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... And Now Back to the Christian Side of the Wash

[Editor's Note: This is the second e-mail I got from this individaul. From his first e-mail, I was able to find his web site and immedialtey I could see that it's wall-to-wall British Israel propaganda. He never did respond to my reply, but I notice that he sent this looney e-mail with a different e-mail address. By the way, what would you do  if you received an e-mail like this? You'll notice that there is no logical sequence of  thought here. He dives into the middle of something and just spouts Biblical chapter and verse like a machine gun (I see Jack Van Impe do something similar on his TV show). What would you make of it, I wonder? I make that he's programmed. He's now a robot who functions as a robot, thus the machine-like nature of his diatribe. You'll notice the excessive use of all capital letters as well. I can't tell you how often I see that in mail from programmed individuals-even in hand-written mail.

Babel Fish is a language tranlation program that I have posted with each page of my web site. How he finds dark motives of "substance" within that, is a mystery to me. He does mention something about the late Ramona Bell's reputation as a 'witch', though, that I have to concur with. One also wonders whether she truly died of natural causes or was there something more to it? I know that Art Bell's son (from his previous wife) is today a mental basket case. Bad stuff has happened to that kid and it goes way beyond the oral sex that he got from Brian Lepley. But that's another story...Ken]:
July 10, 2006

Re: The Project Blue Beam/British Israel Brain Wash from the Islamic Side (July 5, 2006)

Subject: Alta Vista Babel Fish's 'substance'
Date: Mon, July 10, 2006 12:43 pm
To: Editor

SUMMED UP...&...SIMPLY PUT, Alva Vista Babel Fish's 'substance' and that spoken of in 2 PETER 2.22 of the dog and the sow...,THAT 'substance' of things (JOHN 1.3;16. 12;HEBRS.11.1;LK.1.35;JER.31.22;ISA.45.1-7;PROVS.16.4;HAB.1  .5;ISA.13.13;51.5;HAG.2.6,7;ECCLES.12.13,14,akjv) and Alva Vista Babel Fish's BE ONE AND THE SAME "BABEL"/"BABBLING
(GEN.11). cf. ZECH.5.11;PS.127.1;GEN.28.12-22;LK.17.21; EPHS.6.12;MT.11.12;JUDE 9;DAN.8.16,17;9.21;12.1;REV.12;13;

HOW GOD-IN-ME LAUGHS AND MOCKS (PS.2.4,5;PROVS.1.26;ISA.9. 6,7;42.13,14;MAL.3.1;4.2,4,5,6;JN.16.13;ISA.51.5;JN.12.48;
1 PETER 4.12,17;LK.14.26-35;19.27;EZK.18.32;DT.18.15-19;30. 19;32.39;HAB.1.5;3.13)___

GOD'S 'opposition', aka, SATAN-IN-his ministers/people- family (LK.11.29;MT.18.3;LK.22.31,32;REV.2.9;3.9;12.4;2 THESS.2.3,4;2
COR.11.13-15;ROMS.9.13-26;REV.18.4,10;PS.122. 1;127;JN.18.36,37;1 COR.6.2,3;PS.149;LK.14.26-35;19.27;MT.
25.31-46;REV.20;ECCLES.12.13,14)...,they, of necessity, must finish their earthy tasks...for GOD'S WORDS/SCRIPTURES
FULFILLING...before WE send OUR ANGEL TO BIND THEM UP (REV.20):therefore, the "TWO BEASTS (REV.13,akjv)", Former
USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev/Mr.# 666, and the second beast, a religious leader,"Sun Myung Moon"...,they shall have in-them...ruling over you...PURE_PERFECT_GENUINE _REAL EVIL/Satan transformed into an angel of light 'Lucifer' cast out of heaven (ISA.14.15;REV.12;2 COR.
11.13-15). BOTH BEASTS ARE AWARE OF THEIR DESTINY (REV.20) : and aware of how easy they shall come by their POWER
(REV.12;17.17). As GOD "THE ONE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS" did allow for Satan to do to and with the O T Prophet Job,
for the testing-trying-proving of Job's FAITH...,so too , same one GOD OF Abraham-Isaac-Jacob 'permits' same Satan in the two beasts (REV.13)to do to and with you*...for the testing-trying-proving of your FAITH (JAMES 2.26;1 PETER 1. 5;HEBRS.11.1;ROMS.10.17;JER.18.2;MT.27.1-10,25;1 JN.5.7,8; REV.2;3;MT.10;MK.10.39;HAB.1.5;3.13;JER.30.7;JN.4.19-26;
GEN.49.10;1 PETER 4.12,17;PSS.2;50;94;149;ISA.51.5;ECCLES. 12.13;REV.20)___ you* "AN EVIL GENERATION,LK.11.29)"___

Alva Vista Babel Fish's 'substance' and WITCH RAMONA (MRS ART BELL-HOST OF COAST TO COAST AM RADIO TALK SHOW heard world-wide)'s 'substance'...,same substance 'sorceries' which be"MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS
ABMONITIONS OF THE EARTH (REV.17.17)",aka,which be THE man'creature'-made House of Organized-External Religion's, having the Roman Catholic Religion's House's Hierarcy- Holy See at its helm___ISA.47;REV.17;18;ISA.51.5;JN.12.48; ECCLES.12.13,14---THE SAME SUBSTANCE & THE SAME SOUL MATE WHICH ART BELL OVER THE YEARS HAS WEDDED HIMSELF "ETERNALLY" be likened to the accursed angel (Gal.1.8,9) 's (QURAN) Doctrine's 'substance'...(EPHS.6.12)___MAL.4.5,6 ;ROMS.11.8,22,23,26-28;ISA.59.16;JER.30.7;JN.4.19-26;GEN.49 .10;GAL.3.21,28;4.26;ZECH.4;5;GEN.28.12-22;PSS.2;50;94;149; 1 PETER 4.12,17;ISA.51.5;JN.12.48;PSS.2;50;94;149;ECCLES. 12.13,14___




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