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The Beatles, Coleman, Adorno, and the Walrus
October 17, 2009

The Beatles, Coleman, Adorno, and the Walrus (Oct. 17, 2009)

Subject: The Beatles and Adorno
From: Marcus M
Date: Sat, October 17, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

I don't know anything about Dr. John Coleman ("The Beatles and the Aquarian Conspiracy", ), but it's evident that he's not a musician. His claim that Adorno wrote the Beatles' music and lyrics, strains the credulity of anyone slightly acquainted with this German philosopher's musical attitudes, and moreover, his comments on what he calls "the 12-atonal system of 'music'...consist[ing] of heavy, repetitive sounds", "that was to follow" the Beatles, are simply nonsensical.

I am left as speechless as the music critic Alex Ross, who in reference to this passage spared no further words than, "I'm not sure I can handle the truth." ( ) I'll spare a few more, for any puzzled lay readers: Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951).

Marcus M.


Hi Marcus,

The comment referred more to lyrics I would think. Dr. John Coleman never claimed to be a musician, but I don't think he likes Beatles or atonal music.

Since you don't know of his work or reputation, I wouldn't rush to judgment.

Dr. Coleman had access to far more inside info than you or I would ever dream possible.

The Beatles WERE used for propaganda, cultural degradation of social and religious mores, and the glamorization of soft drugs like marijuana, but also heavier, phycosis-inducing drugs like LSD. Notice I said they were used, and not necessarily complicit in the agenda.  However, they weren't choir boys either. They were serious drug users when they started to become famous and they lived wild lives. John Lennon, especially, was a heavy heroin addict and spoke dirisively and mockingly of Christians and Christianity in general. The leftist media particularly, portrays Lennon as this warm, fuzzy, loving, anti-war, "Imagine" kind of guy, but he seemed to admire satanist Aleister Crowley and included Crowley's photo on their Sgt Pepper album cover. Lennon also posed for photographs holding up the satanic hand sign. British Military Intelligence always uses satanists and drugs to install their covert agendas. They probably played a role in sucking Lennon into satanic spheres of influence.     

Phil Ackrill before plastic surgery                                                                                                                                                                                                Phil Ackrill after plastic surgery

Phil Ackrill before plastic surgeryPhil Achrill after plastic surgeryPaul McCartney and Brian Epstein were both abducted and killed in the Fall of 1966 in France. Paul's body was thrown from a plane and found on a beach in northern France called Outreau. Ringo, John, and George were taken to the beach where Paul's body was being recovered and examined and one of the policemen remarked to a colleague that Paul's body looked like a walrus, which infuriated John, who had to be subdued. This is the genesis of the line " I am the Walrus".

Epstein's body was found in the crashed plane some distance away. An entertainer named Phil Ackrill assumed the identity of the original Paul McCartney in order to keep the money and the Beatle business rolling along; and he continues to play that role to this day. The remaining Beatles agreed not to reveal Ackrill's double status, created by plastic surgeons working for British Intelligence, on pain of death.

John Lennon coined the term"Faul" to refer to the fake Paul.


Brian Epstein was replaced, not by one, but two doubles. The first one bowed out, and the second one was eliminated in August of 1967 when "Brian Epstein" was found dead of a "drug overdose".




Last published photo of the real James Paul McCartney, 1966                                                                                                                                                              James Paul McCartney 

James Paul McCartney in 1966James Paul McCartneyThe Beatles ascension to the top rung of the Rock and Roll Pantheon, displacing Elvis Presley and American rock legends who had a LOCK on the reins of Rock and Roll, was rigged and engineered into place by the British Crown and British Military Intelligence.

For instance, in August 1963, at their first major television appearance at the London Palladium, the newspaper reported that police had to hold back "1,000 squealing teenagers", but the story was fabricated. The newspaper photo actually only tightly cropped three screaming teenagers and claimed it was a thousand. One reporter who was there later said there were less than eight girls present. There was no "riot" by frenzied teenage girls.

