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A Few Peripheral Pearls from an Anonymous Authority
January 29, 2005

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It seems odd to me that you have all these methods of mind control on your site - sort of sensational types, yet there is nothing regarding the most pervasive mind control of all. The very make-up of our society is mind control based, from the cradle to the grave.

Things like TV, all manner of media, and exotic methods and instruments, just maintains an illusion already deeply embedded in our minds. So to talk about all these methods or instruments of mind control (as on your site) is merely peripheral to the main issue.

You and I are supposed to be controlled from infancy to death, cradle to the grave. We are fed visions of acceptable authority and historic fallacies from beginning to end.

People trust what they consider authoritative, this is what they believe in. Assuming that the family is nurturing (which is becoming almost impossible, because they are the victims of this control also), they are introduced to what we will call outside authorities - school, teachers, ministers, our institutions, the local police, employers, armed forces and the general government at large.

We find hierarchical structure in each of these spheres which is designed, cohesive - it is a virtual tidal wave of what we are supposed to accept as the way life. One false premise is built upon another which holds us in a death trap.

We cannot produce anything except that which we are influenced with - in other words, we are summarily brain washed from the day we are born. So we reproduce the same things over and over again, it is like a never ending circle.

However, what if our view of life is wrong - what if it has been manipulated by a few at the top that we have been conditioned to listen to? This is the crux of the matter - we are controlled from the cradle to the grave, we are driven by outside coercion. You say we are free? Try to step out of what is considered the normal and accepted pattern, and see what happens.

We are the slaves of those who we allow to control us, the authority figures that we think we have put in charge - the persons that we believe in and the very structure of society. Nothing is what it seems, nothing is what you are told it is, and everything that we are told is a lie.

So rather than putting up a site about supposed exotic mind control methods why don't we get down to the point of what is really going on? You know I am right, what are you going to do about it?

Now it is spinning out of control, spreading death and destruction around the world - while we as a completely brainwashed population watch it unfold before our eyes. We have been conditioned so long that we now believe the fodder which we are fed throughout our lives, and this will mean our end and ultimate utter destruction.

So what is the mind control you give web space to in the light of this? It pales in comparrison, we do not need these methods and devices to control our minds -this assumes there is a normal which is being invaded, when there is nothing normal about how we live and think.

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