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Black Beams Spotted in the UK

[Editor's Note: There are two e-mails from the UK shown below addressing black beams seen with chemtrails, The first e-mail from "Jono" does not contain photos, but the second e-mail includes many photos of black beams photographed over Briston on May 15, 2007 by "Paul"...Ken]
May 13, 2007

Subject: black beam spotted in the UK
From: Jono
Date: Sun, May 13, 2007
To:   Editor

Hello Ken,

Can I first congratulate you on your web site? I have spent many frustrating years trying to get my friends and family to open their eyes and see what is really going on around us. Since witnessing something my dad and I couldn't explain, your site has helped me no end; thank you.( you now also have a few extra visitors to your site)

We witnessed what we have been calling a black "tunnel" (what we now know are black beams). The reason we named it a tunnel was due to the aircraft that followed the beam from as far as we could see over the houses to the horizon (south to north) without changing course. I have to admit that I myself didn't really give it any thought until at least a week after, until my dad brought up the subject again, which is when I started to think how strange the actual sight was.

I had no camera and I can't tell you the exact date of the occurance ( April 2007) so I apologise if I am wasting your time. The reason I am writing is because I live in the UK, in Blackburn Lancashire to be exact, and I can't find any evidence of more UK sightings or evidence of aircraft actually following these beams (although my search continues). Not a lot of info, I know, ( I'll take your advice and start carrying a camera). I just hoped you could shed a little more light on this subject or let me know if you had reports from the UK before now.

Thanks again: Jono


Subject: Black Beam and Chemtrails photos
From: Paul
Date: Tue, May 15, 2007
To:   Editor


Saw these chemtrails and black beam outside my house at 8:25pm on May 15th 2007 and thought I might send them to you. They were photographed near Kingsway, Post code BS5 8NQ, in Bristol, United Kingdom



Bristol UK black beam 1 full

Enlarged view of beam

Bristol UK black beam 1


Bristol UK Black beam 2 full


Bristol UK Black beam 2 crop


Bristol UK Balck beam 3 full

Cropped and enlarged

Bristol UK Black beam 3 crop


Bristol UK Balck beam 4 full


Bristol UK Balck beam 4 crop


Bristol UK Balck beam 5 full


Brtistol UK Balck beam 6 full


Bristol UK Black beam 7 full


Bristol UK Black beam 8 full


Bristol UK Black beam 10 full


Subject: Fw: Chemtrails black beam
From: Paul
Date: Thu, May 17, 2007 1:45 pm
To:   Editor

Here is one explaination although don't believe it. Perhaps dis-info?

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: "" <>
To: Paul
Sent: Thursday, 17 May, 2007
Subject: Chemtrails black beam

Its not a black beam, it is a shadow in the front of aircraft that it is cast by Sun when low behind the aircraft upon the thin chemtrail layer.

Other case is when fresh chemtrail passes thru such thin chemtrail layer of which, superior part creates shadow on said chemtrail layer.


Hi Paul,

The 'shadow' idea is not tenable. A simple understanding of basic physics rule out the 'shadow' theory immediately. A certain number of people lack a basic grasp of physics and revert to a simpler, more pedestrian 'answer'.

It's already been addressed a couple of times by ZSL with examples to illustrate why a shadow doesn't work.

The guy who sent the email has a web site out of Croatia I believe which features chemtrails, etc. I don't think he's pushing disinfo, he just doesn't know better. Some people are slow to come up to speed.

Regards, Ken


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