Similarly, "Beatle mania" hysteria was manufactured at JFK Airport in February of 1964 when the Beatles arrived in the USA to perform for the Ed Sullivan Show.

Busloads of girls from a Bronx school were PAID by Beatles promoters to scream hysterically when the Beatles got off the plane and went into the terminal. It was a manufactured publicity stunt, but it paid off in priming the pump for the Ed Sullivan Show appearances, which did create a frenzied attitude among many American teenagers and set the stage for a looser rein on moral boundaries and open the door for kids from "decent" , middle class families to start using drugs, which is precisely what British Intelligence, Tavistock, and the CIA had in mind all along. .

Overall, Dr Coleman's claims about the Beatles are on target, and those facts have nothing to do with the 12 tone scale.

Regards, Ken

Addendum July 6, 2014

A gross difference in height between the original Paul McCartney and his replacement, Phil Ackrill, is obvious in their photos.

I came across a web site that shows many more photos of Phil Ackrill posing as Paul McCartney and the original Paul McCartney, prior to his death in the Fall of 1966. Phil Ackrill is substantially taller than the real Paul McCartney. In photos taken with Ringo Starr, the real Paul McCartney is just a tad taller than Ringo Starr, while impersonator Phil Ackrill is inches taller than Ringo Starr. The photos make the height difference obvious and glaring.

The real Paul McCartney is only a tad taller than Ringo and shorter than John Lennon, while Phil Ackrill, seen on the far right, towers many inches over Ringo.

Original Bealtes with real Paul McCartney Paul and Ringo, Faul and Ringo

Original Paul with girlfriend                                                            Much taller Phil Ackrill with same woman

Original Psul McCartne with girlfriend IMpersonator Phil with girlfriend

Impersonator Phil Ackrill (Faul) sometimes says things that lets the cat out of the bag.

Funny Faul Flubs (January 1, 2010)

Another good web site on how the Paul McCartney replacemnt coverup is kept running by attacking the messenger.
Faul in Line: PID, Truth Suppression, & Info Wars in Cyberspace (updated) Thursday, September 24, 2009

Addendum July 8, 2014

There is an attempt on Youtube to mislead people into believing that Paul McCartney died in a car crash on November 9, 1966. That's disinformation. Working from memory alone of something I read in 2008, the account that I read seemed to have been authored by George Harrison, but no one was identified as the author. The account seemed to ring true. Paul McCartney's dissappearance began with a minor car accident likely in August of 1966. He called from a pay phone and talked with either Brian Epstein or Lennon and said he would be late for a scheduled meeting. He said he was waiting for the police and would call again to update them on getting together (if this story is accurate, then the car crash was a set up to abduct McCartney). Paul wasn't heard from for many days until Epstein made arrangements to go to France and get him. Afterwards, both Epstein and McCartney go missing and are not heard from again. McCartney's body was reportedly thrown out of a plane and washed up on a seashore in Outreau, France. Epstein's body was found in the crashed plane some miles away according to the account I read.

(The audio interview further below with Tina Foster is well worth listening to. Recorded on June 2, 2014)


Reader Comments (July 2014)

Beatles, Coleman, etc. - Faul playing right handed

On 7/7/2014 Jerry wrote:

Greetings, Ken.

It’s a pleasure.

I did the 'Brainwashed Housewife' and found the obvious...obvious.

Here’s a picture for the Gentleman who referred to The Beatles trip to India.

Here is a picture of Phil Ackrill (before and After)

So, if we know Phil has Red hair...then it is easy to pick out his son, here:

The guy on the right is “Sir Paul McCartney’s Son, James"...with RED hair!

