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'Beerman' on the Draft! (How Appropriate)
March 4, 2007

Subject: Military Draft
Date: Sun, March 4, 2007
To: Editor


I'm reading your article today for the first time. I will be another one who tells you that you are either an absolute fool or are simply trying to  nanipulate information. I would bet you are the latter. The bill proposed to Charlie Rangel is a mere political stunt, and anyone who simply watches the news knows as much.

I can tell from all of your articles and comments that are a terribly unhappy person. I honestly hope that life gets a little better for you.

Good luck.

The Beerman


Hi Beerman!

Sure, whatever you say.

One thing's for certain, we both know how happy you are!

Chug a lug!

Sincerely, Ken

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