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Report from Australia: Swine Flu Sheeple Lining Up (& the Thiaoouba Prophecy)

[Editor's Note: Oct. 18, 2009. ALL vaccines are disruptive and damaging to the body's immune system. All. The Swine Flu vaccine is a bio-weaponized, triple RECOMBINANT, laboratory-created concoction INTENDED to debilitate the immune system. The goal is population reduction through disease attrition. The entire Swine Flu "pandemic" is a hoax. Since the Illuminati has not been sufficiently successful in poisoning the world's population through 11 years of chemtrail spraying and the polluting of processed foods (and pharmaceuticals), they now turn to direct assault via these poison-laden vaccines.

The vast majority of sheeple who buy into the lies and propaganda seen on TV and newspapers, will succumb to the brain washing and take the vaccine. That's unfortunate. Many will pay a very dear price for that decision. For those of you who still have a brain in your head and are aware of the Game, you need to do your best to dissuade friends, relatives, and associates to NOT take the vaccine. As people sicken and perhaps die from the vaccine poisoning, the Illuminated Ones may use this as a pretext for mandatory vaccination or mandatory quarantine, etc. We'll have to wait and see what happens. In the meantime, you should CONFRONT those officials in government (or the media) who are spinning the pro-vaccine lies, with the MOUNTAIN of SCIENTIFC EVIDENCE that the entire vaccine promotion theme is rife with FRAUD and possesses NO PROOF of efficacy. Quite the opposite; the proof of INTENTIONAL malfeasance and profit-making is abundant and overwhelming. I've just recently uploaded some excellent papers written by Gary Null and Richard Gale which expose the pharmaceutical industry's lies on vaccines in stunning detail. Read them, print them out, and cite them to friends and government officials who regurgitate pharmaceutical industry-created fantasies about the value of vaccines. DO your part to help abort and stop this insanity. Don't just read this info and nod in agreement. DO SOMETHING to assist the cause. Get involved...Ken Adachi].
October 17, 2009

Report from Australia: Swine Flu Sheeple Lining Up (& the Thiaoouba Prophecy) Oct. 17, 2009

From: Mircea
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: Swine Flu vaccination; Thiaoouba Prophecy- message from Mircea
Date: Oct 17, 2009

Hi Ken,

I know how busy you are with the swine flu vaccination campaign and the time and effort you putting in it. Hopefully everything will be right out there in the States.

The process of giving the swine flu jab to the Australian people has already started in the Oz. And it is so disappointing witnessing how the Australians are flocking at the vaccination points battling to grab a place in front of others and catch the early worm of the swine flu needle!

Luckily, there seem to be some of the resisting and opposing kind still alive in here as well, but it is really difficult to know how many from the whole populace. It would be wishful thinking on my side to hope the latter would prevail. Time will tell.

If there is any positive side on the whole story that is that the Government did not do anything, so far at least, to force vaccinate any category of people and that the kids younger than ten are spared for now.

I wonder if it ever happened that you stumbled over the name of Michel Desmarquet or read his book "The Thiaoouba Prophecy"?

It is about aliens and I thought you may want to watch the video at the address below this guy has recorded in 1997. I found the book very interesting with the information he brings to the fore to those interested and even challenging for the religious faiths amongst others. The video is of a modest quality but still acceptable on most of its three hours length.

I thought you could check its veracity with your alien friends and if so I would really like to know your findings and comments.

Have a great day Ken!

Mircea Iosif


Hello Mircea,

I'm glad to hear that the Australian government hasn't pushed for mandatory vaccinations so far. The Youtube warning posted here in mid September from an Army woman who said her group was training for road block vaccinations, planned to begin on October 15, haven't materialized either, so perhaps concerns about a public backlash may have tempered their plans, or maybe the whole exercise was a psyops to gauge how the sheeple would react to such treasonous and tyrannical intentions. Or, they may be planning on running the road blocks later in the month or in November. We'll have to see what happens. But I think I can guarantee that a FIERCE backlash WILL occur in this country IF they attempt roadside vaccinations or FEMA camp quarantines, now or in the future. The ranks of disgusted, freedom-minded Americans are growing daily in this country and they have no intention of quietly cooperating with treasonous sell-outs in federal or state government, or their black-uniformed minions in law enforcement, FEMA, or Homeland Insecurity.

Many people who take the Swine's vaccine are going to get flu-like symptoms 10-14 days after vaccination. A certain number may die, and a larger number will experience neurological difficulties of the type Deseree Jennings reported on Youtube on October 16, 2009. These reports will cause people-who had planned to get the vaccine-to back off and the voluntary vaccination "fever" will quickly subside.

At the same time, hospitals will start filling up with the dummies who took the vaccine and the media whores will claim that this is evidence that the "pandemic" is taking off and has now "mutated" to a new level of "virulence", yada, yada, yada. We'll have to see just how many people who live in Oprah's World will buy into that nonsense, but their ranks may begin to dwindle at long last (we can only hope).

It's also possible that enough people will wake up and start getting REALLY ANGRY with the World Homicide Organization, state "health" officials, pharmaceutical shills, media whores, politicians, and government agencies like the CDC and FDA who are pushing the Swine Flu hysteria and the whole thing will quickly collapse like it did in 1976. Again, we can only hope.

Yes, I did read "The Thiaoouba Prophecy" in 1998 I think. It's really interesting and the man sounds sincere, but I have no way of knowing whether it's another set up or not. I'm going to bring it up to Don Nicoloff and see if General Jeremiah has any info there. I'm now quite wary of doom and gloom scenarios which pitch any type of cataclysmic catastrophes, or end of the world events, or 2012 planetary "ascension" etc. I simply don't trust many of the people who sell these scenarios at conferences and expos. I won't list names here, but you can find many of them being interviewed by the Project Camelot team.

I'll view the video and get back to you.

Thanks for writing.

Best, Ken

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