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Birds falling from the sky worldwide
Jan. 8, 2011

Birds falling from the sky worldwide (Jan. 8, 2011)

Subject: Birds falling from the sky worldwide
From: Barbara (Florida)
Date: Fri, January 7, 2011

Hello Ken,

First I want to wish you a very happy and healthy New Year. Thank you for this wonderful site too.

I am wondering if our government is zapping the birds and fish around the country and world from outer space with some kind of laser or energy beam. Could these killings just be a test for when they (the Illuminated govt folks) decide that they want fake us out with "aliens" invading Earth and then we will "need" their protection? (Of course, that is after we give up all of our freedoms to be safe)

Most people I know are acting like cattle munching on grass...'oh? birds falling in the thousands from the sky? Whatever.' Well I think this is a pretty big deal and probably a preview of coming attractions. Are they planning on zapping us to help with global human depopulation, like was mentioned in Atlas Shrugged? I cannot understand the lack of concern.

Do you have any thoughts on this? If so, I would appreciate hearing them.

Thank you for everything you do.

Best regards,

Barbara B
Sarasota, FL


Hi Barbara,

Thanks for your note. I read a few articles on this posted at There's no question that these are intentional acts, and who else could be behind this sort of thing other than the US military? Or the psychopaths running the HAARP facilities (Air Force). These are likely spaced-based platforms that are delivering the energy which is causing the birds to drop. ZS Livingstone mentioned some possibilities along these lines.

I don't know if this is intended to play into Project Blue Beam or not; probably not. This might be Beta testing to see what works, and how fast it works. I really don't know, I'm just guessing. I did find out from the Etheric Resistance last year that the Navy is involved in operations to kill off vast quantities of sea life. Some of those efforts were short circuited last year.

You can see that there is an overall agenda in place for a few years to reduce the total availability of food, especially animals who are raised for their meat or for milk. Think of how many chickens or sheep or cattle have been destroyed- by the millions -over completely BOGUS claims of stopping the spread of Mad Cow's disease, or Bird Flu, etc. The planners set up the "epidemic" outbreaks scenarios in England, the US, Turkey, Egypt, or Hong Kong in order to justify coming in and forcing the destruction of huge herds of animals. It's all a set up to reduce the availability of local food sources, so you will be forced to obey the schemers in order to get any food when they tighten up the takeover net.

The killing off of bees may be part of this food shortage agenda as well. It seems logical.

Despite the recent MK Ultra mind control shooter who shot an Arizona congress woman yesterday and these bird/fish killings, there were far more dangerous false flag operations that were intended to take place in the USA in December 2010 that DIDN'T happen, becasue friendly forces intervened and stopped them.

Something will turn up to help us discover who is behind these bird killings and SOMETHING will be done to stop them.

The Destroyers are on their way OUT, whether they want to go or not. Their time is running out. These are acts of desperation. They will be neutralized.

Regards, Ken

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The 10 Leading Theories For Dead Birds And Fish
Thursday, January 6, 2011
By Nicholas West and Zen Gardner

As the mainstream media attempts to downplay the latest die-off event, which has now gone global, it is worthwhile to keep track of the story lines.  Feel free to add your own to the comments section, and we will update accordingly.

Mainstream Explanations: Lightning, hail, mid-air collision, power lines, and New Year fireworks for the birds . . . but disease for the fish.  This is even rolling eyes in the mainstream media.  Birds are incredibly sensitive to their environment (think Canary in the coal mine), and the thought that they were caught by surprise, or that they "fowled" up their flight pattern is patently ridiculous.  And where are the roasted birds from this lightning strike?  And what about fish dying in the same region?  Just a "disease" coincidence.  One mainstream headline has to be enshrined as the saddest attempt at sensationalism, while revealing an obvious natural conclusion Falling Birds Likely Died From Massive Trauma.  Really?

Meteor showers: We are in a period of intense seasonal meteor showers, and several perennial YouTubers reported hearing sonic booms in the area that could have indicated a local shock wave.  This would be one non-conspiratorial, natural cause that actually makes sense, but it is hard to connect to both birds and fish, unless it produced a disabling frequency.  There were indeed other sound anomalies according to the report highlighted above.

New Madrid Fault Line:  An excellent article by The American Dream collated data about the recent earthquake activity along this fault line that runs along the mid-eastern section of the U.S.  Combined with gas fracking, the immense geological activity in the region, and the BP oil drilling disaster, which off-gassed the dispersant, Corexit, into the atmosphere, and we should be wondering about any mass deaths in the region.  Nevertheless, this has turned into a global event, so the above could be a side effect of something larger, or a direct contributing factor.

