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Black Beam Appears Briefly over Corpus Christi Airport
July 21, 2008

Black Beam Appears Briefly over Corpus Christi Airport (July 21, 2008)

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From: Jose A. DeLaRosa
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2008
Subject: chemtrail

Hi Mr. Ken Adachi,

I am writing to tell you about your great site. I have been reading your site for over a year and developed a great interest in chemtrails because here in South Texas, we get a lot of spraying and today, Monday, July 21, it was heavy

I don't know if Tropical Storm Dolly has something to do with the heavy spraying.

There was one thing that I had never seen. I was driving from Corpus Christi to my home in San Diego when I saw a black beam in line with the bigger trail right over the Corpus Christi International Airport.

I almost drove of the road because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It lasted about 15 seconds and disappeared.

Thanks for the great site and keep up the good work. bye

Jose A. DeLaRosa
San Diego Texas

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