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Asking for Assistance with Approval of Higher Self
Nov. 16, 2004

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From: John Pacifico <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 10:39 AM
Subject: Asking for assistance

Hi Ken,
After reading the "Message from Matthew for November 12, 2004", I decided to put together a short request for assistance, just to help those interesting is asking for help but not sure exactly what to say. You don't have to use this exact statement I did, so I hope those saying this also phrase it any way they wish to make it more personal. Here's my request:

"I am now asking all spiritual beings (and ET beings) who have the approval of my Higher-Self and are working for the highest good of all humanity to fill my being with the energy of LOVE and I'm also asking without judgment for you to fill all dark souls on this planet and in space with this same LOVE. I'm also asking for these spiritual beings (and ET brothers and sisters) to help humanity at this time replace all the dark ones now in power here on earth so that we can have leaders who are wise, honest and have spiritual integrity."

John Pacifico


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