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The 'Coming' Avian-Flu Pandemic
(& Hulda Clark's Zapper Schematics)
December 28, 2007

The 'coming' Avian-Flu Pandemic (& Hulda Clark's Zapper Schematics) Dec. 28, 2007

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From: Johns, Stephen
To: Editor
Sent: Friday, December 28, 2007
Subject: The 'coming' Avarian-Flu pandemic

Sounds like a loaf of hooey to me, but large numbers of folks I talk to are gearing up to get the jab as soon as it comes out.

In response to the wildly popularized Drug ads now shown on TV, I can say that evidence points to all autoimmune disease suffered by the Baby boomers today, are a direct result of known contaminated Polio and Diphtheria jabs we got as kids.

All of the drugs and doctors address the SYMPTOM, not the problem – that would be financial suicide if the Big three were to actually HEAL people… New drugs like Guardasil, touted to prevent cervical cancer, 20 years from now, in pre-pubescent females is being actually shown to CAUSE the disease.

Damn shame.... all of it

Can you share construction and adjustment details of the Hulda Clark Zapper or any other 'Electrification-type" devices with me?




Hi Steve,

I'll add the zapper info below.

Glad you recognize the totality and utter rot of the Pharmaceutical Con Game. I hope you can take greater action to alert your friends to the dangers of any, and all vaccines.

Of course, all of the dire government-driven warnings of "pandemics" beginning with the super-hyped Swine Flu 'pandemic' of 1973 (Illuminatus Gerald Ford pumped that one on TV for weeks) that was suppose to sweep the nation like wildfire unless we quickly lined up for our Swine flu shots are intended to scare the living beejessuz out of the public and panic you into getting vaccinated.

Bird flu or Avian flu was created in government bio-weapons labs such as Fort Deitrick or Plum Island, just as all "new" diseases like SARS, Hanta Virus, Ebola, AIDS, flesh eating bacteria, etc were bio-engineered into existence in order to reduce world population through disease attrition.

Do you know how many US troops who were sent to Iraq in the first gulf War in 1991 have died because of Gulf War Syndrome? A quarter million? Half a million? Those people got sick because of the vaccines the government gave them for their 'protection'. LIke the WHO Polio vaccination program in Africa in the late 1970s, vaccines are used to infect people with deadly diseases (AIDS in Africa for sure -documented by Len Horowitz in his book Emerging Viruses) . Of course, today you can plan on being micro-chipped as well.

The Avian flu "pandemic" will fizzle just as miserably as the SARS 'pandemic' fizzled a few years ago. We have more friendly forces working behind the scenes than you might be aware of. Slim Spurling, the by way, played a definitive role in putting a ka bosh on the SARS 'pandemic', along with many others who work in silence and without fanfare-including friendly aliens The Dark Side is losing ground despite all appearances to the contrary.

The world is catching on to the whole NWO depopulation scheme and the Hundredth Monkey effect will accelerate in the coming months and years. Yes, the naive and gullible of this country will pay a heavy price for their misplaced trust in government lies and government liars, but a growing segment of the population is fully aware of just how deeply the treason and betrayal goes and will not go quietly into the night. We will thwart and defeat the NWO Luciferians and their collaborating minions at every turn.

You can make a homemade version of the Bob Beck electrifier from the schematic and parts list Bob provided in the Nexus magazine article reprint that I've posted on my web site.

Nexus Articles on Beck electrifier:

There are many schematics of Hulda Clark's zapper design on the internet. She also published her zapper schematic in all of her books.

I've attached two simple designs based on Hulda's zapper as gif files which I took off the internet. I've also scanned Hulda's latest improvement in her basic zapper design from her 2004 book, The Prevention of All Cancers, page 487. Hulda added an additional resistor (R5) in the output side which raises the positive offset voltage into the + 0.5 voltage region so the square wave never dips down to the zero line. It's very important that your pulsing DC zapper output voltage is ALWAYS in the POSITIVE voltage region and rises to a MINIMUM of NINE VOLTS peak to peak (more voltage is OK, but NINE volts is an absolute minimum for effectively killing off pathogens)

You can get the parts for these zapper circuits at Radio Shack.

#1 Design                                                                                                                     #2 Design

Zapper design #1    Zapper design #2


Hulda Clark zapper circuit upgrade 2004 (from page 487 The Prevention of All Cancers)

Zapper upgrade 2004


Regards, Ken



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