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Babara Hand Clow
February 9, 2009

Babara Hand Clow (Feb. 10, 2009)

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From: Nick A (Greece)
Sent: Feb 9, 2009
To: Editor
Subject: Barbara Hand Clow

re: propaganda25jan09.shtml

Dear Ken,

I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago via the dialogue box, but didn’t receive a reply .. I can appreciate that you must get an incredible amount of letters and that it’s not feasible to answer all of them.. However, I’m taking the liberty of writing again as I’d really like your opinion about something.

I’d read an article of yours on New Age Deception and Illuminati Symbolism where you gave us a very informative view on Barbara Hand Clow. I listen to Exopolitics Radio and its host Alfred Lambremont Webre and Ms Clow has been on his programme a number of times recently. Alfred Webre comes over as a ray of hope in exposing NWO machinations and he certainly has admirable antecedents as a crusading lawyer and human rights activist, but he does seem to mix with an assortment of New Agers and this has made me question his sincerity.

I’d be grateful if you could give us your opinion here, and with this opportunity I’d like to thank you for all the effort you put into producing such an eye-opening site.

Kind Regards, Nick A
Athens, Greece


Hi Nick,

Unfortunately, a large percentage of those who are part of the New Age movement have hidden agendas. Many of them are propaganda tools of the Dark Side, but people are often deceived because the exterior mask looks so convincing.

In Barbara's case, her glowing testimony to Saint Barack was clear evidence of her hidden mission. Does she REALLY believe that he's the closest thing we have to the Messiah? Perhaps, but that's the nature of duped and/or mind controlled individuals. In either case, she's carrying water for the Illuminati and I'm not going to sit idly by and allow that rubbish to be posted on my chat forum. That's why I kicked off the guy who posted it. He asked me why I kicked him off and I told him. He then says that he agrees with me about Barack and that he was only thinking about the feel-good part of Barbara's message.. But that's not good enough. If you can't tell the wheat from the chaff when it comes to Illuminati propaganda, then you shouldn't be posting to my forum.

I remember posting a Letter to the Editor a couple of months ago from a guy who was absolutely promoting Al Gore's Global Warming clap trap; asking for people to join his group to fight Global Warming etc.. When I called him on it, he does a 180, claiming that he agrees with me completely about Gore and Global Warming and to take down my response to him! When I get back to him a second time and point out in great detail how he had CLEARLY promoted Gore and Global Warming, he CONTINUES to engage in the most absurd DENIAL of what he had so obviously embraced. That guy had what writer Craig Heimbichner calls "the Double Mind". He says one thing and then utterly denies it when confronted about it.

I haven't listened to Webre, but I know many people think he's the cat's meow. If he's interviewing Barbara, and if they're stroking each other in their writings, then I have to assume that he's on the same wavelength and the same mission. You know them by the company they keep and the statements they make.

In this day and age, you have to THINK and be weary of those who come in sheep's clothing. Never in the history of man have we been subjected to such an intense barrage of misinformation, deception, and hidden propaganda.

Regards, Ken


From: Nick
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: RE: Barbara Hand Clow and Alfred Lambremont Webre
Date: Feb 11, 2009

Dear Ken,

Many thanks for your reply and for having taken the time to answer me personally too .. I must say that you’re pretty spot on and have to agree that the amount of deception and disinformation thrown at us is at an all time high .. and I think that’s why your site feels like a compass to me whilst I journey in this wilderness of lies.

God Bless, Nick

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