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Believe There Is Something Good Out There
May 24, 2003

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From: Judy
Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2003 3:43 PM
Subject: Thanks for the articles on your website!

Hi Mr. Adachi,

Just a letter here to say thanks for your website. I really enjoy the articles and the range of information that is offered. As well, you come across as quite a gracious, humble soul which is refreshing.

The recent articles on Planet X have been very helpful -- no one else that I've found is commenting much on that.

And it's very true to not fear death, as you've written. On that topic, one thing that I've been reading about from a few different authors (Stuart Wilde , Stewart Swerdlow, John Grace/Val Valerian at is that the "tunnel of white light" seen immediately after death is a trap. It is engineered using technology created by the West and based in southern Africa (according to S.Swerdlow -- and is to trap souls to keep them from escaping the matrix here, so the souls can be reincarnated into increasingly more hybrid bodies. Apparently, it's better for one to go towards the gold, silver, or violet ! light instead of the white light and tunnel. I don't know if that's true, but I for one do not intend to be "trapped" here! Good God.

There's no need to reply to this letter, or to post it on your site. Just if you are interested in this topic, if you find out more about it, I think it may benefit a lot of Seekers who read your site. The rash of "Saved by the Light" type books that came out since the early '90s seems to play into this, and from my minimal "research", it's interesting how the tunnel was never mentioned as far as I know by psychics like Jane Roberts and Ruth Montgomery. I don't think Robert Monroe ('Journey's Out Of the Body') ever mentioned it either.

Anyway, be well and know you are doing work that is of great value to many!



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From: Editor
To: Judy
Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2003 11:48 PM
Subject: Re: Thanks for the articles on your website!

Hi Judy,

Thanks for your comments. I don't agree with that notion about the white light being a trap and all that. That very topic came up a few years ago on the radio with Art Bell, refering to a comment that Art thought Whitley Strieber (or maybe it was Brad Steiger or even John Lear?) had made at an earlier time( if I remember correctly). Art expressed a lot of anxiety about that, saying he was worried it might be a trap to go towards the light etc. He finally asked Whitley (or Brad, or whoever was the originator of that rumor) and he said that Art got it confused and that's not what he meant at all. The auhor of that story was really refering to a comment made by another person who had actually posed the topic as a QUESTION, not a statement. Art didn't remember the anecdote correctly and repeated it umpteen million times over the air as a statement made by Whitley ( or whoever was the author). That's how that rumor got started as far as I know.

I haven't read Stuart Wilde's stuff so I don't know anything about his material. I'm always interested in listening to or reading what Stewart Swerdlow has to say, but bear in mind that Stewart is a (trauma-based program) mind controlled individual; a Montauk Boy. You have to turn your discernment control knob up to number 10 when weighing the accuracy or correctness of his statements. Despite his books, despite the fascinating lectures, depite his hyper psychic abilities (sees auras etc.), despite his weekend training seminars, etc., despite all that, he's still a person who was subjected to intense mind control programming for many years. Fritz Springmeier says that there are THOUSANDS of multible, fail safe programs embedded in such individuals to prevent them from C0MPLETELY freeing themselves from being accessed or influenced by handlers and programmers. That is essentially what Brice Taylor told me in private conversation as well. It's one thing for former mind controlled people to go public and proclaim that they are free of mind control handlers, and yet the reality, when you know the inside story, is not quite that simple. Brice is one of the exceptionally few, high level MC victims to admit it.

That's not to say that Stewart is consciously trying to deceive or mislead. But I believe he is being used and manipulated to say things that serve the Illuminati agenda, especially regards to matters metaphysical. Step back and look at what he's saying about the tunnel of light being produced by high tech equipment in South Africa. Does that sound right to you? How about people who saw the tunnel of light in the 15th or 12th or 8th centruy. Was the equipment operating out of South Africa then too?

I heard Stewart say in his LA talk: that ALL channelled material is coming down from CIA satellites, All channelled material; not one exception. The Virgin Mary doesn't exist, never did, nor does Christ, nor did he ever exist. The appearance of Mary at Fatima in 1917 was a staged Illuminati event (Huh, 1917?) I guess the Blessed Mother was faking it when she appeared to a Mexican peasant boy at Guadalupe in the 15th century too. Boy, those high tech Illuminatis sure do get around when it comes to staging fake Beatific events, heh?
I'm not going to take the time in this letter to list other examples, but suffice it to say that Stewart has said many things about metaphysical subjects that amount to utter and total nonsense.

Regards, Ken

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From: Judy
Sent: Saturday, May 24, 2003 7:10 PM
Subject: Just a short letter on a "positive" note

Hi Ken,

Just a quick letter here and no need to reply back. I realize that you are busy, so thank you for taking the time to read this.

I often send my dad inspiring or enlightening internet articles. As he and I have talked a lot about the "white tunnel/white light" thing, I sent him your letter. I'm sending his reply back as it's one of 'thanks' and a positive "pat on the back" to you, so to speak. My dad's still a little skeptical about this idea of the Illuminati which comes across in his email, but he's open-minded about it.

