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Bi-Polar Syndrome and Fear of the NWO
July 30, 2008

Bi-Polar Syndrome and Fear of the NWO (August 16, 2008)

Subject: aren't you afraid?
From: Macy
Date: Wed, July 30, 2008
To: Editor

Aren't you scared that someone will hurt you or something? How do you not um die? And it's wild because last summer I was institutionalized because I became bipolar at the same time that I discovered NWO, so naturally I was delusional and raving. I've recovered and I know that I am too small a person for them to bother with directly (right?) And that I really am bipolar: Without lithium I have manic and depressive episodes, and my family has a history of it, but I've racked my brains for about a year now and I can't see how bipolar disorder works into my views on spirituality, law of attraction, vibrational energy, mind body connection etc. I was just wondering if you had any thoughts. and I love your site.

Macy, 20


HI Macy,

Bi-polar is a relatively new "disease". It's not really a disease at all, but rather the symptomatic effects of accumulated toxins in the brain that force the body to compensate by swinging from one end of neuro-stimulation to the other end. I could say the same of the classical symptoms of manic -depressive or manic-catatonic described in psychiatry. Yes, the symptoms are genuine, but caused by TRAUMA , either a chemical assault on nerve synapses or brain chemistry or psychological/ emotional stress that forces us into a withdrawn state, etc. The body always tries to compensate by creating a counter to any sort of assault.

Lithium just smoothers the symptoms, it doesn't address the root cause of the problem. Find a good homeopath who knows what he's doing and you won't have bi-polar for very long. It's certainly curable if you do the right things to balance the body and get rid of those toxins (including the drugs you've been taking).

You're taking in toxins (or have been damaged by vaccinations), you're going to school, you're young, and you're over stimulated, so you go into overload. Find Quiet Time and learn to slow down. Meditating is very easy to learn and do on a daily basis. Many types of herbs can help you feel calmer. You need to try them and see what works for you.

A good homeopath is still your best bet. I might also mention that Hulda Clark says that we find a combination of micro-parasites and absorbed solvents (and/or metals which enable them) in every type of disease known and that most cases of depression or similar conditions clear up almost overnight when you kill off the parasites (in the brain) and stop enabling their growth by avoiding the solvents and the metals. A daily routine of zapping will help most people improve, whether you have symptoms or not. When you kill off resident pathogens or parasites, you free up immune energy to work on other parts of the body and organ systems. Herbs can kill off parasites too.

Bi-polar symptoms have nothing to do with metaphysical understandings. One is physical symptoms in reaction to toxins and the other is greater conscious awareness. Don't confuse the two.

There's nothing to be afraid of. We stop the NWO by recognizing it and taking steps to counter their enslavement agendas. The vast majority of people on this planet are oblivious to the NWO and their dark plans, and we will suffer to the degree that we continue to remain dumbed down and apathetic. Just ask anyone who was raised in Nazi Germany in the 1930s

The NWO will eventually collapse. How many people will be living on earth when that day comes, I don't know, but we will throw off these destructive parasites in time. Destruction and oppression cannot sustain itself. The earth and its inhabitants will right itself and come back into balance. It can be no other way.

Regards, Ken

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