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Stage 3 Cancer, Mother of 2 Young Children Feels It May Be "Hopeless"

From Ken Adachi
October 29, 2007

Stage 3 Cancer, Mother of 2 Young Children Feels It May Be "Hopeless" (Oct. 30, 2007)

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From: Lisa
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2007 6:36 PM
Subject: more information on Blood electrification

Please send more information on the blood electrification unit (where to purchase or get treatment) Mother of 2 small children diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer - in lymphatict system. Waiting for test for spot on spine. Said case is basically hopeless if the back spot turns out to be cancerous. Find out next week. Looking for all options. Please respond.




Hi Lisa,

I'll paste in more info below on the Beck electrifier.

I'd like to bring a few things to your attention so you can approach this problem with greater understanding.

I've gotten mail from many people over the years who have been diagnosed with cancer and are looking for an alternative solution. Typically, I hear from people after they have already gone through conventional treatment and their oncologist has told them that they can't help them any more.

Judging from your comments, you seem to have been led to a similar conclusion.

You should read my Cancer page to get a more detailed understanding of what I can only briefly summarize here:

First, conventional oncologist can't treat cancer very successfully because they don't understand how cancer begins nor why it continues to grow. They've been making a lot of semi-educated guesses over the past 60 years and have spent billions in wasted research dollars to proffer those guesses, but they still don't understand the mechanism, beyond their mechanistic model of a a "bad" growth within the body that must be cut out of the body, or failing that, they poison or X-ray the "bad" cells to death. That's the theory anyway, and it's utterly bogus.

It's not that they couldn't arrive at the truth of cancer genesis, but they are funded by the overlords of the pharmaceutical racket who want to see to it that a TRUE cure for cancer is NEVER FOUND. So they play games, funding thousands of cancer "researchers" around the world at universities and schools of medicine, etc., who essentially just spin their wheels, submit tons of reports and studies and ACCOMPLISH NOTHING of true scientific merit.

Second, the "medicine" being used to treat cancer, chemotherapy and radiation, is the WORST possible choice to use on cancer patients because the last thing you want to do is to poison the immune system of a body that is trying to overcome a disease condition. An intelligent medicine would be something that enhances and supports the immune system, but try to tell that to the cancer industry and see how they react to you!

Third, there is NO SUCH THING as an "incurable" or "hopeless" disease situation. The only thing that's truly Hopeless is the orthodox cancer medical industry who continue to poison millions of cancer patients around the world, rob them of all their money, and THEN tell them "sorry, there's nothing more we can do for you". The reason that oncologist decide that this or that cancer is "incurable" is because THEY can't cure it with their poisons (Big Surprise!). Therefore, cancer "specialists" will never tell you that the track record of conventional cancer treatment averages out to just 4%. That's right, overall, conventional cancer therapy results in a 96% FAILURE RATE. What they WILL tell you, if you ask them what your chances are of being cured, is something like 50 or 60% or 70%, depending on the specific cancer you have. Where are they getting those statistics from? Right out of thin air! They simply make up numbers to make you feel confident about their "treatments" which should be properly identified as "poisonings".

You can CURE yourself of cancer-at home-if you acquire enough knowledge to understand why cancer growth starts and how to stop it from continuing. You can find that knowledge in the 3 cancer books of Dr. Hulda Clark. Obviously, you need to read and study those books very carefully and follow her recommendations to the letter. There are many alternative, Nature-based cancer treatments that work, but the best ones have been largely outlawed here in America, so you have to go to Mexico or some other third world country to get treatment, which you might not be able to do, so learning at home with Hulda Clark is the more practical route. You have to become completely dedicated to curing yourself, because there is no room for lazy or heart hearted "attempts" 100% DISCIPLINE is an absolute NECESSITY if you want to live out a normal life span. Cancer IS curable. The answers are in Hulda's books, but the rest is up to you.

Hulda's books:

1. The Cure for All Disease
2. The Cure for All Cancers
3. The Cure for Advanced Cancers
4. The Cure for HIV/AIDS.
5. The Synchrometer Lab Manual
6. The Prevention of All Cancers (**New book-extermely important information here**)

You can get the book s directly from the publisher in California, New Century Press:

New Century Press
1055 Bay Blvd., Ste. C
Chula Vista, CA 91911


or from Dr Clark's web site:

Keep me posted on your progress and look to these alternative cancer web sites for support and REAL information that can help you:

Healing Cancer Naturally (Excellent information resource from Ursula R. Schmid in Berlin German) from Webster Kerr, One of the Best

Message Boards for Alternative & Natural Medicine Information

Cancer Resources from Chris Gupta


Kind Regards, Ken

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