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Awakening in Germany
March 14, 2004

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Subject: Awakening in Germany!

Hi Ken,

My name is Daniel and I live in Worms, Germany. I have been reading your site for quite sometime now.

To be honest, I am addicted to your site and to the information posted on it, being in a different country than yourself, there are many postings on your site I have problems relating to(not saying that I disagree).

My Father was in the United States Army and I joined the day I turned 17 (me a high school dropout; enough about me :)

The reason I'm writing to you is, I live 20 kilometers away from the BASF and 50 kilometers away from the company known as Merck, knowing that both of these companys belonging to the once so powerful IG Farben. My point is German law is changing similar to the way it is in the U.S. Rights of Citizens are being taken and the companies mentioned above are part of this change. Here are some examples:

It used to be that every German citizen had the right to be treated Free of charge since bills for dentist and doctors are taken out of your paycheck. Now, according to the new Health Law, you have to pay 10 Euros quarterly to visit the doctor or he can refuse to treat you. If you go to see the doctor in Germany he will perscribe Medicine to you. It doesn't matter if the Medicine helps or not because the doctors in Germany get paid by BIG Pharma companies to perscribe these Medicines.

General Laws:
A number of taxes have been made that only the POOR man must pay. Also, a law has been made that Police or Government agents can tap your phone etc.Germany was not part of the War on Terrorism reason being that most of the Terror organizations live here.
Every tax in Germany is paid by Poor people. Politicians are saying that the PEOPLE must save, it is NOW expected from a worker(not law yet) to work several hours free of pay to help the COMPANY.

For decades, pension has been say about 52% of your average pay throughout your carrer. New Laws beeing made to set the Pension by 2007 to 46% of your average pay. Pension health care is also no longer free. Get this. Folks work until they are 65 Years old and then they drop you like a piece of trash .:(

All in all, I'm saying that it is clear to see the changes we are going through.

Literature in Grmany is hard to come by because the last thing the German government wants is Educated People,who could eventually rise against the System.

Germany is a Complete Police State and Freedom is nothing but a word. It goes to show that these changes are World Wide and are made to serve the NWO.




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