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Believe in Yourself
October 28, 2005

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Mr. Adachi,

Please disregard the previous e-mail I sent you. It was late and I was rambling without proofreading. I think the following is more effective than my prior attempt to express my thoughts.

I realize that you don't write a lot of the information on your site. You only post some of the information that's sent to you. I can't assume (but it's possible) you have a technical support staff that can always stay one step ahead of the government. Even so, I can't understand why "the super-rich socialists" (SRS) would allow your site to stay on-line. Those with the gold make the rules. The government WILL plant you with something you're not allowed to have in order to take you down if they are properly motivated to do so. If even a fraction of the information on your site were true, wouldn't SRS-puppets manipulate it in one form or another?

From time to time, I've wondered if you're "on the take." Tell me I'm wrong. It's what I want to hear anyway. Maybe the SRS, to throw us off; staged you as a disinformation roadblock. I know much of the info on your site is true. But a site with some truth makes a good chameleon for a true-information site.

I am but a number in a grand scheme. However I am a number that's willing to do whatever I can to help people realize the benefits of selflessness. It's very possible that my effort is and will be unfelt and unnoticed. But I will never sleep at night wondering if I could have done something.

I've researched a wide variety of "ways-of-life" since I was a teenager. (Frightening my protestant parents occasionally) A lot of it deals out the same hand value with different faces on the cards. Not all... but much of it.

What I never have developed though... is unconditional belief.

All I need is to believe the truth. I try to trust my instinct. Instinct has been my closest and most direct path to truth that I have experienced insofar, apart from meditation. If you have the time to reply.. and you're REAL.... the atmosphere you paint in my mind with your e-reply will tell me that you believe in the information that you make available to people all over the world. If you are lying ... AND your slicker than the advisers that advise the executive branch; you may fool me. But if you do, that's ok, because if I'm dumb enough to buy it, I deserve to anyway. Then at least I'll believe in something. And that will be good enough for me.

(I don't expect a quick reply - I read your contact-the-editor disclaimer)

Thank you for your invaluable time,


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Subject: Re: let's try this again

Hi Davin,

I think I did start a reply but it got too late.

I realize you have a sincere concern , but I don't have the time to engage in long letters like this. I get far too much mail and I can't answer all of it.

Look to your INNER VOICE for guidance in all things. You will discover truth ON YOUR OWN by listening to your inner voice. It's very quiet, but if you understand that you are connected to your HIGHER SELF (your Oversoul or just plain "soul" if you wish) and open yourself to receive its communications, you will be led to the info you need. A life filled with noise and distraction cannot hear a quiet voice very well . Your Higher Self is connected directly to the Universal Mind and the Creator.

I'm just an ordinary person trying to figure out what's true and what isn't. I'm not perfect. I give the best opinion I can based on the information I have in my possession. That's all I can do. If I find out that I've been mislead on something, then I put out the latest info I have. I don't care about critics who are concerned about my credibility, etc. That's all ego garbage and I have no interest in it. I do the best I can with the informaiton at hand. That's it.

You're making the mistake of looking OUTSIDE for someone else to lead the way. Look INSIDE and lead YOURSELF. You won't write letters like this when you attain that realization. You won't have to.

It's easy for me to say that now because I'm older and have gradually come to realize that I can discern the truth for myself and don't have to look to others to tell me what is true or not. I can figure it out on my own. You can too, but it usually takes 40-50 years to realize it. .I was more gullible when I first started this prcess but you become move savvy with each passing year and now I can see the deception and the deceivers with much greater clarity. Everyone is becoming more acutely conscious at the same time, so awareness is rising all around you. But it's relative to where you began. If you're still so far behind that you don't believe that there are aliens here and you have no idea what a "chemtrail" is, then you rising awareness is only going to deliver you to the next plateus that you can handle, like "maybe the President isn't REALLY in charge? Maybe there is a hidden group controlling him? Hmmm?. ".

If you want to help, make a bunch of muffin orgone generators and gift every single cell phone tower in your town. You will have done more for humanity with that single act than an entire lifetime of hand wringing and tying yourself in knots in trying to figure out who to believe in. Believe in yourself and all will be well.

Regards, Ken

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