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Astral Traveller Confirms Chemplanes Utilize UFO Technologies

[Editor's Note: The writer of this letter is an 18 year old female living in a Northeastern state. She began to astral travel at age 12. She corroborates information presented to me in early March by a team of Etheric Resistance fighters who explained that chemtrail planes are, for the most part, computer-controlled drones which employ UFO "jump gate" (or hyper space) technology allowing them to blink out of the third dimension and re-appear in another location almost instantly. She adds new information to this area of inquiry by reporting that she witnessed a chemplane operating in the astral dimension spraying populated cities at nearly ground level with a type of chemtrail "DOR smog" to embellish the chemtrail soup we are forced to breathe in on the physical plane. I was delighted to read her letter, as I suspect there is a burgeoning phalanx of advanced souls (perhaps the oft-mentioned Indigo children or children of the Blue Ray) who are going to make a difference in saving this planet from the Reptilian-dominated Illuminated satanists who are bent on destroying it. It's real important to notice that maintaining an attitude of optimism, determination, and inner intention to defeat these dark forces and their genocidal agenda can broadcast a type of scalar thought energy to awakening individuals -around the world - to enlist them into the resistance effort.

And who could not be inspired by a letter which closes with this:

...and all other beings that are helping to give us a fighting chance, are the river which refreshes my spirit daily and the wind which fans the flames in my heart so that it can blaze its brightest and in turn ignite others. Eternal thanks and love to you all! I shall surely, by God's grace, join you soon in this fight.

..Ken Adachi]
April 15, 2010

Astral Traveller Confirms Chemplanes Utilize UFO Technologies (April 15, 2010)

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From: Ashley
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Thursday, April 15, 2010
Subject: Hello

Hello Mr. Adachi !

At the age 12, The abilities that allow one to travel to other planes of existence were awakened inside of me by the spiritual guardians who watch over me. I had thought that what I was experiencing wasn't just a dream because of the nature of the dreams, but it wasn't until I found your website that I came to the realization that all of the experiences I've had were in fact astral travels and more often then not, etheric attacks by demonic entities, And that I do have the ability to pass into that realm. Due to my age, there are restrictions that are placed by my guardians on where and when I go but it is a form of astral training that I am being placed in, in order to, when the time comes, perform certain tasks or whatever duty I am to perfom in the near future.

To give a little background info, I have had these travels for exactly seven years straight and counting. Just the mere fact that I am so young and being allowed to see these kinds of things and receive this kind of attention shows me just how much time is of the essence and that there isn't really anymore time to take it slow, so I was given a very in depth and extensive crash course, so to speak. I want to thank you for all your contributions to this silent revolution, I hold you, Mr. Nicoloff, the etheric warriors of this planet and the United Galactic Federation of the galaxy of Hendon in my prayers and heart, daily. It is the highest honor of mine to be able to offer whatever humble assistance I can, even in the form of prayers for those who can make a difference and do what I cannot at the time because of my age.

I've been at this site for about three years now and its an absolute joy to be able to read all of the things posted here and never get bored. Out of 1600 students in my school I have managed to help awaken all of my freinds which are in total about 13 plus one teacher and all my family members, even my ten and six year old little sisters, I know that's not much but some is better than none and its just a start. I'm writing to you regarding your interveiw with Mr. Nicoloff on April,07. You mentioned what was relayed to you by certain etheric warriors regarding the chemtrail planes and their functions. I was actually amazed when I heard this, due to an astral travel that I had just last year and thought I would write to you about it, but reconsidered.

I was within the ether of the city in the downtown area where I live and as I looked around I saw a chemtrail plane flying very low to the ground, so low, in fact you would have to be hopelessly blind not to see it. It was releasing this smog type trail into the etheric of the air and around the areas people are most often found. Upon seeing this of course, I just thought about going into the plane and in an instant I was inside of it. There was a heavy set man in a strangely textured grey body suit and he was in astral form as well and was checking the flow of this smog in the ether and monitoring it. As he went back into the plane I jumped and went in as well and when I looked in I saw that it was completely bare, no chairs, no parachutes, no real human levers and buttons to push, no supplies, it was empty, certainly no humans ran this thing. Well as I looked, the inside was wide enough for things like equipment or cargo but nothing else. The heavy set man was at the steering device but he was more along the lines of monitoring how it moved, than actually piloting it.