Phil Ackrill and his son

Also, (RE: Mind Control) here are the guys in a (what clearly appears to be complete state of Mind Control doing the (Dyonisis...nipple thing)

Nipple nonsense

Julian Lennon is on record stating that Yoko was there to take over, “from the start.” The Beatles were conditioned from the very Beginning and just as soon as Paul died - the LSD thing exploded as Faul gavethat famous interview promoting it. It is said that Paul was against LSD.

The entire thing was Fab ricated.


(thanks for this site, Ken!)


Mark Devlin (UK) interview with Tina Foster of are (click this link and the interview ajudio will start playing. Control panel is in lowerright of the screen)

[Ken Adachi note: Notice how the 3rd party in this inteview, Matt Sergiou, attempts to play the role of spoiler. Hmmm]

As 'conspiracy theories' go, the suggestion that the real Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by an impostor is right up there with JFK, 9/11 and the moon landings hoax. When first heard, the very idea sounds preposterous. But how many who scoffingly dismiss it have spent any time looking into the hard evidence for the switch? Two years ago the suggestion that Jimmy Savile could have been sexually abusing children on BBC premises for 50 years would have been greeted with similar derision.

In this volume, Mark Devlin chats with Tina Foster, proprietor of the Plastic Macca blog, (, the web's leading source of information on 'Paul Is Dead'. Also along for the ride is Matt Sergiou, who runs the Conspiro Media blog, (, documenting the darker side of the entertainment industries.

Tina goes through a multitude of evidence for McCartney being replaced, from data presented by two Italian forensic experts, to over 400 lyrical and symbolic clues placed in The Beatles' music and imagery. We revisit the comments made by Heather Mills in 2007 about her discovering 'a terrible secret' about Paul, which take on new significance if viewed from this perspective. Also discussed are some aspects of 'Paul's intriguing behaviour in recent years, and some of the occult elements of The Beatles' music. We end by speculating on who the impostor, (or impostors) may be, and on whether this secret will ever be revealed, or will remain a theory that goes with everyone to their graves.

As with all things, each listener must of course make up their own minds. but please do listen to all the information first!

Paul McCartney was left handed while Phil Ackrill is right handed. Ocassionally, Phil forgets that when being video taped


Comments (from 2009 original posting)

From: Blair
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: The Beatles and the mind control of the Youth of America.
Date: Oct 19, 2009

Greetings Ken;

This article, The Beatles, Coleman, Adorno, and the Walrus, is a great mind opening article. Please provide more information about this mind control as planned by the Tavistock Institute. I am quite sure that I am not the only "Product of the 60's" who is amazed, and impacted personally, from this very important information.I know that I was personally influenced by this project.

Why was Paul and Brian abducted and killed? Where is there more information about this? Were the Beatles other products of the MK ULTRA Project and therefore, like Michael Jackson, "cash cows" that would provide them with money needed for their covert and secret projects? Please give links to other articles in your data base, or to websites or books that have this information.

You are an amazing man who has and continues to serve the needs of the people of this Republic and the world. There are not enough words to thank you!

Thank you for you service and website. I check into your website almost daily.


Your supporter and friend,

Blair W. B.A.,C.P.D.I.


Hi Blair,

Thanks for your courteous comments.

I don't know why Paul McCartney and Brian Epstein were killed, but John Lennon's August 12, 1966 press conference in Chicago in which he launched his criticisms of U.S. involvment in the Vietnam War may be part of the reason. The episode began on Sunday, September 11, 1966 in England. From an occult perspective, that's a a Bad News day.

Paul McCartney was driving his car to Ringo's house with a couple of girls when he became involved in a car accident at an intersection. A van had suddenly lurched forward at an intersection and blocked Paul's car. He couldn't stop in time and hit the van, but it wasn't a serious accident. The "accident" was probably a set up.

