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Gains Benefits from Taking Hydrogen Peroxide Drops Daily

[Editor's Note: Brian talks about using 35% Technical grade hydrogen peroxide becasue he wants a purer grade of hydrogen peroxide, but 35% food grade is perfectly acceptable if finances are a consideration. ..Ken]
September 23, 2007

Gains Benefits from Taking Hydrogen Peroxide Drops Daily (Sep. 23, 2007)

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Subject: Hydrogen peroxide benefits

Hi Ken,

Here are some benefits that I receive from using Hydrogen Peroxide (H202). I use 35% technical grade from this company because they say that tech grade has almost no additives and leaves almost no residue behind when used on electronic components when cleaning them, hence more purer than food grade.

I started with 4 to 5 drops of the 35% H202 diluted in about 10 oz of water to see if I can handle it. I worked my way up to about 12 drops for every 12 oz of water. I take this at least 2 hours before or after I eat something so that the effects can take effect within 10 minutes.

I have been using this for about 2 months now with no apparent side effects and the results are just amazing. I am a limo driver, so I get very tired at different times of the day. I used to drink one Starbucks coffee and one energy drink a day to keep me going. These types of drinks work for maybe 1-3 hours, and then you feel even more tired.

I started the H202 and felt the effects the same day. I used about 9 drops in a Smart water bottle 32 oz., and drank a 1/3 of it in the morning, more in the afternoon and at night. The whole day, I felt like I had 12 hours of sleep. The feeling wasn't like a coffee buzz or an energy drink buzz. The effects of H202 felt natural and just when you feel in your mind that you think you should be tired, you're not.

Another amazing thing I was learning was that when I want to go to bed, I can fall asleep normally if not better than usual and wake up feeling refreshed and wide awake. I tested the duration of my stamina using H202 and found that when I wake up and drink the H202 throughout the day in a 32 oz bottle of water, I can  stay wide awake all day and go to bed late and get only 3 to 4 hours of sleep and repeat the process with the same results without almost no fatigue throughout the day.

I test all kinds of ways to get the H202 in my system. I would get a tea cup with 4 to 5 oz of water and add 3 to 4 drops and just drink it real fast, or just dilute 12 to 16 drops or more in 32oz of water and drink throughout the whole day. Results may very as I also watch what I eat (organic Gala apples, grounded flax seed mixed with organic yogurt, etc from Trader Joes, my favorite store to shop for food)



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