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"Blasting", Alternative Defense Against Chemtrails

From Jack Elliott <>
March 4, 2005

Hello Mr. Adachi,

I was surfing the excellent Educate-yourself website when I suddenly realised: You only mention cloudbusters as a ethod of clearing our skies of the Chemical Spew.

Crazy as it sounds, you should know that one can also destroy Chemtrails with a magic/psychics(whatever you want to call it) - the technique known as "Blasting" that Don Croft and the Etheric Warriors use on a regular basis to fight the Illuminati, when applied to the chemical lines in the sky seems to disrupt them and cause them to fade away within about two minutes.

(I don't understand the scientific reasoning behind why a chemical trail would be affected by projection of body energy but there you go)

My own circumstances means that I don't actually have any orgonite with me at present (that will soon change within the next few months) so I've been searching for an alternative way to fight the NWO's influence. The blasting technique, the generation of a clockwise-swirling bolt of energy that travels down the spine from the brain and fires out through the heart chakra has so far produced consistent results, at least for me personally. The only drawback is that you need to have a visual line-of-sight to the chemspew or else it takes much longer to clear the area, unlike a Cloudbuster which is always on, always working.

Testing the blasting was reliable because I get a lot of Chemtrail activity over my area - they really hate the fact that I can stabilise the local weather with my psychics - so effectively I now act as a Cloudbuster when I get a visual sighting of a chemtrail plane.

I realise this won't be a universal technique anyone can pick up or construct and Mr. Reich's technology is eminently superior because of this. Indeed, you may already know of this from Don Croft but haven't put the information up because it isn't as consistant as Orgonite technology.

Nevertheless I thought I should write in, in case there are other psychic types out there who aren't aware of and their techniques.

I just thought you'd like to know of another gap in the Illuminati's armour, a secondary weapon against people being poisoned (all credit should go to the etheric warriors for teaching me this technique in the first place).

Hope the information is useful.

Jack Elliott


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