Paul called Ringo on the phone and told him about the accident and said he would be one or two hours late since he had to wait for the police and arrange for his car tow etc. Paul never showed up at Ringo's house, but Ringo wasn't worried at the time, since he thought the call about the car accident was a put on anyway. The next day, however, Ringo couldn't get Paul on the phone and they began calling around to find out where Paul was. On Thursday of that week, September 15, 1966, Ringo got a message from a close friend who was contacted by yet another friend in France who reported that Paul was seen in France. Ringo, John, George, and Brian Epstein all flew to Paris the next day, but Paul could not be found at the location he was reported to be at.

A day or two went by until they got a phone call from a woman who had earlier reported seeing Paul near her country home in France. Brian Epstein was dispatched to pick up Paul and they had indicated that they would head back home on Sunday, September 18, 1966, but they were never heard from again. The following Wednesday morning, September 21, 1966, the Beatles were notified that Paul's body was found on the beach at Outreau and they were asked to go there and identify the body.

I don't know if any of the Beatles were programmed with MK Ultra mind control, per se, but they were being manipulated under the aegis of MK Ultra covert operations. Yoko Ono, certainly, was a covert agent assigned to glom onto John Lennon and act as his controller and handler. She was undoubtedly working for British Intelligence. Whether she's mind controlled or not, I don't know, but it's possible.

I initially learned of Paul McCartney's death from the web site blog entries of cbswork. I next heard from a woman named Anne W. who told me of a web site that discussed the "replacement" of both Paul McCartney and Doris Day. After studying the photos, I could clearly see that the people claiming to be Doris Day and Paul McCartney, are in fact replacments or doubles, and not the original personality. There was a very strange relationship between the Bealtles and the late Terry Melcher, son of Doris Day. Terry was born in 1942 to the original Doris Day, so obviously he knew that the current Doris Day was not his real mother, but since Terry, a record producer, was rubbing shoulders with the likes of John Phillips (drug wholesaler) of the Mamas and Papas and even Charles Manson, he was likely involved in drugs and perhaps the satanic stuff himself. I might mention that the murder of Sharon Tate and four others by the Charles Manson gang in early August 1969 took place in Terry Melcher's home, which he had rented to or allowed Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski to live in for the previous six months. Melcher may have played a darker role than history records. I could say the same of Roman Polanski, who was also known to rub shoulders in California with the drug and satanic crowd (which means CIA/British Intelligence). His making of Rosemary's Baby is another indication that he was a useful tool for inculcating dark themes (that film, by the way, was shot on location in the Dakota building, the same place where John Lennon lived with Yoko in New York and was assassinated in front of. These events are probably not random coincidences).

If you do a Google search on many of the names I've mentioned here, you will likely come across the material I've outlined above. I don't want to put up the links directly, as those sites might be taken down if they are widely known. Do a search, you'll find them.

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: McCartney double
From: Brian
Date: Tue, October 20, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

While I wholeheartedly agree that the Beatles phenomenon was a manipulation straight from Tavistock, there is still much discernment to be done when it comes to understanding how the agenda for control plays out as it concerns who is being played.

When John Lennon was assassinated my sense is that he was probably on the verge of blowing the whistle on alot of the specifics behind the 'curtain of Oz'. But I don't think the death of Paul was one of them. I'm just not buyin' it. When I look at interviews of him pre-1966 and from the Beatles anthology made in the 1990's I see the same guy. If you so choose, take a look yourself and maybe you'll agree.

Also, there's another episode in the life of the Beatles which is deserving of scrutiny. That would be their visit to the Mahareshi Yogi in India. If Yoko Ono was a British Intlligence agent (which I believe she was) then it certainly wouldn't be much of a stretch to put 'sexy Sadie' in the same camp. In fact,with all due respect to you Ken, I may want to re-think the whole realm of 'karma and reincarnation' in terms of what I believe to be THEIR disingenuous influences on mankind.

Remember, the deceivers have an abundance of tricks up their sleeves, and are rapidly getting into desperation mode to use all of them. Tricks regarding our true spiritual natures are front and center in our limited lines of 'sight'.


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