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"Beneficient Aliens Questioned"

From Ken Adachi, Editor
March 27, 2011

"Beneficient Aliens Questioned" (March 27, 2011)

Subject: Beneficient Aliens Questioned
From: Ivone
Date: Sun, March 27, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

re: End Times Advice (March 25, 2011)


I've read your reply to a letter requesting your advice on material about the "End Times" and reptilians. I wonder if you also think that the massive amount of (channeled or telepathically received) info about Ets who intend to step in and aid the earth and humanity "at the right time" is a load of hooey? My thought is, if they are going to help, they are way overdue. The material is a constant "reminder" that the cavalry is coming, just as it did in old t.v. western programs (and 'program' may be the key word) in the very nick of time. Is this meant to calm us while they kill us?

In your opinion, is there anybody out there who is able and willing to help, from any dimension whatsoever? Are willing humans about to evolve into an "ascended" reality? Or do we just do our best to be loving, decent and honest, then die thinking, "Hey, I never want to go there again! It was every dream betrayed, every promise broken, all that is beautiful inevitably destroyed or co-opted for the powerful. Every good thing ruined." What a nightmare!

These questions come from someone who wants all humanity to thrive in perfect health, mentally and physically, and to be spiritually aware...not via "book spirituality" or other second-hand sources, but directly aware. I want individuals to come together in intelligent cooperation, to intuit the truth, and to be able to comprehend life's ways intelligently too.

But as Joplin sang, "If it's a dream, I don't want it."

Finally, what is your opinion of the SOURCE of evil. If its PURPOSE is merely a challenge to goodness, IMO, that excuse has gotten very old, stale, and inexcusable.

For my part, since I sincerely believe that the buck must stop at the very top, I blame the Creator of all that is. Humans, having been made or deformed into unaware, although largely decent and relatively innocent beings (by allowance of the Creator), have no hope of stopping the evil acts of the insane. "Evil" is a form of insanity. I blame God for the flaws that exist in humans and reptilians, the character deficiencies, that cause them to believe it is imperative to steal, torture, and kill in order to have a good day. We limited beings are what we are; so why are they that way? If I "choose" to deceive others and do harm, then I am insane. I may be intelligent (by modern standards), but I WANT to do it. I don't care about others. Therein lies the inherent flaw. Important life-sustaining attributes are missing in my make-up, the capacities that would make me aware of the wrongness of deception and doing harm. God is responsible for that flaw in the mental and emotional make-up of the evil ones. Hence, I blame the creator.

Creator seems to have put nice, but very limited, children into a fireworks factory under the direction of an intelligent, sadistic, devious supervisor. "Have fun kiddies." I think not. Have you any insight?



Hello Ivone,

Whew. Metaphysically speaking, your thinking is skewed about some very basic tenets.

You're making presumptions and assumptions that you may think are true, but aren't, and from there you're arriving at erroneous conclusions.

I doubt if you're going to accept what I have to say because you seem determined to stick to your views, but I'll explain it anyway since you asked.

Answering your questions in the same order received:

Concerning channeled information: There's a ton of it out there. Most of it is deceptive and misleading, but some channeled sources are okay in my opinion. You have to use your brains, your intuition, your common sense, and your acquired store of wisdom to separate the wheat from the chaff. It doesn't strike me as being that difficult. If the source says things that seem to align with the constants of Universal Law and generally adhere to the precepts that Christ talked about, you'll probably get something of value by reading it. Yes, as you say, "the calvary will arrive soon" is a repeated mantra from these deceptive sources and that should tell you right there that you're being duped. Why would you continue to read such sources?

I'm a big critic of Doom & Gloom promoters, but I'm equally critical of the "aliens are going to save us" crowd. Dr. Richard Boylan, who I would trust about as far as I could throw, and his "Star Conference" BS comes to mind.

The second paragraph of your letter reveals that you really can't see the forest from the trees. The world is filled with people who "are willing and able to help." And when you say "from any dimension" that REALLY tells me that you're lost. You obviously take for granted the help and assistance that you've been getting all along (including from other dimensions). Life ITSELF is a gift from God, and you don't even recognize it.

The dissatisfaction and unhappy assessments which you discuss in your letter are LARGELY due to your FLAWED perceptions of who you are and why God put you here. You don't realize that YOU are the captain of your destiny. YOU create the stage and write the script upon which you act out your life.

No one but you is the author of the circumstances that surround and imbue your life. If there is no calvary coming to your rescue, it's because you have kept them at bay with your THOUGHTS and your actions.

You want the world to thrive and be "spiritually aware" etc., yet you sit there EXPECTING someone else to DELIVER it to you. And to add insult to injury, you actually blame God for all of this misery!

You will continue to ride around and around on your Carousel of Unhappy Consternation as long as you cling to false perceptions about yourself, the Creator, and those who accompany you on this journey aboard Mother Ship Earth.

The problem is with your perception of reality, not with God.

You might want to read the Mind-Body Conneciton to consider a wider perspective:

Take care and God Bless, Ken

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