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Black Beams, Uranium, and NWO Radio Shills
January 11, 2008

Black Beams, Uranium, and NWO Radio Shills (Jan. 11, 2008)

Subject: black beams, uranium, radio hosts
From: Aaron
Date: Fri, January 11, 2008
To: Editor

Hello Ken,

Over the years I have seen those mysterious black beams many times across the sky of the Snake River plains here in Idaho, from anywhere between Twin Falls to Mountain Home and despite how prevalent they are, there doesn’t seem to be much info on the net. Heck, due to fastidiousness your web site comes up first with Google in the search returns. The spew planes obviously follow them but I seriously doubt it’s for navigation purposes. I’m no physicist or chemist, but could it be that those beams directly interact with the chemtrails, altering them - probably not in a good way either?

I was reading Philip Ledoux’s comments about John Lenard’s findings with his telescope. It was interesting how Philip mentions the unaccounted mass production of depleted uranium and that maybe those orbiting weapons platforms could be armed with nuclear weapons. Although I find it unlikely they could be used in a conflict with any alien ships since projectile weapons would more than likely be futile against advanced technology, I think he is on the right track and his knowledge is very respectable. Sometimes when you want to know what the Illuminati minions are up to, you have to think like them. What better way to round up the people to the larger cities or camps than to destroy every structure that’s out in the country
(house, shed, barn, shop, garage). Weapons platforms would be the ideal way to go to achieve that. Directed energy weapons would take way too much energy for this massive task, and missiles would take up way too much resources. Railgun technology would be the key to this dilemma and uranium might be the ideal choice for ammo. It’s heavy thereby allowing for manageable sized slugs (possibly reinforced with tungsten), and its volatile - if it reached critical mass, like upon impact on a structure at high speeds: kaboom - an inexpensive destructive explosion, enough to wipe out multiple adjacent buildings or even small towns. I know one thing, it’s no accident that Iraq is being pummeled all over the place with uranium: it’s obviously one big military experiment on multiple fronts. Since we know about these platforms they will be destined for failure because all we have to do is imagine them to not work, pray for them to not work, anything along those lines and they will most likely fail.

We now know about these mysterious orbiting structures, too bad for the powers that be. If they don't want us to know about something, it was to be used against us. They’re shitting bricks and harassing John Lenard because they know how powerful we are as human beings, the front lines in this war against evil. The biggest weapon we have is to be informed, and thanks to people like Ken Adachi, this goal is being achieved. We can all agree that the less we watch the media of any kind (doesn’t matter which) the more mind we have left to use for the good of all. Let’s not squander it! Watching ball games or even looking at pornography wastes your precious and effective mind energy! Everyday I imagine (not even that: I KNOW) the world is becoming a better place for all right now - not tomorrow, but right now. I don’t let new age prophecies like the 2012 nonsense or new age religions interrupt my thinking! Spirituality doesn’t have names or dates! It’s all crap in my opinion, so are all of the so called channeled sources. We as human beings, not anyone else, are the key to our freedom. We were created from the Earth, benefactors of the Earth, and future creators here on the Earth.

On another note, I watched a YouTube clip of Ron Paul sparring with Sean Hannity. Although Ron brilliantly pulled off not looking like a fool after the interview in spite of Sean Vannity’s childish bully tactics, I’m getting annoyed that high profile people in this fight for our freedom would even consider wasting their time with those Israel controlled radio hosts. They pull every trick in the book to corner the guest to put him on the defensive and go in for the kill; and if they don’t work, people like O’Reiley and Hannity abruptly end the interview, with Ingrahm it’s the old convenient technical difficulties. Many good men and woman don’t realize the intent is to make them look silly to the masses, not be treated with respect as a guest; and most of the time they don’t have enough argument skills to hold their own in those interview games of manipulation. Nothing can be gained
with these people; can’t they realize this?



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