Government testing: The long history of government testing has been exposed by many researchers.  The strange component to this die-off is that only certain species have been affected, but within the entire region.  And some reports have indicated that the organs of these birds were liquefied, which could indicate a possible virus. Could this implicate species-specific bio-weapons? It is on record that discussions have taken place about race-specific bio-weapons; perhaps this is a test of delivery capability?

GMO mutation: Mike Adams of Natural News sets forth an interesting theory: this latest event is local, but the die-offs are happening across species as bee populations and bats are also declining.  Adams points out that Monsanto has a corporate office in Arkansas.  Just wondering.

Geoengineering: Could spraying in the area have caused this type of fallout?  Perhaps something new added to the mixture? Chemtrails have quickly moved from conspiracy theory to documented fact.  So much so, that the powers-that-be have had to admit to the program, but a beneficial one in their view.  Between cloud seeding and possible connections to HAARP, chemtrail fallout must be considered, especially as it is being conducted nearly worldwide.  Rosalind Peterson has been at the forefront of connecting geoengineering to GMOs as a combined source for oxygen-depleting algae blooms that very well could affect a wide spectrum of natural systems. Furthermore, some believe that the delivery system for chemtrails can also disperse pathogens.  If there is a flu or disease outbreak in the coming days or weeks among the human population in areas where the birds have fallen, the chemtrail connection could be made.  If this happens, the contagion could be blamed on a new, deadly bird flu.  A last possibility connected to chemtrails would be nanoparticles.

HAARP: Birds and fish can be susceptible to subtle frequency alteration.  An interesting YouTube post from a long-time fisherman mentioned the "pearl" plate behind the eye of the affected type of drum fish in this event.  He made a plea for anyone in the area to look for signs of damage to this plate.  Both birds and fish navigate in highly coordinated ways that indicate that they move and communicate via frequencies.  Could the HAARP array in Alaska have short-circuited their navigation systems?  Or, perhaps this is the beginning of a cascading effect from decades of electromagnetic pollution emanating from EMF and ELF waves shot around the planet via a wide range of modern communications.

Scalar Weapons:  These directed energy beam weapons can be deployed via satellite and create a wide range of "natural disasters" that can be tuned to certain frequencies.  Their radius is reported to be several miles.  Even crazier is that we have been told that the dead birds encountered massive trauma.  One of the reported abilities of scalar weapons is to create a Tesla shield of plasma, like a bubble, that could explode anything that enters its airspace.  Some have speculated that this technology is in full operation.  But what if it truly is still at the testing phase?  Remember, this is happening in South America, too.

Project Blue Beam: Were they testing a sound generator for the global theater of alien invasion?  This one is "out there" for sure, but NASA itself has announced its preparation for such a scenario. Project Blue Beam, like its counterpart HAARP, uses the natural energy present in the ionosphere as both a visual and acoustical device.  Again, perhaps they are not at the ready stage yet, but, like Tesla, have made an unintentional misstep.

Geomagnetic and other Earth changes:  As anyone can see from the above range of possibilities, we are facing an array of human tampering.  However, the backdrop to this are the anomalies beginning to take form with the apparent wandering of our magnetic pole, as even National Geographic reported that the north magnetic pole is racing toward Russia.  Add to this a dwindling magnetosphere and falling oxygen levels, and the deaths among more delicate species might portend a larger problem.  Finally, an increase in sun activity and magnetic storms might be weakening our overall natural habitat.

The widespread die-off of nature should lead us to look more intently at the world around us, and to question our relationship to it, and our effect upon it. Perhaps this is what we should have been doing all along.

Zen Gardner

* Zen Gardner is the Contributing Editor for Alternative News at Before It's News, and also posts at  


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Subject: Birds falling from the sky
From: Jon
Date: Sun, January 9, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken,

Very best wishes for the new year !!!
Reading the article on the passing of hundreds maybe thousands of birds I like to give just another extreem option for the cause of the death of the birds. It is for every person noticeable that solar flares are reaching the earth the last few weeks. So with a very thin reflection layer according to NASA at the moment it might have been to much energy for the birds an stunned an dropped them back on earth.


PS Any new radio interviews with Don Nicoloff since April last year ? Or have you stopped them concerning your health ?


Hi John,

ZSL told me that higher forces have been mitigating the solar ejections for a couple of years now, so I don't think there's any connection to the birds dropping. These birds are being beamed. It may be just a by-product of other, secret operations involving the military. Maybe the birds are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I assume I'll get back to talks with Don in the near future. I'm trying to catch up on work and have enough on my plate at the moment. But thanks for asking.

Best Regards, Ken


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