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Important Discovery: 15 Hz MST Zapper Performed Like Beck Electrifier to Dramatically Reduce HIV Viral Count for Full Blown AIDS Patient

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[Editor's Note Updated August 14, 2022: I initially titled this article in 2011 as "Bi-phasic Beck Electrification Explained; Plus a New Discovery for AIDS Treatment Using Wrist Electrodes & the 15 Hz MST Zapper." I wrote the article in response to an email I received from Ihsan in Turkey (below) asking me for a technical clarification of "AC" versus "DC" pulsing currents in the Beck protocol, but I decided to completely re-title the article to emphasize the tremendous importance of the Blood Electrification discovery explained here using the Beck Silver Wrist  electrodes combined with the 15 Hz Mini Silver Terminator with ES jack, which appears to be able to achieve a therapeutic phenomenon that Dr. Bob Beck began to publicly talk about in 1992 called "Blood Electrification."

Beck was asked by a friend to read a science journal article published in 1991 that explained how two surgeons, named Drs. Lyman and Kaali, were curing AIDS patients of HIV infections by initially removing their blood, subjecting it to a low voltage DC current of 50-100 micro-amperes (uA), and then putting the blood back into their body. They later simplified and eliminated the need to remove the blood by sewing a small DC voltage generator (with tiny electrodes) directly into the patient's artery and running it for 4-6 weeks until the battery ran out and then surgically replacing the battery - repeatedly - over the next 6-7 months (at substantial expense to the patient, but worth it if you had HIV).

Dr. Bob Beck figured he could create the SAME 50-100 micro-amperes (uA) current flow inside the patient's wrist arteries by applying a low frequency, pulsing AC square wave EXTERNALLY using electrodes placed on the underside of the wrist and INDUCE a micro-current flow in the 50-100 uA range (from the radiating electro-magnetic fields surrounding the wrist electrodes.) within those two arteries. It worked like a charm and ultimately put the surgeons out of the AIDS curing business since the whole process could be applied externally, by the patient himself, and bypass the hospital and surgeon fees.

I explain below how I discovered, quite by accident, that the low frequency, positive offset, pulsing DC square wave of my Mini Silver Terminator (MST) could ALSO achieve a similar blood electrification effect and dramatically lower HIV viral count (Viral Load) of AIDS patients by applying the output from the MST to the Beck Silver Wrist Electrodes (photo linked), just as Bob Beck had done with stainless steel wrist electrodes. Blood electrification seems to work best against viral infections of the blood. Beyond HIV, intriguing possibilities exist for Herpes or Hepatitis, or any number of viral infections that are often difficult to defeat with conventional treatment.

If still alive, I'm sure both Dr. Hulda Clark and Dr. Bob Beck would have expressed delight and surprise in finding out that the Hulda Clark positive offset zapper design could ALSO function as a Beck Blood Electrifier by merely applying the signal to wrist electrodes!

The reader should understand that there are many positive offset, Hulda Clark-style zappers in the world, mostly sitting in a drawer somewhere. With a little modification and a set of Beck Silver Wrist electrodes, people could be using them for BOTH positive offset zapping AND blood electrification against viral conditions: two magnificent pathogen-zapping tools for the price of one. Think of the possibilities! ......Ken Adachi]

From Ken Adachi
October 20, 2011, Updated Aug. 25, 2018

Important Discovery: 15 Hz MST Zapper Performed Like Beck Electrifier to Dramatically Reduce HIV Viral Count for Full Blown AIDS Patient (Update Aug. 25, 2018)

The Mini Silver Terminator ~ Positive Offset Pathogen Assassin from Ken Adachi

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Subject: Dispute on negative and positive DC for zappers
From: Ihsan V. Tore
Date: Thu, October 20, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Editor,

First of all, I want to thank you with all my respect for compiling such a wast resource of information and knowledge into one site with high readibility, without unnecessary ornaments as x-files music and space backgrounds destroying my recognition capabilities.

This site is a unique mine of information, knowledge, know how and know what.

Please be patient when reading this. I assume that you know all this but a little more clarification is what we all deserve...

In electrics Positive charge means hungry for electrons and Negative charge means electron donors.

Let me explain what happens on electrodes lets say A and B, and in the conductive media (in this case blood) when a biphasic square dc wave with midpoint at 0 volts (no offset) is applied:

ZERO CROSSING : Electrodes have the same potential or nothing at all, no electron movement, so no current.

POSITIVE ONSET: Electrode A becomes positive with respect to electrode B. Electrons try and manage to rush from B to A, current flows from B to A.

ZERO CROSSING : Electrodes have the same potential or nothing at all, no electron movement, so no current.

NEGATIVE ONSET: Electrode B becomes positive with respect to electrode A. Electrons try and manage to rush from A to B, current flows from A to B.

The current in the media (for instance blood) acts as a scalar value so the direction it flows is not relevant for its effects. [Why scalar? Because it only floods the media with a flow of electrons].

Q : Why the hell bi-phasic?

