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Beck Electrifier versus The "Ultimate Zapper"
February 22, 2009

Beck Electrifier versus The "Ultimate Zapper" (Feb. 22, 2009)

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From: Jack G (Singapore)
Sent: Feb 21, 2009
To: Editor
Subject: Factory made electrifier


I was reading about these devices that could be used for killing virus. Please advise the cost and of it and where its available if one wants to purchase it.

Kind Regards


From: Ken Adachi
To: Jack G
Sent: Sunday, February 22, 2009
Subject: Re: Factory made electrifier

Hi Jack,

I offer a factory made Beck electrifier from SOTA Instruments. It comes with a 3 year mfg warranty and includes a padded grey zippered nylon case which holds all of the accessories neatly together in one place. The kit also includes a set of silver electrodes for making colloidal silver using an auxiliary jack on the electrifier.

I can send the electrifier as Priority mail or I can send as Express

Let me know if you wish to get one.

Regards, Ken


-----Original Message-----
From: Jack G
Sent: Feb 22, 2009
To: Editor
Subject: Re: Factory made electrifier

Dear Ken,

Thanks for the fast response.

I must understand a little more on it this SOTA made item. I am keen on a device that kills all virus and similar pathogens. Currently I have just purchased a "Ultimate Zapper" .

With Best Regards, Jack


Hi Jack,

There are many web sites that sell a single frequency zapping device. The one you got is based on a 2500Hz frequency. It is based on the original design of Dr. Hulda Clark, but Ken Presner ( "improved" it by changing the duty cycle to about 90% (even though he ERRONEOUSLY claims that it's 100%)

It is not the "Ultimate Zapper" as Ken Presner claims. There are many things that he says on his web site that are either not true, or are distortions of the truth, or are misleading statements.

He leaves you with the impression that his zapper will produce the same bio electrification results that Beck achieved to neutralize HIV. That is NOT true.. He even references the Kaali experiments at the Albert Einstein NYC College of Medicine that Bob Beck based his research on! Beck's design is FUNDAMENTALLY different in waveform, frequency, method of application and RESULTS.

Many of the things that Ken Presner says may be true, but many things he says are also misleading and some are not accurate at all. Many of his statements are utterly specious and designed to make you believe that his zapper is the Be All and End All of zappers. He's a hype-ster of the First Magnitude.

Presner's claims of success are based on Hulda Clark's pioneering research, not his. He seems to want to take far more credit than he deserves. He's mainly interested in MARKETING and selling his zapper. He's OVERSTATING and hype-ing the capabilities of that zapper to the nth degree.

The Ultimate Zapper will do what a positive offset, 90% duty cycle, pulsing DC square wave will do running at 2500Hz, but it CAN'T reproduce the same results as the Beck electrifier because it's FUNDAMENTALLY different and not the same design at all.

Beck's positive clinical trial results (involving THOUSANDS of people WITH AIDS) were based on using the BECK ELECTRIFIER and NOT based on Ken Presner's adulterated version of a Clark zapper that he decided to hype as the "Ultimate Zapper."

Caveat emptor.

Regards, Ken

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