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Atlantis Remembered
July 15, 2006

Subject: dissemination of accurate information?
Date: Sat, July 15, 2006
To: Editor <E-mail>

Hello Mr Ken Adachi,

The information on Educate-Yourself is absolutely astounding. The only real question I have for you is: Can you verify the accuracy of the information? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Myself, I don't believe anything I'm told by anyone without proof, *especially* if it comes from the government.

However, I'm not going to believe in a "New World Order" and the existance of extraterrestrials or government conspiracies either, not without proof. Personally, I've never seen an actual alien outside of the movie theatres. Not that I tend to follow popular media, because I don't.

Still, I'm prepared to believe your webpage provided that you have compelling enough evidence. A forewarning though, I do not concider David Icke's claims that he got the lizard people from some old Zulu shaman to be compelling evidence. Personally, I feel that Icke is squandering his sentience on tribal myths. I'm from a tribe myself, one that has many myths that can easily be construed as having ties to Atlantis and to extra terrestrials.

The main reason I'm prepared to believe you is because I'm actually from a native american tribe whose origin stories could be easily construed as being from Atlantis. I don't know if I believe that we DID come from there, but I have seen more than enough compelling evidence (with my own eyes) that Atlantis does exist. I started out not believing Atlantis existed at all. However, I do not necessarily believe Atlantis had space ships. A global maritime trade culture and advanced enough mathematics to make uncanny maps of the planet sure, but not necessarily space ships or space aliens.

Lucca Ashtear


Hi Lucca,

We all develop at the pace we are prepared to accept. Our view of reality is an ever changing landscape which is largely dependent on the information we are exposed to and that which we perceive as true.

There is so much evidence available today that will prove beyond any doubt that the NWO is real, that you could fill a semi-trailer with the data currently in print. If you need more evidence, then you need to get the books and read them of course.

I like David Icke because I think he gets the plot straight in most instances and he doesn't mince words. He doesn't exaggerate either, in my opinion.

You can't force people to accept your views. A change in perspective comes from self examination and contemplation, so I have no interest in trying to push my views on people. I have a web site and I post the data that I feel is important and relevant. You read it. You decide what you want to believe; it's not my job to sell you. I don't believe in evangelizing. Exposition , yes. Brainwashing or coercion, no.

Of course Atlantis existed. It probably sank around 13,000 years ago, give or take a thousand years. Yes, it was an advanced civilization, which could have continued to exist for many more millennia had they not allowed the spiritually devolved elements within that society to take over. The spiritually compromised scientists in that society were trying to abuse their crystal technology and they paid a big price for attempting that abuse. They were also involved in other negative activities that contributed to their downfall, including genetic engineering projects that were contrary to Nature's plan. While it functioned as a good and honorable society, Atlantis flourished and lasted for a very long time, about 250,000 years.

Regards, Ken

PS: I forgot to mention that there is a high probability that you lived a past life in Atlantis. You wouldn't be focused upon and fascinated by this topic if there wasn't some connection. Check with a reputable psychic or past life regression person and I think you will find something there.

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