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Lemmings Rush In: The Bali Climate Conference
December 13, 2007

Lemmings Rush In: The Bali Climate Conference (Dec. 13, 2007)

----- Original Message -----
From: Ron Lemke
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2007
Subject: Canada voted worst in the world?


Right now, a major UN summit in Bali has just a few days left to hammer out an agreement on stopping catastrophic climate change. But instead of helping out, Canada is actually sabotaging the talks! On Saturday, experts gave us the global "fossil" award for being the worst country in the world on climate change.

There's still a few days left to save Canada's reputation -- and the climate -- but we need a massive democratic roar to remind our Prime Minister what Canada is all about, and stop him from blocking the world at Bali. Click below to sign the petition, which will be advertized with the number of signatures in an ad campaign across Canada this week. The goal is to get 25,000 people to sign in the next 3 days -- before the ads run. After you sign, forward this email to all your friends and family right away:

Prime Minister Harper's short-sighted, undemocratic and big oil-driven policy on climate change is damaging the world and destroying our image as a good country. We're supposed to be the nice guys, who try to do the right thing in the world.

The vast majority of Canadians are hopping mad on this issue -- we can win this. We just need to show Harper how serious we are that he change course. Sign up now and forward this email to everyone you know - we've got just 3 days to hit 25,000 signatures!

Thanks for you help!

PS - Here are links to some more info on this:

David Suzuki (the Nature of Things) calls the government's spin on climate change "humiliating" and "ludicrous"

The former editor-in-chief of CBC news discusses the damage done by Canada's climate policy to our international reputation:

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Dear Ron Lemke,

Is it too much trouble to address me by my name and then sign YOUR name to your letter?

Or am I just part of your mass mailing list that begins with "Hi" and ends with "Thanks for you help! " ?

What are you using in place of Common Sense these days? This sort of shorthand communication etiquette practiced on

You really think the Bali conference is on the level? .

You understand nothing. You're yet another useful Lemming sitting in the audience ready to clap with determination as the curtain comes down.


Ken Adachi

PS. Don't write again. I'm not interested in your inability to recognize up from down. David Suzuki! Indeed.


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