After I'm done looking around and using my mental database to assess the situation, I point to him and I say what anyone says when they figure out the truth "Aha!" I said triumphantly "I know what you're doing" I said "I can see you." For the record, my presence is almost never appreciated on the ether because I have a knack of showing up where I'm not welcome, if you catch my drift. So immediately he clenches his teeth in anger and charges after me, After getting his hand around my neck he slams me with extreme force into the floor of the plane. Now, in reality if such force had been applied my skull would be shattered and my neck would be broken, However, due to certain barriers placed upon me by my guardians this attack was greatly mitigated but I could still feel the reverberations through out my body. What I noticed when he charged at me was that he didnt press any auto pilot button or say any type of command that would alert the plane that he was leaving the controls so why was it that it was flying itself as if we weren't even there?

Now that he has me pinned to the floor, he has triggered the innate defense mechanism inside of me which dictates that unless I am attacked, I do not attack, no matter how evil a being may be, as long as they keep their vibrations and their hands to themselves. So now I grab him by the fat of his shoulders and begin rolling over to get him off of me, It works and we roll to one side of the plane. As this goes on I become aware of the manuver the plane is making, now I have never known a plane to make such sharp turns, it stopped for a moment and then in the next instant it fixed itself like the point of 90 degree angle, it was very unusual for a plane to make such an irregular and unnatural position it reminded me of how UFO's move.

Eventually the man realizes that I am not going to give up and he hoists me into the air until my head is smushed against the ceiling and then he throws me with all his might, out of the ether of my city and the plane, into an Australian CIA/FBI type of place (but that's a whole other travel).

Now initially when I had this travel LAST YEAR, I came to the conclusions that:

..1) Chemtrail planes have the ability to go into the etheric world and spray this DOR type smog there, which may make the chemtrails sprayed in the physical more effective.

2) These planes may look simple and unassuming but they are made with advanced technology, I thought some type of Dugway [Utah] military or Area 51 type technology.

3) The planes are on perpetual auto pilot so there isn't anyone who needs to steer it. Plus it has no supplies or seats or anything that would imply that human beings need to run it.

I came to these conclusions last year and debated with myself as to whether or not to email you about it, These would be pretty big claims to make, especially from a 17 year old that has no ability or means with which to back anything up. Therefore, I was very apprehensive and decided to keep it to myself but I was sure I was right. Thank you Mr. Adachi and the etheric warriors who took the time to find this information because just by them finding this out and you broadcasting this, you have verified that what I experienced was not incorrect and that what I saw last year was in fact true, I found it almost too coincidental to be true, first I had this astral travel and then a year later what I saw is verified by a whole different person! It's one thing for me to say such things, but for a group of experienced adepts at astral travel and for you yourself to say it with confidence and I have never even met any of you, gives me justification in what I beleived to be true and while it may not mean much coming from me, I absolutely know that their information is just and is not a lie (and I have nothing to gain by agreeing with you). Unfortunately, I enter the ether only at certain times when certain things arise that need to be taken care of, but as my training goes on, I am sure I shall be able to go at will. The ether sure is a big place...very dynamic.

I shall give all the more in my prayers to you etheric warriors so that your endeavors will be lighted with the love of a million pure hearts and that haply, you, my other selves, can do what I cannot at the moment and be blessed and accomplished in this task. All of you etheric warriors and you Mr. Adachi and Mr. Nicoloff and General Jeremiah and the Galactic Federation and all other beings that are helping to give us a fighting chance, are the river which refreshes my spirit daily and the wind which fans the flames in my heart so that it can blaze its brightest and in turn ignite others. Eternal thanks and love to you all! I shall surely, by God's grace, join you soon in this fight.


P.S My apologies for the length

Reader Comments

Subject: Chemtrail planes utilize UFO technology - confirmation
From: Joe
Date: Sun, April 18, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Mr. Adachi,

Thank you so much for publishing the article by an astral traveler about some chemtrail planes using hyper gate technology to jump through time and space. Several weeks ago I was watching chemtrail planes over my upstate New York area through binoculars.

Suddenly, a plane I was watching disappeared. I was most confused because there were no real clouds or obstructions between my filed of view and the plane.

Many years ago, I read an article about an airplane mechanic who discovered a fuel dispensing apparatus, tank and valves installed in a commercial aircraft. It was not on his list of check out items and he was forced to keep quiet about it. Evidently, his conscience would not let him remain quiet.

Evidently, the NWO elite thought the poison spraying was not progressing fast enough and resorted to higher technology to poison us and the earth.

I do not expect a response because I know you have to filter through many e-mails.

I just wanted to confirm the astral traveler's story based on my observation.

I am not an astral traveler nor do I have any special abilities. I'm just a retired engineer and teacher who has been on both sides of the podium.

Yours in Christ,

Joe J
Rome, New York

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