A : A DC bi-phasic wave switches the polarities of electrodes per cycle, so that will avoid unidirectional anion and cation migration in the media (ie. constant move of calcium ions in blood to zone of electrode A in the vein). This actually is one of the genius parts in the blood electrifier of Bob Beck, avoiding unwanted clutterings in the areas near the electrodes.

Q: What may happen if positive or negative only dc applied?

A: There can be clutterings of molecules, macro molecules or blood impurities around the electrode application zones inside the veins. At that phase these may seem to be harmless but when these clutters dislocate with blood stream, if they find (and believe me they will) their way to any capillary veins they end up with blocking them. The small cellular zone around the blocking is destinct to die because of lack of logistics supplied by blood. That may happen near the skin, in the heart or brain anywhere, resembling a russian roulette.

Q : Well is there anything else we should additionally be aware of ?

A : Yes, there is. The body must have an average charge of zero volts with respect to the zapper zero volts. Please forgive my English, it is not my mother language.

With my kindest regards,
Ihsan V. Tore


Hello Ihsan,

Yes, you're correct. Bob Beck used a bi-phasic or Alternating Current (AC) square wave voltage/ in order to avoid the effects of DC electrolysis, which Beck said would cause a migrations of ions. He explained this in his original papers on blood electrification.

However, you might be surprised to learn that I made a discovery a few months ago in which a long-term AIDS patient (who contacted me by phone), with a very high HIV viral load of over 500,000 as measured on a PCR counter, experienced a dramatic lowering of his viral count to under 300 after zapping for 90 days with my 15 Hz MST Positive Offset Pathogen Assassin zapper, when the electrodes attached to the box were applied directly to the wrist arteries in the same manner that Bob Beck applied his wrist electrodes when using the Beck electrifier.

What I'm saying is: when a PULSING square wave DC current of 15 Hz is applied to the same two wrist arteries that Bob Beck used to apply his bi-phasic 3.92 Hz voltage/current, that, at least one full blown AIDS patient in Los Angeles who told me that he had a viral count of over 500k, had experienced - after 90 days of zapping with the MST strapped to his wrist - a dramatic lowering of his HIV viral count down to under 300, which is identical to the results that Bob Beck was obtaining with HIV patients who were using his bi-phasic electrifier.

This is an important discovery.

The discovery came about accidentally. The person with AIDS thought that he was suppose to apply the MST itself to the wrist in the same manner that Beck used with his electrifier (I initially talked to him over the phone for an hour and explained the Beck methodology first, of how Beck applied the wrist electrodes with the Beck electrifier) and then I told him about the MST and how you could apply it directly to the skin and how he could obtain the MST. So unknown to me, the AIDS guy strapped the MST to the underside of his wrist, with the electrodes centered over the radial and ulnar arteries on either side of his wrist, and zapped away for two hours daily for 90 days. He then went to his doctor for another PCR Viral Count checkup and found that his viral load had dropped below 300 (where previously his Viral HIV Count was over 500,000)! He was elated when he told me about it. I, on the other hand, was flat out flabbergasted, but extremely pleased and excited with his test results.

What this means is that the manner in which the electrodes are applied from a low frequency, positive offset, Hulda Clark style zapper such as the MST, is applied to the body, apparently can make a tremendous difference in the therapeutic results obtained from that pulsing DC, positive offset current provided by that zapper.

Beck Silver Wrist ElectrodesBEck Silver Wrist electrodes with MST and neoprene wrist strapTo test out the theory, I made a pair of wrist electrodes using #8 gauge round silver wire and attached the two 1.5 inch silver electrodes to a cable and plugged it into the MST. You could place the silver electrodes directly against the skin, or you could place a cotton sleeve over each silver electrode and then wet the cotton sleeves with tap water and hold in place with the neoprene wrist band. Both methods will work.

I then turned the MST on for two hours and zapped away. I did not experinece any discomfort or itching of any sort. I don't have HIV or AIDS, of course, so I can't determine for myself whether this method will lower the viral count, but anybody who does have HIV or other serious viral conditions (E.g., Herpes, or Hepatitis possibly) needs to explore this idea. There are many people around the world who have HIV or full blown AIDS who might greatly benefit from this discovery if they were only aware of its existence! Share this article on your social networks to spread the word of this phenomenal discovery.   .

This is a SIMPLE but profound discovery: It appears that a 15 Hz, 100% positive offset, pulsing Direct Current (DC) square wave output zapper-- using wrist electrodes in the same manner prescribed by Dr Bob Beck -- can obtain the SAME 50-100 micro-amp (ua) induced current flow within the arteries below the wrist electrodes that Beck had obtained using an Alternating Current (AC or bi-phasic) pulsing square wave output and achieve similar, therapeutic effects of bio-electrification.

Anyone with HIV or AIDS should look into this idea. In fact, anyone with any blood based viral condition should try this technique and see what kind of results they get. They might be pleasantly surprised by the results,

Regards, Ken

PS. Your English is excellent. If only I could read and write in Turkish as well as you write English, I would be proud indeed.

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