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Australian Internet Censorship, John Searle's Free Energy Machine, & Rudolf Hess
February 2, 2009

Australian Internet Censorship, John Searle's Free Energy Machine, & Rudolf Hess (Feb. 2, 2009)

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From: Stephan C
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Monday, February 02, 2009

Hi Ken


By the way I have just received another DVD on the history of John Searl have you heard about his SEG generator and flying discs? Amazing stuff! the website is

Also, last time I sent you an email regarding future internet restriction for the world.. Australia has just signed and approved a deal to block 10,000 sites.. with no listing on which sites - (to protect us) I think they are (governments) realizing that "information is power" the power of information to the people - that should be restricted. Unbelievable!!

I am worried that all "real" valuable information will become so restricted and screened that we will loose all our freedom! The freedom to grow as a human race!

Thanks again for everything and congratulation on all your amazing research!!!

Best Regards Ken!


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the note about Australia blocking 10,000 sites. That's an important story. I've already received messages from people in Austrailia that my e-mail address is bouncing back as undelivered.

Yes, I know about the John Searle story. There are numerous cases of free energy suppression and he's one of the more greivous examples. A machinist, he made his machine on his own and wasn't involved or funded by the manipulators, but they busted into his home anyway, terrorized him and his family and just stole his property, warning him to never make another machine. The government PRETENDS it's interested in enforcing the law until someone like John Searle comes along and they make it plain that the "law" only applies to the Little People, and not to them.

The British elites have always considered commoners to be vassels of the state anyway The Magna Carter didn't bestow power to the common people of Britain, but rather to the families of the 25 nobels who forced the King to share power with them. Those familes came to consolidate their influence into the Privy Council and to this day are the hidden power behind the Crown as Rudolf Hess found out to his dismay in 1941 when his plane, which was suppose to land secretly at a British airfield in Scotland for a pre-arranged meeting, was forced down because it hit cables that were strung between tethered blimps, which were part of low tech British air defense at the time. A low level air defense officer, who was only doing his job conscientiously, upset the apple cart big time that night and changed history forever. Hess assumed that the letter he carried intended for the King would protect him and lead to his release, but he thought wrong.

Regards Ken

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