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The Asteroids Are Coming! The Asteroids Are Coming!
May 5,2006

Date: Fri, 5 May 2006
From: Promolang <> France
Subject: Hi from France

Dear Ken,

Do you remember a year or two ago a guy called Eric Julien (who also calls hilmself Jean Ederman) wrote that piece that ping-ponged around the alternative web scene for a few months called "Decide whether we should show up"?

(I forget whether you posted it or not). It made quite a splash with lots of "first-contact" people and it generally had people commenting on how "true" it felt. The guy also writes very convincing books, one of which I have read (reminiscent of David Icke). He's now causing a splash with his predicition backed up by "privileged knowledge" that a chunk of the Schwassmann-Wachmann comet passing us close by in May will impact the Earth on 25 May, causing 200 meter high waves to sweep the Atlantic rim.

Any chance of sounding out people like P. Ledoux or ZS Livingstone amongst others?

Cheers, and please keep up your website,

Toulouse, France


Date: Fri, 05 May 2006
To: Promolang <>
Subject: Re: Hi from France

Hi Steve,

Yes, I did comment on that guy and the whole story ( ). It's pure CIA BS from beginning to end.

So is the asteroid story.

By the way, May 5, 2000 was the last time a 'sponsored' author wanted us to believe that an alignment of all the other planets in the solar system was going to cause the poles to shift and there was going to be major flooding, etc. It never happened, of course, since the BS artist pushing the story didn't understand squat about celestial mechanics, but that didn't stop him from selling a lot of books and playing the bit to the hilt on the number one CIA outlet on the radio, the Art Bell Show. This is the same category of crap from the same set of spinners.

It's all about generating fear and anxiety to keep you on edge.

Regards, Ken

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