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Bailing Out of the USA
December 26, 2008

Bailing Out of the USA (Dec. 26, 2008)

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From: Rod
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Sent: Friday, December 26, 2008
Subject: re: join or form a community cooperative

Dear Ken,


"There is the religious group in Switzerland who use a free energy device called the Testatika"

I and my disabled Brother, Robert, are looking for a "Plan B" when the depression/martial law becomes implemented, but I don't know where to ook because I am scared of joining the wrong group or organization that might be a NWO "front". I've been looking far and wide, on the net, since ept of last year. We currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are also running out of money quite quickly and we don't want to become homeless or depend on the government to "help" us.

We want to exit the "Matrix". Could you please advise us? Thank you very much in advance.

Kind Regards,



Hi Rod,

I don't have a definitive answer for you. It's not easy to join the group in Switzerland as everyone would like to be part of that deal. It's a lot easier to relocate outside the USA if you have money. If you have a pension and money coming in from Social Security ,etc, it's easier to get accepted as an alien resident.

You should get your passports in order if you don't already have them. It's cheap to live in countries like the Philippines or Mexico, but you need some source of money coming in because depending on the local economy is not gong to work. If you have special skills that are needed locally may allow you to live off the local economy, of course, but that's not a likely scenario.

A lot of people on Social Security move to Mexico because it's easy to pass the border and you can live there fairly cheaply. It can be dangerous in Mexico unless you know the ropes and where to live, but if you know what you're doing, it's easy to get there and doesn't take long to learn Spanish. You could move to Canada too. Many people have already done that. It's cheaper than the US, but not nearly as cheap as Mexico. You might have a better chance of getting work in Canada since language isn't a concern.

Central America is another possibility. Many have moved to Costa Rica or Panama.
Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador are extremely poor, so it's cheap to live, but safety may be a concern.

If awakened Americans are hoping to make it in the future, we have to form into communes in which everyone contributes to sustaining the group. Somebody has the land, someone else can swing a hammer (or use a nail gun), some can grow food, some can school the kids, etc. They have Japanese communes in Brazil that are completely self sustaining. I have a friend who bought 120 aces in Missouri just for this purpose.

There are probably web sites already geared towards self sustaining communes. People need to look into this NOW, and not wait for the next "terrorist" false flag operation to provide the pretext for martial law.

Of course, if we help our dumbed-down neighbors and relatives to WAKE UP and smell the chemtrails and see the treason taking place all around them, we could STOP the New World Order takeover agenda and not worry about fleeing the country or living in a hovel.

This applies most to family and friends of American policemen, Sheriff's Departments, U.S. Marshals, Homeland Security, FEMA, etc. who are being turned into black uniformed Nazis with their spiffy TASER guns and Gestapo maltreatment of ordinary citizens who are usually innocent of any real criminal activity, but are treated as if they were mad dog killers. There are now over 400 people who have been murdered by police using TASER guns and not even one indictment has been handed down. You have NWO controlled police chiefs all over this country and in Canada who are defending these murders as if it were perfectly normal and an acceptable aspect of "police work". These people need to be removed from positions of authority and those mayors and city councils who put these NWO Gestapo thugs in charge of the local police department need to be removed from office as well.

Federal and state government will do nothing -other then offer empty and hollow rhetoric- to save you from the planned destruction ahead. Only ordinary citizens are in a position to rescue this country from the tyranny and destruction that lies ahead by pushing back and resisting the dictums of the NWO sell-outs in Washington and in state capitol buildings from coast to coast. Only the wives, lovers, and relatives of policemen and US military personnel can have an effect on their consciousness and awaken them to their role in enabling and facilitating the NWO takeover of America. Only lawyers who still want to live in a constitutional America can network with patriot minded citizens and launch lawsuits to slow down the implementation of the NWO enabling agendas and the "harmonization" of North America.

Ordinary citizens-alone-created the revolt that led to the American Revolution and freedom from British rule. Ordinary citizens in Bolivia created the ruckus that drove out the NWO corporations who were trying to gain control over their water access.


We just need citizens who are willing to get involved and TAKE ACTION. I'm not talking about rioting in the streets. I'm talking about organizing in your home town and getting rid of police chiefs who are ga-ga over the use of TASER guns, for example. And getting rid of those damn black uniforms, and the military helmets, and the flax jackets, and the riot gear, and the SWAT team, and the high tech crowd control weaponry, and all the other Nazi crap that has now inundated police departments across the land.

Reading these words from me and silently nodding in agreement is not going to stop anything. Only getting INVOLVED and taking action will create a change. .

Regards, Ken

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