in a mocking tone and dragged down a long corridor and tossed back into the astral where I went back to my body…humiliated. This, however, was a long time ago. And I was too young minded to take it seriously (thank goodness).

It seems the scientists are studying the point of ascension for humans and the point of descension, They're studying what it takes; the conditions that need to be met; and the level of awareness needed, so that they can probably cause the exact opposite. In recent years, when I have popped up in these simulations, I see decay and they are almost barren. There are buildings and construction and even the restrictive vibrations, but it’s not holding up. Its falling apart because the vibrations are not strong enough, I see other beings struggling to keep it together, but they're weary and frustrated, like pulling stones around.

A thing I’d like to add is that the feeling I get from the root of this technology or the super computer, is that it is negative and restrictive by nature, not by choice.

A lot of times, the presence from the tech is desperately trying to attain something, like a blind man trying to understand colors. It’s also painful to see the simulations because you can feel that, even though it may look like reality, it will never be the one they truly want since it is always lacking something vital: freedom, authenticity, and heart.

Maybe this will add a little insight to your discovery or it might just confuse things more. I hope something might be gleaned from it

Thank you for letting me share.




Subject: Re:Astral Traveler Reveals Earth-like Simulation Constructs...
From: Mimma
Date: Thu, April 26, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for posting this!

Dear Ashley,

THANK YOU for being "there" for us, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing! It is so valuable info: encouraging, inspiring, soothing for our bleeding Souls & Hearts. Instinctivly, a year ago I started: (before I go to sleep) I ASK to BE under THE I AM - Source Authority ONLY! And interestingly enough, I always pray/ask for The TRUTH, Authencity and Freedom.

Blessings to all of you my human fellow beings - We can not lose = we are real, they are fake (poor guys, good to know that we can heal them, they badly need HEARTS).

Love always, Love everywhere!

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