(He's 73 years old. The email reads like he might be illiterate, but it's just that he's new to the newfangled typing phenomenom-Judy)

I read the artical re; "white light" with interest and it made me happy. --- yes made me say YES. Thank goodness for guys like this Ken who thinks things out rather than going around preaching "illuminati etc -- the populace needs Help --NOW not a lot of scarry beliefs. He may have some truth, but for what's left of my life , I intend to think like , Ken and try to believe there is something good out there---Dad

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From: Editor
To: Judy
Sent: Saturday, May 24, 2003 11:33 PM
Subject: Re: Just a short letter on a "positive" note

Hi Judy,

Your father's intuition is correct.

The forces of darkness are in their final days upon this planet. While the Illuminati stuff is real, there is an ascension of frequency taking place of the earth itself and everyone on it. We are gradually moving into the next dimension, the fourth dimension. The Illuminati doesn't want that to happen because they cannot remain on this planet and will lose their power and grip on people. The negative aliens behind the Illuminati and the higher Luciferian beings behind those negative aliens don't want us to go into the next dimension, because the Game is over for them ( as far as earthlings go) when we do. So they try to trick you and trip you up with fear so they can capture your soul and keep you imprisoned; enslaved to them. They know they can't stop the ascension of the planet, but they want to take as many people down with them as they can.

Those of the light will be able to move into the new dimension physically intact while those with darkened hearts will age at a faster rate than normal, especially as we approach the 2012-2017 period, and not make the trip. They will not be allowed to reincarnate on earth and will be assigned to a domain that is suitable to their level of spiritual awareness.

The Illuminati is pulling out all the stops to engender FEAR in as many people as possible and to keep it up. Fear/anxiety LOWERS your frequency; prevents the opening up and blossoming of expanded consciousness. That's why everything they put into motion is FEAR BASED. That's why you keep getting these fear stories in the news, SARS, Planet X, the heightened 'terrorists alerts' , etc.. Designed to scare the hell out of you and keep you in a daily panic-assuming you buy into it. And we have all- from time to time-bought into it.

Negativity, cruelty, mean spiritedness, betrayal, addictive habits, inter-family dissention, lasciviousness, wanton behavior, greed, selfishness, self centeredness, etc. Are these not the human traits we associate with Luciferian influences? Are these not the things American TV dwells on? Can a divorce court (and those unenlightened souls who work within them) be called anything but a Killing Ground for husbands, wives and their children? Is the US military being used to 'maintain the peace' and 'protect' America or are they in reality a tool of imperialism for corporate elitists, who place themselves above any law and are never in personal danger? The answers are obvious. Rising awareness creates heightened discernment.

Focus your thoughts and efforts on the positive and don't get sucked in by those pushing the fear buttons. Be aware, yes, but don't be in fear. This sort of attitude and conduct -if exercised by enough people- will cause the NWO game to collapse faster than any other single action. Fighting them, according to their rules, is the dumbest thing you could do. Fighting them brings hatred and they want you to just WALLOW IN HATRED. That's why they always set up the two opposing sides in every conflict that they orchestrate into existence. It serves the dark ones better than anything else. Love, on the other hand, they can't defend against or manipulate to their advantage. Love is the primal, creative force of the universe. In fact, the universe is ruled and shaped into existence by love, spirit, and adamantine particles.

The dark ones cannot create anything. Their power is DERIVATIVE from the God source. They can only derive energy through parasitism. That's why we call them parasites.

Those in the light, enlightened humans, are in fact in the driver's seat and the Illuminati does NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT. As we move towards the fourth dimension, our latent, 10 strands of VIRTUAL DNA are slowly manifesting into physicality. With the ACTIVATION of these virtual DNA comes expanded consciousness and greater awareness. It's now dawning upon millions of people worldwide that they can CREATE reality with their thoughts. The Illuminati does NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT. That's one of the BIGGEST reasons they keep spraying those chemtrails over your head everyday-to try and prevent your consciousness from expanding and realizing just how powerful a light being you are!

You need to also realize that there are many friendly aliens and higher spirit beings who are aiding us to resist the forces of darkness and thwarting their destructive plans at every turn (Just look at the sort of friendly fourth dimensional help that Don Croft gets in the Adventures of Don & Carol Croft). We would have experienced much more severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions by now if it wasn't for their assistance. Remember Michael Gordon Scallion had visions of major earthquakes occurring along the west coast around 1996 (?) I think. They never happened. Why? The energy was dissipated with a series of much smaller quakes that most people hardly even noticed.

Another thing. I have from a very 'well connected' source that the dark side will not be allowed to wreck nuclear destruction upon this lovely planet. The God source decided 'nyet" and 'nyet' it will be. So stop worrying about that one too. The devices will not go off. The missiles will not get off the launching pad. It ain't going to happen. The dark side is exiting stage left-whether they like it or not. The Light is flooding in more with each passing day. The Golden Millennium will soon be upon us. It will be like the Garden of Eden

So Dad got it right all along to: " believe there is something good out there"

God Bless you & Dad,



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