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Close Encounter with Black Beams along Florida Gulf Coast
July 16, 2007

Close Encounter with Black Beams along Florida Gulf Coast (July 17, 2007)

Subject: Re: Close encounter with a black beam
From: Spyke
Date: Mon, July 16, 2007
To:   Editor


I have been keeping up with your site for the past year and always appreciate the information you bring to light. Back in April I took a vacation on the gulf coast of Florida and had a rather odd experience that I wanted to share. I always keep an eye on the sky and try to gauge what is happening with the chemical spew that is being sprayed into the air along with trying to inform others of what they are not noticing in the sky above them.

One sunny afternoon while I was reading on my balcony at the hotel I was staying at, I caught something strange out of the corner of my eye. I looked down the beach and there was a narrow, dark line that was hundreds of feet long out in the ocean.

Black Beam along water Florida Gulf coast April 2007

At first I thought it was something that was in the ocean but then I noticed it ran all the way onto the beach like a shadow, but I couldn’t see anything that could possibly cause the shadow. It was so strange that I grabbed my phone and used the camera on it to take a picture (see the first picture above). I couldn’t see where the line ended, stretching out into the ocean, so I held my phone over the balcony and took another picture around the corner of the building (see second picture below ) to try to make sense of what I was seeing.

Black Beam Florida Guld Coast ocean front view April 2007

The “shadow” quickly moved down the beach toward my hotel as I am still trying looking up into the sky and figure out what could be causing this strange effect. About a minute later in the sky above my balcony, suddenly, I saw a dark line in it and this was quickly joined by a chemtrail merging with it.

Black Beam in sky over Flordia Gulf coast April 2007

This appeared to be what others have noted as a “black beam” and was honestly one of the strangest things I have ever seen. It is hard to get a feeling exactly what it looks like by looking at the pictures, but I think if you could imagine seeing a rainbow that was straight and only colored black that would be pretty close.

Over the next few seconds, I snapped pictures and watched as the black beam intensified and then faded and was finally gone, with only the chemtrail remaining (see final five pictures).

Bl;ack Beam and Chemtrail merge Florida Gulf coast April 2007  Black Beam and Chemtrail Florida Coast April 2007

Black Baem fading Florida Guld coast April 2007  Beam gone, chemtrail remains Florida Gulf coast April 2007

The beam didn’t appear to go all the way to the ground, but I couldn’t see how far it went back in the sky because it extended past the ceiling on my balcony. I didn’t see anything like this again for the rest of the trip or since returning home.

You can see the beam a bit clearer if you use some image enhancements, but I am going to send the pictures to you unaltered so you have them in their original form. Thanks for taking the time to check this out and keep up the great work.




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