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Black Beams & Shadows
October 15, 2008

Black Beams & Shadows (Oct. 15, 2008)

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From: Michael Snape
To: Editor
Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Subject: Black Beams

Mr. Adachi, first off, thank you for your web site. After about four years perusing your site and others that provide photographic information on 'black beams', I feel I need to speak up on this. And I'll be brief...

Every photo I have seen of a 'black beam' which also has an object casting a shadow or which has the sun in it (or both) clearly shows that the chemtrails and/or contrails are casting a shadow which people seem to think are 'beams'. I have seen these myself and have driven through these things and when driving through a beam the sun is directly behind the chemtrail/ contrail.

Obviously a shadow is being cast. Are you aware of any photos that show a beam on a cloudy day or with no chemtrails/contrails present? (And I don't mean the ones that are just a portion of the 'beam' in a clear blue sky with no other objects in the frame for reference. Those shouldn't count.) I have yet to come across any myself. I have found so much other truthful/helpful information on your site. I feel that these 'black beam' articles could only hurt it.

Michael Snape


Hi Michael,

If you truly believe what you've written here, then you don't understand basic physics.

They've been spraying chemtrails for over ten years. If your perceptions were accurate, then we would have seen-- and continue to see-- "shadows" whenever chemtrails are sprayed on a sunny day.

To see a shadow, you must view the shadow AGAINST an opaque or solid background- in order to see the RELECTION of the shadow. If you see a shadow on the ground, for example, caused by a cloud above, it's the ground itself that is offering the REFLECTIVE surface for viewing the shadow.

If we occasionally see a shadow under a natural cloud --we are seeing the shadow AGAINST the opaqueness of the cloud itself. A "shadow" cannot hang suspeneded in free space. It doesn't work that way.

These black "beams" are hanging in free space because they are being PROJECTED and they are ionizing particles in the path of the beam that is causing the appearance of a dark beam.

Regards, Ken


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From: Jim Stearns
To: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Subject: the "black beams"

Hello, Ken:

In response to the uninformative comment by Mr. Snape regarding "shadows"...

The "shadow" (non)-concept is just another sham from NASA, and I can attest from visual evidence. My first observation of a black beam was in Austin, TX, on a clear day marred by active chemtrail spraying. As I watched the spewers create their patterns, one of particular note caught my eye. This jet appeared at one end of the horizon, with a trail slowing forming from its back. From the nose of the plane, tracing the way to the OTHER end of the horizon was this other-worldly-like black beam with a combination of opaque and holographic characteristics. The jet followed this beam exactly as if it were in traction; it was almost fascinating to watch. From certain viewing angles, the beam was not visible.

In the name of basic physics and common sense, it is impossible this black line could have been a shadow. A chemtrail roughly 10% the length of the horizon at one end CANNOT create a legitimate shadow consuming the remaining 90% in a perfectly straight collinear vector, which is among what I witnessed. Of added note, I didn't see any other black lines in spite of the numerous chemtrails I viewed that day.

J. Stearns

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