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Best Wishes & Goodbye
March 27, 2008

Best Wishes & Goodbye (March 27, 2008)

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Subject: Best wishes and goodbye
Date: Thu, March 27, 2008
To: Editor

I guess you won't be seeing any further of my comments. You have your agenda, and it seems to include the general philosophy that anything that attacks the NWO or the Illuminati is worth printing, and that anything that supports anything that might be encouragement to the NWO or Illuminati is to be ignored.

I have written several comments to you about my personal belief that Christianity was hijacked in the Roman period and that the extensive destruction of pagan sources was part of a long term strategy.

So I am writing this as a strictly private note which is not to be published. It contains some rather damning material that may tie some threads together for you. Unfortunately the material is X-rated and should not be publicly posted.

Why was Gnosticism, Hermeticism and Mithraism and Egyptian esotericism so systematically destroyed? When you know the answer ... and it took me thirty years of intensive research to find out ... then as in the case of Philip Dick who wrote that knowledge of the ten laws of Gnosticism is extremely dangerous to one's health ... and yes, I have been psychically attacked on levels that leave most serious seekers stunned including a well orchestrated attack from the Abyss that left me in coma and required outside intervention from some of the most powerful shamans on the planet, as well as some of the greatest Christian healers ... then one understands a very hidden and very secret part of history.

All of the previously listed traditions had as a core element of their belief system the awakening of an ongoing current of awareness based in the heart, not the brain. That was and has been called "the intelligence of the heart." It is the ultimate bullshit detector, as once that current is awakened, then truth is much more easily accessed.

However, that current does not generate power to control and dominate. Instead, there is another part of the body that contains such a center, the gut and in specific the Tanden point as used by martial artists. And how is power and control exercised within the NWO and Illuminati?

Through anal sex.

It is a sad and brutal truth that males exercise power and domination through anal sex. It is fairly common among the trained assassins of specialized military units. In the book, "Mouthful of Rocks", this is discussed at some length. And in that book, the author raises the rhetorical question of how many argentinian prisoners were anally raped before having their throats cut. Hell, even Prince Charles was asked by a member of his regiment (which was permitted because when he is acting as an officer of his regiment, any one else in the regiment can speak frankly to the officer) , "'Ere, Charlie, do you give it to Di up the shitter?"

Also, anal sex applied to younger individuals can generate personality "splitting" as a means of self-protection against superior power applied with force against the individual.

Now comes the secret of secrets. If that personality splitting has occurred, then it is very easy to apply control to the individual. Almost all of the Illuminati and NWO and their predecessors utilize this method of control and domination.

But there is a cost. For when that splitting has occurred, one quite literally cannot open the inner heart. One cannot serve the Master of Power and the Heart, one must give way before the other.

So the hidden powers in Rome saw that if certain teachings were allowed to be continued, they would always be facing threats from "Those who knew" and whose Heart-centers were fully operant.

And that meant that certain teachings had to be destroyed and outlawed and that anyone who taught such things had to be killed.

Gnosticism is not a tool of the Illuminati. It is but one way to open levels of understanding, that allows one to see with brutal clarity, all of the games of control and domination. TPTB used Christianity as a tool to help its own cause.

I could go much further into the analysis and proof of my statements, but instead will leave that as an exercise for the reader. I need to start posting on a forum that encourages open thinking and exploration without being forced into some specific belief structure or set of invalid ways to see the world.

Just remember one thing, TPTB are under attack from several quarters including the psychotronic warfare by people like Don Croft and others, and also by those who are directly awakening the Intelligence of the Heart, for such soon learn who TPTB are.

Best wishes and continue your good work as you are able, sorry that I won't be mailing you again.

John Crane


Hi John,

I think you need to realize a few things. I don't have the time to read all e-mails. It takes way too much time and I have to do other things to pay the bills. When I'm busy on other things, I may let the computer go for a week or more. I was recently sick and off the computer entirely for 3.5 weeks. I can't take the time to go back and plow through 3.5 weeks worth of emails. It's too time consuming, so whoever sent whatever, I didn't read it because I don't have the time for that.

I don't necessarily read whatever you send me. Here and there, I may read your e-mails or just quickly peruse them.

If you think that Gnosticism is the cat's meow, then that's your thing, it's not mine. Get your own web site and blow your horn until the cows come home.

I have no obligation to promote or put up whatever you think is great. If I'm interested in what you have to say, I'll post the letter. Otherwise, it's a matter of submitting your comments and you take your chances whether I'll print it or not, assuming that I read it in the first place.

I don't go into a tailspin whenever Jeff Rense ignores or doesn't post something I've sent him. I give it a shot. If he doesn't go for it, so be it. That doesn't stop me from trying to send him something else the next day. If you want to fold up your tent and withdraw, that's your decision. It doesn't affect me one way or the other.

The real problem is that you've allowed your ego to overtake you. You have a very high opinion of your opinions and since Ken Adachi doesn't see the Light with the same clarity as you do, Ken Adachi is no longer worthy of receiving your mighty insights via e-mail. Boo hoo hoo.

"That moron Adachi will regret it after he no longer gets my stunning e-mails" "It's his fault for not paying attention."

Does that about sum it up John?

Sincerely, Ken

PS: Anyone who sends me an e-mail is eligible to have it posted. The last person who is going to tell me that I can't post his email, is the one making such a demand. Read my Contact Us page again--carefully-- and read what I've posted in this regard.


Subject: RE: [Fwd: Best wishes and goodbye]
From: "lumetracks" <>
Date: Thu, March 27, 2008
To:   Editor Hi Ken,

Thanks for your words. Had this been the only time you had seemingly ignored me, I would not have bothered you. But after three times over the
past six months, well, I thought it was time to pack up and move on. But as you emphasize, it is your website and on many topics, particularly in terms of healing and health, you have performed incredible service. And your comments about certain well known "flakes" have been invaluable to myself and others.

Gnosticism is not the cat's meow, it is part of the wreckage of Pharonic Egypt. But it is not simply a "Christian" heresy. But until one tries to
find out why it drew so much fire, one really is operating blind about certain aspects of history. The same is true of other pagan religions that
have been condemned primarily by those of the Judaeo-Christian-Islamic axis. Part of the problem is that the Bible really talks about multiple "Gods",
only one of which is the deeper and more compassionate being that Jesus talks about.

As far as setting up my own website, well, when I am damned good and ready and have completed the necessary research and had it cross-checked by other researchers who are on the same target vector, then I will go ahead. But not until then.

My own understanding continues to evolve and may well do so for some time to come. Meanwhile, trust me when I say that I really do respect about 95% of your work and think that your site is one of the most valuable on the net. A friend of mine whom I deeply respect and trust as both teacher and adviser sent me an email to tell me to access your website as it "is very important for this time."

So best wishes, and you will never hear from me again.


OK John,

Good luck in the future.

Regards, Ken

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