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Black Beam Spotted Near Rensselaer, Indiana
October 24, 2007

Black Beam Spotted Near Rensselaer, Indiana (Oct. 24, 2007)

Subject: Re: Black lines in sky
From: Dee
Date: Wed, October 23, 2007
To: Editor

Hi, Ken,
As I was driving north on I-65 I noticed to my left my first black line in the sky. It happened about 5 miles south of Rensselaer, Indiana around
8:45-8:50 AM, Eastern.

The ground end was pointing north, and it slanted at between a 35-40 degree angle. The curious thing was the very faint black line above it. The thin chem-trail cloud was to the left under it; not a 'chem- trail' line so so much as it looked like clouds. I turned off onto a secondary road which goes roughly the same direction as I-65, so could continue observing it. WIthin five minutes of observing it the line had pretty much disipated.

Has anyone found out if these lines are plane, satillite, or ground caused. It happened in an area which is corn and soybean fields.




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