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Worried About a Satanic Nuke Event in Phoenix on Christmas Day
December 7, 2012

Worried About a Satanic Nuke Event in Phoenix on Christmas Day (Dec. 7, 2012)

Subject: Black Christmas (?)
From: Paul
Date: Fri, December 7, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

I'm a longtime reader of your website. Of course I must begin by thanking you for your tireless effort on behalf of humanity for so many years.Your service is invaluable.I see that you have just posted an article which mentions the book, "The Most Dangerous Book In The World-911 As A Mass Ritual", by S.K.Bain.

I just purchased this book, and although I've just started reading it, I've skimmed it thoroughly-enough to glean the essential content,some of which was already familiar to me. The book appears to be a legitimate, scholarly treatise on the deep occult/Satanic background of 911, including the premise that it was a prequel to the main event-which is the nuking of Phoenix AZ on Christmas (Black Christmas) this year, to usher in the new 26,000 year solar cycle by fully implementing the Luciferic/anti-Christ global Hell agenda (There are a couple possible question marks in the author's background however).

I know events of this sort have been thwarted before numerous times. I'm interested in your take on the book's content and conclusions, as well as those of E-Y contributors such as ZSL, Don Nicoloff, and The Women Warriors. I hope and pray this event (and similar others) would not be allowed to be implemented, and so I'm especially interested in the perceptions of those who are psychically gifted/clairvoyant, such as ZSL.

Thanks again for all you do


Paul A
Phila., PA


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your note.

I've forwarded your note to ZSL and will let him address this question. My gut, intuitive feeling is that higher spiritual assistants and friendly aliens will prevent a nuke from going off in a major city, even Phoenix, but I'll let ZS expound more and maybe add a few cents after his response (I wouldn't worry too much on that score, but I am very concerned about the possibility of war with Iran since they are repeating the Lybia routine with Syria).

Regards, Ken


Subject: Black Christmas(?)
From: Paul
Date: Sat, December 8, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

Thanks so much for the instantaneous reply, and forwarding my question to ZSL. I'm grateful for the perspective,especially because your site & associations are at the vanguard of the current fight for our freedom. My wife and I find it enormously difficult to remain hopeful much of the time, and any encouragement - especially from one such as ZSL - is gratifying and appreciated. And of course we share the concerns about Iran. The "world economy" has been wholly transformed into a blood/drugs/debasement machine, and Moloch and Mammon clamor for their feeding.

Thanks again for all you do,



Response from ZS Livingstone:

Date: Sat, December 8, 2012

Paul, has a good record on blocking dire prophesies. Since S.K.Bain did a lot of work on his book revealing the Machiavellian/Satanic agenda behind 9/11 it would be best if Black Christmas does not happen in Phoenix or anywhere else. I believe Bain would agree.

I received a big piece of my training in Phoenix in the early 1980s. It is a wonderful city, a miracle in the desert, life rising anew out of the sands. There have been many interventions regarding nuclear explosions during the past 67 years since the Trinity blast in New Mexico.

One part of my training was to remote view Palo Verde Nuclear Plant power surges. At the time it had the biggest reactor in the world and it had irregular neutron fluxes. Unpredictable surges of neutrons would happen causing rapid heating. Controllers would have to react quickly pulling fuel rods to prevent over-heating.

The task my teacher gave me was to increase the conscious awareness of the operators, managers and owners so they could discover the astrophysical influences, especially the sun, moon and planets, so they could chart peak neutron generation. Both Nicola Tesla and Walter Russell saw radioactivity was due to as yet unnamed particles coming into the Earth from space. Training manuals would not have included this necessary information.

Experiments in focussed prayer have shown a lessening of radiation from a test sample. It is possible to turn off all radioactivity in a sample. It would take a master to do that.

I was also taught that a master could walk through a nuclear explosion without harm. The spiritual power in the human DNA is limitless. Many of the souls near the ground zero of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had both there third and fourth dimensional bodies vapourized and the soul fragments had to be gathered together and regressed in time to reassemble them. Many thousands had to relearn their lessons. A master is able to hold his soul and body together in nuclear fire.

Advanced training of this nature in Phoenix seemed to fit. Confirmation of this lesson came when I read one of the later books in Vladimir Megre's "Ringing Cedars" series. Anastasia's grandfather was blind. He lost his sight looking into a nuclear blast. It is explained he teleported to the blast site a second or two late and the explosion he was attempting to prevent did detonate. He continued to use his visual ray to limit the extent of the explosion burning out his eyes. Grandfather was one of a group of six great masters.

I believe he prevented the "Czar Bomb" of 1962 from igniting all of the atmosphere. This bomb, exploded at Novaya Zemalya, was the biggest at 40 megatons. It is the explosion that brought Kennedy and Khrushchev together to sign a limited test ban on atmospheric nuclear explosions. The bomb could have destroyed Earth. The atmosphere was burning and one man stopped it. That is how powerful the human blueprint is.

There are many masters walking the planet today and anyone of them can do the same. Anastasia's grandfather demonstrated the true meaning of the Legend of the Phoenix.

Many readers of "Ringing Cedars" dismissed this part of the series as preposterous. For me it was confirmation of lessons taught in Cave Creek and Paradise Valley.

Each of us has the power to stop a nuclear explosion.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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